One Month Aimovig Recap!

Hello, hello friends. As I write this, I am having my first full day back from my bachelorette weekend trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas. (My old college town for readers that weren’t around back then!)

I had such a great trip. I am definitely in full recovery mode and feeling very fatigued, but I am pleasantly surprised at how well my body held up!

There’s definitely a lot of factors that have helped me out: resting when I can, hydrating, taking vitamins per my protocol, eating regularly, and surrounding myself with people who know my needs! read more

How I’m Prepping for My Wedding: The Final Stretch

Hello, everyone!

What a day to write this post. I woke up with a migraine this morning and went straight back to bed – meds, Wex, water, and Bachelor in Paradise to ease the pain. While I didn’t feel up for much of anything, I was able to 1) get on the phone with the local print shop and confirm my order for printing our wedding invites 2) approve the design for my wedding band (!!!) with our ring guy and 3) make some really cute DIY name cards for the head table. It got me thinking that we are so close to our big day and I’m really proud of how I’ve handled the wedding planning process so far. And I’m happy that it’s been a good experience for Cam and I and that we’ve learned a lot about each other and our marriage through it. read more

Why I Got A Gym Membership After Quitting the Gym For Two Years

I am excited to write this post because I feel like it could open up a really interesting conversation, and know that I would love to hear your thoughts!

So I’ll start here: I haven’t gone to a proper “gym” in about 2 years. I have exercised, but I’ve done yoga, classes, and ran outside or worked out at home.

When I went into recovery for my really bad ED in Spring of 2018, I quickly got put on exercise restriction. This is pretty common in recovery, because often times (not all the time), the person has weight that they need to gain to be stabilized, and working out could really hinder getting healthy. And that is both from a physical and mental standpoint. read more