Living Alone: Survival Tips with Hello Fresh

I have almost survived an entire semester of living by myself!


Please, please. Hold the applause.

Now, if you don’t know the whole story of how I can to live all on my little lonesome at the ripe age of 20, read this post. And if you’re wondering about the pros/cons of living on your own, this post will serve you some guidance. Now, for this post we’re talking about how to survive.

Now, that sounds a little extreme, but living alone is certainly harder than I thought. Especially being little ole worry-wart me with my aversion to cockroaches. Today, I’ll talk about the common struggles and how to overcome them, but the biggest, funnest part of this post is that I’m working with Hello Fresh to share about their subscription meal box service! (Woohoo! #adulting.)

So let’s get into the post, shall we?

You need a TV

I was listening to a podcast (#shocker) and this woman called in and shared that she lived alone and she also lived without a TV because she didn’t like to get distracted by it. I would have stopped dead in my tracks when I heard that, but I was already at a complete standstill in traffic so I just made a little “O” with my mouth with a look of awe. I would be nowhere without my TV. To make it more cost-efficient, I did without cable. I just have a DVD player and an Amazon FireTV stick. (Literally the best thing ever and a great Christmas gift, FYI.)

I wake up and immediately turn on Netflix and watch until I leave for school. I just need something going on in the background. Cleaning my apartment I listen to podcasts and while studying I like to play Christmas music this time of year. Ya just need noise!! It’s weird to be alone, but that really helps.

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You need to schedule social time

If I’m feeling irratible/anxious/sad or any of the unwelcome emotions above in some kind of uncomfortable mod-podge of being “in my feels”, it’s 90% of the time due to the fact that I have not gotten enough social interaction that week. You’re like a new puppy, you need to be socialized. Your dog park is the nearest coffee shop where you can meet up with a friend or the local yoga studio where you can make acquaintances with people who also can’t do a headstand, but would love to keep trying.

I sit down with my planner every Sunday evening and while I’m scheduling my study time for the group, I schedule social time, too. I text a couple friends about lunch plans and I also attend a bi-weekly writing group that meets at a local coffee house. This is so important, so write it down and follow through!

You don’t need a dog, but you should try to keep something alive besides yourself.

I opted for a little herb garden. I got basil, thyme, and mint and 2 out of 3 plants made it to harvest. (I just couldn’t find the “thyme” to water it! Ha ha….ha. I’m not funny.) I water my plants everyday and even though it’s a relatively small responsibility, it gives an extra sense of purpose to my daily routine and I almost feel like I have a small sense of company sitting on my balcony. So get a plant…or a fish. It’s a personal preference thing.

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Cook nice meals for yourself, even if it’s just you

Now, my hardest problem with this is buying all the ingredients. The grocery store is not my favorite place to be. Maybe it’s the parking lot traffic or the way I can never seem to find a cart that doesn’t roll down the aisles with a horrible screeching noise, but regardless – I just want to get in and get out. I’d been seeing these meal subscription boxes all over my Instagram feed and it was making me hungry, so I decided to reach out to Hello Fresh.

hello fresh review

Now, with my boxes with all the fresh ingredients for 3 complete meals, I don’t have to spend extra time wandering the aisles of the grocery store with my squeaky cart. Plus, I was able to pick meals that fit my dietary needs! (They have a classic, family, and veggie plan if you’re interested!)

I found that this semester, I was totally slacking on the self nourishment in the dinner area. Most nights, I make some weird combo of sweet potato plus whatever vegetable is in my fridge plus applesauce because it kind of feels like it fits and I’m always left feeling unsatisfied. At the end of the day, I want to cook a good meal for myself as a reward for being a total #boss and getting through the day on my own.

hello fresh review

My favorite meal I made was the protein-packed rice bowl! For me, it made about three servings since I like to eat smaller meals, and I was so psyched to have leftovers. This was a tasty stir-fry like dish that would be perfect for school or the office! It only took about 30 minutes to make and the only thing I had to provide were the pots and pans.

I highly recommend trying this out if you live alone or with roommates. You can have a little cooking party and enjoy something different and special for the night!

Use code CRISTINA35 to get $35 off your first Hello Fresh box!

What are your living alone survival tips? Have you tried Hello Fresh yet?



  • Sounds like a great time living on your own! I would definitely need a tv like you said!

  • I cook for myself all the time and I love it! It makes me feel like a real adult.

