Target Try’s Issue No. 1

Do you ever just have a week where you keep feeling frustrated? That was me last week. It’s only Monday of the next week as I write this and I have another action packed M-F (babysitting, the DPS *groan*, a day long transfer student orientation that requires me to be downtown at 7 a.m……do I need to whine some more?)

cheap target dupes and healthy snacks that you need to try

And an update on life: I have no idea where I’m living next year (the plan is to not commute from home – traffic is a nightmare and this nervous driver does not do well in highway traffic), thinking of blog posts has been like pulling teeth, and I feel like every day my to-do list just sits and laughs at me.

GOSH WE NEED TO MAKE THIS POST A LITTLE MORE UPBEAT. Or I need another cup of coffee. Probably both.

So what do I do when I’m feeling uninspired? Frustrated? Down in the dumps?

…..I go to Target.

Got in a fight with your BFF? Go to Target. Kids driving you crazy? Go to Target. Is everyone on Facebook getting engaged and married while you sit in your sweatpants and pin wedding cakes to your “Happily Ever After” Pinterest board? Girl, get your booty to Target.

Also when I’m feeling down, I like to hang out with Cam. (I always like to be with Cam though, so what’s new.) He has a way of making me laugh and making me forget about what’s troubling me. He invented this game while we were in Target where we have a candle smelling competition to see who can find the best scented one. I’m thinking I’ll have to record us playing sometime – you’ll get a hoot out of it as we take our scented candles very seriously.

Enough rambling. What came of this Target trip? Well I walked in sad and left happy-go-lucky with a bag full of goodies. And the best part? Each item was well under $5.

So here’s a fun new segment for ya – TARGET TRY’S! I’m trying those things you always see at Target that you think about trying. They’re cheap enough so that you won’t feel totally guilty about spending the money if you don’t love what you’ve got, but I’m taking the liberty of trying them out for you and telling you what I think. Basically a “pass” or “purchase” if you will. Ready to see what I got this trip?

target nyx color correcting concealer product review - target beauty, cheap target dupes

NYX Color Correcting Green Concealer

I think I’ve made it clear I’m not a makeup guru. I’ve used the same Revlon blush since my 7th grade lyrical routine to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. I don’t branch out often.

I wanted to try color correcting concealer because 1. I was running low on my usual Almay one and 2. I don’t get full-blown zits so much as I get angry red spots.

What is it, really? Glad you asked. Green concealer conceals by canceling out red pigmentation on your face. (I get annoying redness under my noes, on the chin area, and sometimes even under my eyes.) Apply like you would any concealer.

The verdict – I think the formula is a little dry. I already have dry skin, so sometimes I couldn’t get to green to blend out over these dry patches. I also was a little disappointed to find that this product works best when you put your regular skin-colored concealer over it after applying the green. I’m a “one and done” beauty product girl, so I don’t think I’d repurchase.

You should try this if – You have annoying red spots that you wish to conceal. If you have normal to oily skin, go for it with the formula. If you don’t mind layering your regular concealer on top, then go ahead and pick it up. It’s only $4.99! 

target cheap beauty buys - product review for que bella face masks

Que Bella Refreshing Pomogranate Face Mask

I see these Que Bella face masks every time I go into Target and let myself wander down the body care aisles. I have sometimes even grabbed one and put it in my basket only to chicken out at the last minute and put it back. I have sensitive skin and even though they’re super cheap, I’ve been hesitant to try one… until now.

What is it really? I got the Pomegranate peel-off mask. It promised to tone and brighten my face, and I’m all for that really.

The verdict – WHY DON’T I HAVE THESE IN BULK. I’ll admit, I was nervous putting it on. I mean, would it really be easy to peel off? What if I had some strange reaction to it? I let it sit for 20 min like the back of the packaging said while I took funny snapchats of myself. Once I rinsed it with warm water, my skin felt amazing.

You should try this if – You want to give your skin a little pick-me-up for $2. Go ahead and pick up 10 of these for your next girl’s night.

target product review - that's it fruit bars for a healthy snack

That’s It Fruit Bar

I see these in the checkout line every time I’m doing my Target runs and I was dying to see if they tasted any good. I’m all for a healthy snack that doesn’t cost an obscene amount for it’s size and can fit into my purse or the waistband of my leggings.

What is it, really? All that’s in this fruit bar is 10 cherries and an apple!

The verdict Ew.

You should try this if – You were one of those kids that brought those fruit strips to lunch in elementary school. If you know what I’m talking about, then you’ll probably want to try this. But….I’m not a fan haha.

Have you tried any of these Target products? Or which do you think you’ll try now that you’ve read the post?