My Fall Essentials

My favorite season is HERE! Well…it’s here officially tomorrow, but I have to admit – I’m the type to break out the fall candles and pumpkin EVERYTHING on September 1st. Fall is my favorite season and I feel like it goes by SO fast with school, so I get a little head start to really drag it out.

I’ve been really into creating coziness for myself lately. It’s my senior year, and I know I have a tendency to be a little high strung when it comes to balancing life, work, and school, so I know that it does wonders for my mental health to really embrace the cozy, fall vibes.

Today, I’m collabing with the lovely Cory and we’re both going to be sharing our fall essentials (“fall starter packs” if you will).

Be sure to check out Cory’s Youtube Channel and blog! She’s such a fun, light-hearted spirit and she has the cutest style sense. Here’s her fall starter pack. We actually both went to Arkansas at the same time, and she’s a senior there now. So go hogs, haha 🙂

For the home

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Fall Candles 

Just gonna start here because I’m obsessed. I think you can go a couple ways with them though – floral, food-inspired, or nature-inspired. I tend to go for more floral scents because they aren’t so overpowering. (The ones that smell like pine and things like that are a bit too wintery for me – I’ll switch to that in winter!)

I do love candles that smell like fall desserts, as long as they’re not too strong. My current favorite is Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow from Bath and Body Works! Smells like flat-out FALL.

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Fall-inspired Watercolors

I tend to make these myself because I really enjoy painting, but I’m sure you could search Instagram and Etsy and support local businesses. I love classic images of leaves, roasting marshmallows, and pumpkins, but cute little sayings are fun, too. You could put these in a gallery wall or just on your desk for some simple fall-decor.

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Twinkle Lights

Want to get cozy? Twinkle lights. Boom. I love putting these around my headboard for when I’m sitting in bed watching a premature Christmas movie (Elf, please!) and sipping something warm.


I’ve really been loving greenery over flowers lately for sprucing up my room. Eucalyptus is just lovely and great for fall and winter. I’m also not opposed to wildflowers! I try to snag some every time I’m out for a walk. I also like to dry my flowers. Fall is actually a season of things in nature dying so they can be born again, so dried flowers really adds to this aesthetic.

For your closet


Or what my family lovingly calls my “grandma sweaters”. I think everyone has that one item of clothing they can’t stop buying – plain white tees, LBD’s, wrap sandals…….well, mine is cardigans. I’ve got a green, gray, white, tan, black, dark tan, and maroon. And yes, I’d love more. The best place to get them? Target, Francescas, Charlotte Russe, and Cotton On! They are inexpensive, so you can get two colors if you’d like.

Short booties

I noticed the other day that little booties have seemed to stay in style for years. At first, the South was riding boot CENTRAL, but booties came into the picture and now they are so versatile. I bought a $20 pair from Charlotte Russe almost three years ago and they are still my trusty faves. I love short booties because they are comfy, so you can wear them to class with jeans or leggings, but also keep them on when you change into a cute fall dress for going out.

Oversized sweaters

Just like I said I embrace coziness in the fall time, I also embrace comfort. I am not a crop top, off the shoulder, spaghetti strap girl. No, no. I’m a one-size-too-big, chunky knit, smells like the cookies I took out of the oven an hour ago, sweater-wearing girl. (Maybe that explains my collection of grandma sweaters.) I love to get oversized sweaters because they can be worn with jeans, leggings, or over a summer-y dress to make it more fall appropriate.

For your kitchen (and tummy!)

I’m all about soups, breads, and sweets for fall. I especially love pumpkin and cinnamon! Oh and apples. I probably eat apples DAILY. But what else is new.

Here are some simple recipes you can make from your dorm or apartment that are totally “fall” approved.

Creamy Oats With Caramelized Apples

-I dice up my favorite kind of apple and throw that on to a pan with butter or oil when it’s hot. I brown the apples to get that “caramelized” effect, and my kitchen smells AMAZING.

-At the same time, I prepare my oatmeal. I actually really like these single serve packs from HEB, and I find that they taste the best when microwaved. Is that weird? You can make your oats any which way – slow cook on the stovetop with milk or water, prepare them overnight with some great add-ins…whatever is your fav.

-Then I add my apples as a topping to my oatmeal. HELLO FALL BREAKFAST!

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Oatmeal Pumpkin Muffins

I made these this past weekend and they are SO GOOD. Only, I didn’t do the chocolate chips because we were out. I did discover that these are great topped with Justin’s Hazelnut Butter for a breakfast side, dessert, or mid-day snack!

Pumpkin Pie Twists

I’m not the world’s best baker, but these look fool proof. And inexpensive! Perfect for the college gal that needs a fall dessert for bible study, movie night, or just a study snack.

I actually went a little crazy and put together a Fall Recipes Pinterest board. I’m just too excited for all the fall things!

My favorite fall activities:

I actually created a “fall bucket list” for myself, and posted it on Instagram. Here’s a picture if you want to have this for your fall schedule! I’m planning on crossing off the things I accomplish in watercolors, so it’ll be really beautiful by the end of the season.

But if you read through all of these, they are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE fall activities.

How are you planning on celebrating fall?