    Caitlyn |

  • These are great tips! I loved living alone and it was nice being able to watch whatever you wanted on TV!

    Greta |

  • Currently living alone (temporarily) and so agree with you on the socializing part! I’m an extrovert and start to feel legitimately depressed if I’m by myself for too long, and I’m used to having all my friends a couple doors down (from university) so it definitely took some getting used to.

  • oh my gosh these tips are too real haha! Especially the scheduling social time! I’ve lived alone on and off all of my adult life (sometimes a month at a time, other times it’s been a year), and it’s SO easy to just work all the time and forget about having fun/down time with other adults!

  • YUM! That rice bowl looks amazing, and now you have me really hungry, ha!

    Having a dog my senior year was definitely the best thing for me while I was living alone!

  • These are such great tips!! Hello Fresh sounds like such a great idea! I love this!

  • These look so good !I totally feel the throwing random stuff together, that happens about once a week at our apartment because there’s nothing cohesive in our kitchen! I love the idea of Hello Fresh, we might have to try that instead of Blue Apron!

  • These are such great tips! I live alone as well and I can totally relate haha

  • I couldn’t survive without a TV either! My roommates and I use a chromecast but it’s the same, whether I’m playing spotify playlists through the TV or streaming Netflix, it’s always nice to have that background noise! I’m so proud of you for making it through this semester. I remember our FaceTime call over the summer, I knew you’d be just fine 🙂

    Kayla |

    • cristina

      Aw I remember our Facetime call, too! Haha I can’t believe that was just a few months ago. I had a Chromecast my freshman year and it was awesome! (Totally accidentally broke it when loading my TV into my trunk for move out…oops!)

  • Shane

    Hello fresh is such great motivation to cook! Wish I’d had it in college!

  • Amy

    Your living alone posts have been so helpful! I’m actually planning to live alone for the first time next fall (exciting but terrifying). Also, I’ve always wanted to try Hello Fresh, sounds like a great service!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  • I don’t know if I would be able to live alone! I totally freak out every time I hear the slightest noises. I would have to keep my TV on at all times, like you do!

  • Getting meals delivered is THE BEST! It’s such an easy way to eat healthy meals.

  • I haven’t tried Hello Fresh yet, but I’ve tried something similar. I LOVE the concept. I’m trying to get some of my friends on board too, they cook for just themselves, and I think it’d be awesome to have leftovers!

  • michelle mink

    I have never lived by myself but I think at some point I would like to. I can see why having a tv and scheduling social time is important. I tried hello fresh recently too. It was interesting.

  • Not currently living alone because I live in a dorm but I agree with these tips. I love cooking dinner for myself instead of visiting the dining halls that have the same repetitive meals! Also, I don’t know what I’d do without Netflix it’s def a lifesaver!

  • These are all such great tips. I don’t technically live alone, but during Thomas’ busy season at work, sometimes it feels like I live alone! I would definitely say to create something that you do on your own at least once a week, in your home. Wether its a TV show, or a weekly chat with friends, it’s nice to have something to look forward to at home!
    I haven’t tried Hello Fresh, but I have tried other dinner delivery services, and I’ve never totally loved it. I love to cook, and the boxes I received seemed like they were more geared for someone who was just starting out with cooking, or maybe didn’t actually enjoy cooking meals at home, but were trying to make the change. They were yummy, just not my thing!

  • I live with 3 girls right now and constantly go back and forth with whether I want to continue to live with them or get a place on my own. I can only imagine I would get so lonely living alone but then again, there are so many PROS of having your own place. Great post! xo

  • Cooking nice meals for yourself, just for you…that’s SO important. I’m always tempted to whip up Ramen or freezer pizza if my hubby isn’t home for dinner, and yannnno what…sometimes I owe myself a full on multi-course meal!

  • Rachel Timmerman

    These are some great tips! I definitely agree that a TV helps.

  • These are such great tips! I don’t live alone, and probably won’t for a little while, but when I do these tips will come in handy! I also think it’s super important to cook some nice meals for yourself from time to time as well, it helps keep you healthy and sane, haha!


  • Great tips! I think I may decide to live alone next year, even though I practically already live alone since my roommate is always at her boyfriends!

  • excellent posts! would recommend you check out – could definitely see this on there:) xx

  • I’m like you– I have to have background noise in order to be productive. Great post, lady!