Be Purposeful About Rest This Year

Well, ya’ll. It’s the day I’ve been dreading for several years now.

get more rest

As you’re reading this, I’m getting my wisdom teeth out.

I know, I know. Big deal, right? What’s so scary about that?


Let’s just say I’m the biggest baby, and the thought of going to sleep and having my teeth yanked out to leave my face big and puffy is not my cup of tea. #prayforme

Anyway, seeing as I’ll be forced to lay around for a couple days and chill as I hide my chipmunk cheeks from the world and also all the people from high school that I run into at the grocery store, I thought I’d write a post about my favorite topic: rest.

We all know I love my sleep and my down time. I’m in bed by 9 with a book or a good Netflix show ready to shut off the world and other distractions and just get some much needed rest. I’ve found that it’s amazing for your mental health to get a great night’s sleep and so I’ve been really intentional about it for the past couple years.

I find that most people make it their New Year’s resolution to get more sleep or maybe just be better about unplugging, resting, and not over-working themselves. Today I want to talk about how we can be more purposeful about resting (sleep and non-sleep habits), so that we can really accomplish that goal in 2017.

You, yes you. No matter how old you are….give yourself a bed time.

So you need 7-9 hours right? Figure out what time you need to be up for work/school/yoga and count backwards about 8 hours. Got the time? Cool. Go to bed at that time! Sheesh, people. That’s step one, k?

Next, work on creating your perfect sleep space

This is the fun part. Maybe you got some gift cards for Christmas or some new decor for your room. Make your space peaceful and totally yours! I love twinkle lights, cute watercolors, and my essential oils diffuser. I also buy stress relief pillow mist from Bath and Body Works and place a quartz crystal on my night stand. (Got it for Christmas from a family friend last year. Quartz is a master healer and amplifies one’s intentions!)

Hang up your leftover Christmas twinkle lights in your room, light that new candle you got at White Elephant exchange, and create the perfect sleep space!

get more rest

Figure out “quitting-time”

I’m a full time student, part-time blogger, aspiring novelist, and amateur painter. I love to do each of these projects throughout my day, but sometimes I can find myself typing away at my computer at 8:50 p.m. or trying to draw the perfect cactus in the dark. It’s important to stick to a “quitting time” where you shut electronics and quit working for the day. Then you can read, watch a quick episode of your favorite show, or journal – just do something that won’t keep you up too long and isn’t too stimulating. I try to stop school and blog work by 7 p.m. and painting or writing at 8 p.m. so that I can relax without electronics an hour or so before bed.

Take real breaks

Some of you all may be going back to school soon, and we all know the typical excuse for a study break: a 15-minute scroll on Instagram, a Youtube subscription box binge, or maybe even a “get-in-bed-and-watch-3-episodes-of-Scandal” type of study break. Here’s my advice for adding more rest into your day: take a real break. Away from screens and away from more distractions. Try a 20-minute power nap or go get some fresh air by walking around the block. Journal for 10 minutes while listening to a podcast or maybe even do some yoga stretches!

Take a break that really allows you to rest, not one that just stimulates your brain more and adds to the puffiness under your eyes.


Schedule, schedule, schedule

Maybe some of you got new planners for Christmas or are just excited to turn to a new month (and year) in your agenda. Make sure you’re writing down your to-dos and goals each day, not just so you don’t forget them, but so that you don’t overschedule. If I happen to see I have a really busy (and maybe even stressful) day coming up on my radar, I look to see how I can lighten more load or build in more rest into my schedule. It’s the typical fail to plan, plan to fail mentality, but it’s super important!

How will you be more intentional about rest this year?