2018 Reading List So Far

Happy Wednesday!

How is everyone’s week going so far?

I feel like I squeeze every last drop out of my week. My calendar is packed, but a lot of the things that I’m checking off the list are making me feel super productive. Normally I would groan about Tuesday’s group project presentation, but that is one step closer to NO MORE GROUP PROJECT PRESENTATIONS. Woo-hoo! And Wednesday I have a coffee date with a friend, which I mentioned is a huge priority in this post. (Girl-time/friend time is my favorite thing and it’s great for mental health.)

When I do take some time for myself, I love to read. That’s no secret to you guys though, because I’ve been sharing books with ya’ll for a while now.

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I’ve been keeping a running list of what I’ve been reading so far in 2018, so let’s just get on into it!

Lake Como by Anita Hughes

Meh. It was ok. I think I found this at Goodwill. (If you find books at Goodwill, they are either really awesome books everyone should read like something by Stephen King or a Harry Potter book….or they are meh. But give it a try anyway because, cheap.) I like reading stories set in Italy, France, or some other exotic location I’ve never been to because it helps me channel that wanderlust.

Whiskey Beach by Norah Roberts

I love a good Norah Roberts. It’s honestly embarrassing, and I cringe every time I add one of her books to my list of recent reads because one day someone is gonna call me out on this haha. These books are those romance novels that middle-aged women covet like Instant Pots or Stella & Dot jewelry parties. But I love them. I just think Ms. Roberts has a poetic way of writing that makes you feel like you’re watching a movie instead of just reading. Pretty cool.

Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner

Loved this way more than I thought I would! (Another Goodwill find.) A boy and a girl who knew each other when they were kids cycle back to each other several years later and pick up where they left off – but with added romance. I could really resonate with this story having been in the same relationship since I was 14 – you grow and you change, but you’re doing so with someone, and it’s really neat to see how that plays out in your relationship. Super cute. Makes me want to cuddle Cam and tell him how glad I am that he’s been there for so long!

The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin

This was the Belletrist book of the month for January and the first time I participated in reading along with the club. (Emma Roberts’ online book club, if you’re not familiar.) LOVED IT. It was dark, it was mysterious, there was magic, there was life, and death. If you read Tuesday’s in 1980 then you will like this one. Really makes you think about life, death, and living but in a really cool way that isn’t at all scary or daunting. Does that make sense? Just read it!

Sourdough by Robin Sloan

Meh. Didn’t love! I thought I would because this book was on everyone’s “must-read” list. I love bread and cooking, so I don’t know why. Maybe I just couldn’t relate with the main character who was living a very Silicone-Valley life? Check it out if you think you like bread more than me or have any interest in sourdough starters and their magic.

I’m Fine And Other Lies by Whitney Cummings

If you like make-you-laugh-out-loud books with self-deprecating humor, but ultimately really good life wisdom, this is for you. I loved hearing about Whitney’s struggles. She has a great way of making light of her struggles in the most hilarious way. Really good nail salon or beach read!

Eating for Beginner’s by Melanie Rehak

I loved this memoir! The author talks about how she had to learn about how to really feed herself when she had her first child – who turned out extremely picky. What had been a no-brainer before became such a mindful experience. At the same time, she begins working in the kitchen of a farm-to-table restaurant for research purposes and she learns so much about where real food comes from and how it is so much more. Really easy read if you’re a foodie!

Eat, Pray, Love Made Me Do It by Elizabeth Gilbert

Read this if you’ve read Eat, Pray, Love! It’s basically a collection of people telling their stories of how their lives changed after reading Eat, Pray, Love. Men, women, gay, straight, young, old – it was incredibly inspiring. And it was a quick read! I think I read it all one evening while simultaneously playing Queer Eye in the background haha.

In Defense Of Food by Michael Pollan

Favorite read yet! If you’ve heard his famous credo “eat food, not too much, mostly plants” then you’ll want to pick this up and see what all the fuss is about. I will say, I’m not 100% following any diet or moral code when it comes to eating, so I read this more for fun than for a guideline of how to eat and live. I did love how Pollan talks about supporting local agriculture, eating local, eating real food (i.e. bread, cheese, produce, meat that is responsibly sources, etc.) It’s so refreshing from all the crazy diet info that is out there nowadays!

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

It was slow at first, but I just stuck with it because I loved the quirky Eleanor Oliphant. I wanted to know her story, and in the end – you finally find out what happened to her to get her to where she is today. AND BOY IS IT A PLOT TWIST! Loved this book. A million thanks to the author for writing it.

And that’s what I’ve read lately! Currently reading The Light Between Oceans, Lunch in Paris, and on my “up-next” list is Slammed, Crazy Rich Asians, and Alaskan Laundry.