My IV Therapy Experience

Hi, friends!

Currently writing on a Saturday 😱But we are pretty much staying in all day because Cam was gone in California all week for work, so we’re pretty keen to be homebodies this weekend.

So far today, Cam went for a run, I finished up some wedding tasks, and we went to Target, Best Buy, and Chuy’s for lunch. (We’re looking into getting a Dyson fan! Do any of you have one – if so, how do you like it and which one did you get?!)

I also checked and I have all of the ingredients to make these banana muffins, so that’s next on my list. Oh and we got a new set for our balcony that Cam just barely put together, so when the sun goes down, I’m going to go out and clean and style our balcony! (It’s huge!! I did a tour on my story highlight “treehouse”.)

But for now, I want to sit down for a second and compile all my thoughts on… IV therapy!

The sweet team at iVitamin here in Austin had me out to try a drip and I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for an IV 😂

I have seen a lot of fellow #chronicpainwarriors posting about getting infusions and cocktails for their migraines or other pain/illnesses, and by hearing so many great things, I wanted to try it first-hand.

I’m in a place now where I am really putting my health first, and I’ll pretty much try anything (within reason, lol) to see how it helps! I do try to stay open-minded and honest. If something doesn’t work for me, I’m ok with saying thanks, but no thanks. (But spoiler alert: I really liked IV therapy and could really feel the positive effects!)

So first off – if you’ve never heard of IV therapy, let me give you a little background info:

IV (intravenous) therapy is where hydration fluids or vitamins are delivered straight through the veins to the bloodstream via IV. This makes the benefits fast-acting, because the nutrients go right into the system without having to be absorbed through the digestive system. Therefore, this can be really beneficial for anyone who is ill or dealing with something chronic that needs relief. With IV drip spas popping up in the US and other parts of the world, this kind of treatment is much more accessible and definitely less costly than going to the ER!

iVitamin here in Austin invited me in to give it a try, and here’s the run down. Please note: not all drip spas are created equal! Make sure you go to an accredited one. Read reviews, call and ask questions, etc. This kind of treatment isn’t regulated yet, so you just have to be aware.

Upon walking into iVitamin, I immediately felt comfortable and calm. (Wayyy different than walking into the waiting room at Urgent Care, lol! 🙌) After filling out some initial paperwork and medical history, I was taken back to the area with these plush, massage recliners.

Your first trip in at iVitamin, you’re going to get assessed by a nurse practitioner – they’ll ask about any allergies and what you’re looking for from your drip. I loved this part because since I’m not a medical professional, I don’t know what kinds of nutrients I need in my drip! I told them about my chronic migraines and pain and they recommended the iRevitalize with a glutathione boost. Here’s what all was in it!

in my drip: B-complex, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, B12, Multi-trace minerals, and a glutathione push!

I asked you guys on Instagram before my appointment if you had any questions, and most people just wanted to know if it hurts 😝I really don’t think IVs hurt when you have someone who is a pro at administering them! And everyone here came from an ER or EMS background, so IVs are their jam. I have super tiny, hard to stick veins and they got me the first try, no problem, tiny prick. It’s so easy!

From there, I was left to chill out while receiving my fluids. I was busy getting content for my stories, so I was mostly chilling on my phone, but you could listen to music, a podcast, or bring a book. I’m sure you could work on your laptop, too, if you were really pressed for time! But I loved how serene the room was. And it was dark in there so you could totally have taken a nap! (Would be good for light sensitive peeps!)

The full IV drip can take from about 20 min – 45 min… it just depends on how fast your body absorbs it! (And I have no idea what makes someone faster or slower than someone else, lol.) But apparently my body takes it pretty fast because I was done in under 25 min! Honestly could have chilled out there for a couple hours though – I was so comfy.

Now, as far as side effects go – there are little to none. At the very most, you may feel a little tired if you get the glutathione because it heavily detoxes the body. They said the first couple times you get it, as you get used to it, you’ll feel like you just drank a big glass of wine. (I don’t drink much, so no idea what that feels like 😂)

My energy level was normal until about half way through and then I just felt body tired. Like I didn’t want to go to sleep, but I just felt heavy, like I just wanted to sit on the couch and relax the rest of the day. (Thanks to the glutathione.) Kinda like when you get out of a massage and you’re all sleepy because you’ve had your eyes closed and been relaxed for the past hour.

So my only recommendation there is that if it is one of your first times and you’re getting something that’s a really heavy detoxer, schedule your drip on a day you don’t have to be productive or at the end of a work day… that way you can just go home and relax!

As for how I felt after the drip, I felt great! But I think to really understand that “great” you need a picture of how I had been feeling for the weeks leading up to my first drip.

Overall, I have been doing SO MUCH BETTER pain-wise. (Did you check out my recap post on my first month on Aimovig?) Energy wise, I am still pretty low energy. I don’t know if it is just from dealing with chronic pain, but I just get wiped out so easily. I’ve really cut back on my activity the past month or so. I still try to move my body regularly (maybe 4-5 times a week), but I’m no longer doing intense workouts. Occasional yoga, walking to the dog park, and simple bodyweight exercises at home or at the gym. On a high-energy day, I’ll be ok to do the elliptical or bike for 20 minutes with some strength training. But I’m still in the camp of having to sit down for 20 minutes after 20 minutes of cleaning the house. Basically – the amount of energy I expend, I need that amount back in rest. It’s super manageable with me working from home right now, but I know that when I start a new job and that adds a bit of stress and activity, it may be harder to get the rest I need.

But after my drip ya’ll – I cleaned the house top to bottom. Floors, all surfaces, even wiped down the bathtubs. All the laundry was folded, all the beds neatly made, and I made muffins! Lol. Every email answered, blog posts written, and I even filmed this home tour for my IGTV. I. Was. Energized.

Now, I didn’t feel like I could run a marathon (or even a mile for that matter), but my energy and pain had really improved. In a nutshell, it was a boost!

I would 100% go back – especially before a big event. (Ahem – my wedding!!) I definitely think that I will add these into my healing rotation every couple of months when I need a boost or perhaps to prevent from cold and flu season!

Let me know if you have tried IV therapy or if you have any questions! And thanks again to iVitamin for having me in.