To Strengthen and Soften (1.17.19)

Phew! I feel like I really need to get a blog post out about how my heart and head feels. My friend, Katrina, and I have a running joke that goes a little something like “2019 …. keeping me humble.” (Because – it truly is.)

I feel like I always end a year grasping at straws, which is a little discouraging and dark, but it’s just an honest way of describing what happens to me as fall turns to winters and work deadlines get tighter, life gets busier, and the lines across budget spreadsheets get fuzzy with Christmas presents and travel plans. It’s a lot of anxiety-sparking little electrical fires that seem to pop up throughout the gloomy, cold days of October to December, and while I take a little reprieve in the sweet, sweet truths of the holiday season, I feel a bit of emotional burn out come January 1. read more

Wedding Wednesday Vol. 1: Venue Search Tips and Tricks

GUYS!!!! I’m doing a Wedding Wednesday post! Me!!! Because we’re getting married!!!! Lifelong blogger dream of mine, LOL.

For a first WW post, let’s talk about first things first – finding your venue/church! It’s pretty much the first step after deciding on a date/time of year you want to be married. (But you probably knew that because you may not be as newbie baby to this as I am, haha.)

So I hope today’s info is helpful if you plan to get married in the future or maybe are engaged! (If not, would you mind passing this along to a friend or relative who is – I’d love to help them in any way I can! Thanks 😘) Since I don’t really have any photos to share, I’m going to sprinkling in some Pinterest/web images that have been inspiring me lately for my own wedding. read more

Sunday Snapshots

I had the itch to write, but didn’t really know what to share, so I thought a “Sunday Snapshots” post would be just the cure for my Sunday Scaries and writer’s block.

This is such a fun season of life, and I know I’ll look back on it fondly. I spend mornings scribbling in a journal trying to remember the exact way the sun looked coming up outside our living room windows and the sound of the oscillating fan in the bedroom. Posts like these help, too – a real full-day diary of what we did in our life that day. Nothing too crazy this time around – just a Sunday filled with lots of little joys that gave the scaries a run for their money. read more

5 Thoughts…Including Mantras for Highly Sensitive People

Hi, guys! Since I’ve been bit by the blogging bug and I have no desire to hold myself back from posting twice in one week or twice in one day, I thought I’d share a post in the style of two of my favorite bloggers, Robin of The Real Life RD and Kylie from Imma Eat That. They each often share these “5 Thoughts” post with is just a quick brain-dump/round-up/favorites post all in one.

Here’s some stuff on my mind with a lot of helpful and fun links for ya! If you’d like to give me a weekly or life update in the comments if you haven’t commented in a while, that’d be so fun! I’d love to catch up with all my old readers/friends 🙂 read more