Everything You Need To Know To Have a Great Semester

I was thinking of what kind of post I wanted to do to kick off the semester, and I just really couldn’t decide.

semester study tips, health tips

There are so many helpful tidbits of information I could feed to you right about now – how to wake up early for your classes, how to stay organized, great school lunch recipes….the list goes on and on. In the spirit of it being 20-freaking-17 and this semester being the one where we all finally decide we are going to take the world by storm, do great, and have fun…let’s just cover it all, shall we?

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My 20th Year

I don’t measure years in the traditional sense. For me, a new year doesn’t start with fireworks and a New Year’s Day brunch. It starts January 11th – my birthday.

21st birthday

I wanted to talk about what happened while I was 20. It’s been a year of lots of inner and outer change, and I think maybe it would be nice for me to re-cap it all and save it away for a memory. Maybe it will even inspire you to look at the good times and the bad and how they’ve influenced you. I’ll warn you, it sounds like a complete whine-fest for a while, but it gets better. That’s life, right?

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The Second Semester Scaries

Hello my CWH readers – I have missed you dearly!!!

So I haven’t exactly been gone…in fact, I’ve kept my Monday/Thursday blog schedule since finals, butttttt all of those posts were pre-written and pre-scheduled, so I feel like I’ve just been on auto pilot and I’ve missed writing blog posts in real time. I’m still pre-writing and pre-scheduling since the next few weeks will be busy with my move and school starting back up, but I just thought present-day Cristina should pop in for a real, present-day chat with her friends!

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Be Purposeful About Rest This Year

Well, ya’ll. It’s the day I’ve been dreading for several years now.

get more rest

As you’re reading this, I’m getting my wisdom teeth out.

I know, I know. Big deal, right? What’s so scary about that?


Let’s just say I’m the biggest baby, and the thought of going to sleep and having my teeth yanked out to leave my face big and puffy is not my cup of tea. #prayforme

Anyway, seeing as I’ll be forced to lay around for a couple days and chill as I hide my chipmunk cheeks from the world and also all the people from high school that I run into at the grocery store, I thought I’d write a post about my favorite topic: rest.

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