My Experience At a Neurologist

Happy Thursday everyone and I hope wherever you are at in your day (or even if you’re not reading this on a Thursday) that you have some gratitude for where you’re at. Whatever you’ve accomplished today – big or small – just…great job.

Heehee – I’m not the best at the motivational speeches, but I just felt like I wanted to put that out into the world.

I wanted to recap my most recent nuerologist visit, and I don’t mean to be all melodramatic, but I seriously feel like it was LIFE CHANGING. read more

Design Your “Flexible” Morning Routine

As I was thinking of what to write this week, I really wanted to share something that I couldn’t live without.

When I was a student, I’d share about my favorite planners and I’m frequently waxing poetic and both popular and obscure novels on my Instagram stories, but I was trying to think – what’s an integral part of my day to day life that I just can not live without?

My mornings came to mind.

I’m currently going through a lot of life change. New city, new home, new normal. I am a Type 4/Capricorn sun/Virgo Moon that thrives off of routine, so I’ve just been having a lot of gratitude for my morning “routine” – those first sips of coffee while watching the sky go from indigo to purple to pink to a hazy yellow sunrise. It’s the most grounding part of my day, and I can totally break down the science of the “morning routine” for someone else to replicate. read more

My Experience With Therapy and Why I’d Recommend It To Anyone

I want to say that I’ve wanted to write this post for a very long time, but honestly – until about a couple of weeks ago, it really never occurred to me to write this post.

When I started going to therapy, it wasn’t something that was talked about openly online or on social media like it is now. Heck – social media wasn’t even a thing!

I started going to therapy around the age of 9. I first started by seeing the school counselor, who then referred for me to get some therapist recommendations by my pediatrician. Even though I was young, I remember the crippling panic attacks and anxiety that I carried around with me. Too scared to stay by myself at sleep-away camp, taking ragged breaths in a bathroom at a Hilary Duff concert because the noise and the crowd had made me so panicked, and crying constantly over the smallest things – my bow not being straight or a less than perfect mark on my communication card. read more