Therapy and Sandwiches – A Day In The Life

I want to start sharing A Day In The Life posts because my biggest recovery/life inspiration right now is Robyn from The Real Life RD.

Kinda embarrassed that I spend hours on this girl’s blog just reading her daily eats, day in the lives, and weekend recaps. I’ve really struggled with wanting to blog lately, but feeling like I have nothing of substance. And then I’m like “Oh wait, this blog is for me and I can literally write about anything!”

Right now, my job is 50% of my life and recovery is the other 50%. But let’s make this pie a jumbo one and say that there’s definitely room in there for the important relationships in my life: Cam (we’re leaving for Ireland on Friday!), getting to hang a bunch with my sister (she goes to UH now so lives at home!) and my wonderful friends. read more

Having Emotions

I’m a person with a lot of emotions.

Actually…scratch that.

I’m just a person.

I have emotions – because I’m a person. Not a robot.

Everyone emotes differently, but that’s what we’re doing. Emoting. You may call your mom when you’re stressed. Your sister may go to the gym. You may cry. This is how it works in life, but there’s really no wrong or right way to do it – as long as you’re always kind and respectful, you know?

But back up. read more

It’s a process

My biggest struggle is my head – in more ways than one.

My head has always had a mind of it’s own, ironically. It thinks up crazy dreams and sometimes lies and a lot of times really great, creative things, but ever since its inception it’s just been running in every direction.

I’ve struggled inside my head since I was little. When the tags on my shirts had to be cut out, so they wouldn’t tickle against my skin. When we had to buy seamless socks, so I’d stop throwing a tantrum in public places, ripping off my Mary Janes to perfectly align the line of stitching running across my toes. read more

How I Got Here

I have three drafts of this post. The one where I explain where in the world I’ve been, but also try not to sound too apologetic, as taking time for yourself is something I wholly endorse these days. I can’t even refer to this as an “I’m back!” post because then I get really philosophical about everything: Am I back? Did I really go anywhere? If it’s my blog and I post on it as a hobby, then does it really matter how these posts are timestamped?

Speaking of which, I don’t know what happened to the dates atop my blog posts. They disappeared like the lack of motivation I had for keeping up with my site, but I can tell you with scout’s honor that the last time I posted was in April. I was doing pretty good then, and felt like posting, but without really going into the whole story of how I came to be where I am now, it just seems so menial to report on weekend activities and travel plans. read more