One Month Aimovig Recap!

Hello, hello friends. As I write this, I am having my first full day back from my bachelorette weekend trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas. (My old college town for readers that weren’t around back then!)

I had such a great trip. I am definitely in full recovery mode and feeling very fatigued, but I am pleasantly surprised at how well my body held up!

There’s definitely a lot of factors that have helped me out: resting when I can, hydrating, taking vitamins per my protocol, eating regularly, and surrounding myself with people who know my needs!

But, one major factor at play was this month was my first full month on Aimovig! I was prescribed it by my neurologist and I did my first injection on August 14th, so I just barely did my second injection on September 14th.

In the days that followed my first injection, I felt better than my normal baseline. It wasn’t an overnight fix where I woke up and all of a sudden felt 100%, had a ton of energy, and had zero pain. But waking up without immediate pain and feeling like I have a bit of a boost to keep me from going into the danger zone? Yes please.

This is not everyone’s experience on Aimovig. I have heard some say it did not work for them at all and I have heard some say it was a miracle drug for them and they improved rapidly – it’s always going to vary, but I will say I am very glad I am trying it out and I think for me it is helping!

Overall, I’ve experienced less migraine days as the drug promises. I had a really awful July to mid August pre-first injection where it just felt like I was in some form of constant pain and I could only get my pain level to improve in small increments and for small amounts of time. Post-injection, I went 2 weeks without a big, bad migraine and only experienced some smaller, less stabby ones that I was able to get to go away with rest and medication. The one big, bad migraine I had was right before I left on my bachelorette trip, and honestly I was really stressed and nervous for traveling, so I think that triggered it. And I didn’t feel so great the day coming back from my bachelorette trip because I had been getting 5-6 hours of sleep multiple nights in a row while I was away and not getting enough sleep is a big trigger for migraine for me.

So all that to say, within the month after injection 1 – I had 1-2 really bad migraines and a few manageable ones, but saw great improvement. And the pain I did have didn’t seem random – there was a cause backing it up. Something that would trigger and intensify it. (Because on my worst months, I’ve just gotten super bad ones with seemingly no explanation.)

I do not mind the injections at all. In fact – I look forward to them. I pump myself up with music and I sit up on the kitchen table so my puppy can’t bother me. I watched this video on Youtube the first time to see how it was done, and I also received a quick tutorial at my neurologist’s office – just ask!

You want to make sure you get some alcohol swabs. We happen to have a couple first aid kits with alcohol swabs inside, so I’ve been using those, but I’ve also just gotten them in the pharmacy section of grocery stores before. You want to clean the injection site before you insert the needle.

Also, remember that this medication has to be refrigerated. Before your injection, you need to let it come to room temperature. And once you’ve uncapped it, you’ve got no more than 5 minutes to do the injection or the medicine will dry up. So make sure you’re ready, comfortable, and in a space where no small children or animals are gonna bump you or try to jump on you, lol.

I am definitely wanting to continue these shots! I’ve also had no side effects, so I feel super confident in continuing. Definitely talk to your doctor about this and see if it would be an option for you. I’m excited to continue on my Aimovig journey!

I’ll be answering some FAQs on my Instagram story today and will be saving them to my “migraine” highlight! See you over there!