7 Years

Yesterday was Cam and I’s SEVEN year anniversary and it was just oh so happy!!

I wanted to do a little recap. I know with how I’ve been feeling the past couple weeks (and with school being crazy this time of year) regular blog posts haven’t been a thing, but the silver lining is that that means when I do feel the itch to write it will be more raw, fun, and personal. So here’s just a little play by play of our day 🙂

Some backstory: I believe I’ve shared Cam and I’s entire relationship origin on the blog before, but the short version is that we met on my *first day of high school ever* (Cam’s first day of his sophomore year). After a couple months of doing a bad job at pretending we didn’t have crushes on each other, we were honest with ourselves and began talking which quickly turned into me meeting Cam before class one morning in front of Mrs. Cordt’s geometry classroom where he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. And the rest is history! read more

Current Obsessions

This was taken on Cam’s new iPhone X!! I edited it in VSCO 🙂

I want to start off this post by saying thanks so much for all the kind thoughts and prayers after my last post! Taking time off blogging and not stressing so much about being present on social media has really felt right in this season of life, but I have had so many things pop up that I’ve felt like sharing, so I’m going to put all my favorites together in this post!

There are new snacks I’ve discovered, new music I’ve jammed to, and just random little things that have caught my fancy recently. (I thinkI just mixed metaphors…oh well.) read more

Life Lately

Hi friends! Please read the following for a little life update. In short, I’ve been sick and trying to live life more off-line, but for the longer version and some cool things I’ve been loving lately, keep reading.

(Top book I’ve read fifty times already haha, was just re-reading haha.) 

Some good books I’ve read

Two weeks ago I checked out four books from the library and I’m halfway done with the stack! The Divorce Party was excellent and if you haven’t read it yet, I think it should be your next read. Girls In White Dresses wasn’t what I expected, but it was so easy to get through as the stories are short. It’s a little hard to keep all the girls straight, but I think it’s a fun read for us 20-something gals who know loads of people who are either engaged or just getting married. read more

Best Dry Skin and Hair Products

I was running the other morning and the temperature was a breezy 64 degrees – it FINALLY felt like fall in Houston. (Just about a month late, ugh! I’ll take it.)

I was running and I began thinking about all the special things about fall that are specifically coupled with that time of year. I’m a person who loves making my own little random traditions like lighting all my fall candles on September 1st and getting a peppermint mocha on the chilliest day I can. Here are a few of my “special fall things” as I’m gonna call them…just so you can get some (fall-themed) fun facts about me. read more