Some Things I’ve Been Up To When I Feel Good

This holiday season is very different from previous ones. For starters, there was no “going home for break” because, well, I live at home. (If you didn’t know, my university is just 3 miles from the house. But don’t forget, this is Houston, so it normally takes me a half hour to get there.) Although, that was kind of nice because I didn’t have to pack up a bunch of things into random tote bags and drive nine hours home like I used to.

But, if you’ve been following (and are really ready for me to stop whining), I’ve been sick this year. Since October, I’ve been dealing with daily headaches/migraines, weakness, fatigue, and the general irritability that comes from not being able to do what you want to do. read more

13 Things: Early December Happenings

Hello, hello.

I have a bazillion blog posts I want to write after you guys told me what kinds of post you wanted to see this holiday season on Instagram. I managed to get one big one down, and that was my post about the winter blues. The other ones are kind of general questions (i.e. my uses for coconut oil, how Cam and I met, etc.) so I’m thinking maybe those should go in a big batch Q&A? Idk.

What I do know is that I want to blog for ya today, so I threw together 13 Things. I love doing these posts, and I’ve done a couple just within the past few months. Here’s one from February and one I did at the beginning of this semester.  read more

Recent Fall Reads + Why You Need a Library Card

I’ve been a bookworm pretty much my whole life, but I didn’t really discover the beauty of having a library card until I moved to Houston last year. The library card was really more of an incentive to get me out of the house and somewhere where I wouldn’t always be paying $5 for coffee just so I could get some productivity out of me. The library seemed like a good place to study, read, and write, and it was all free. Since then, I’ve loved having a library card and I go every couple weeks to replenish my stack of books. read more

Get Well Soon (A Letter To The One Who Is Always Sick)

I feel like I’ve been “sick” for like three years. And I’m not saying that for pity or anything like that – I really just want to write this post as one of those “hey, if you’re feeling this way, I understand you and I’m rooting for you” kind of deals.

My health journey is just that – a journey. I was definitely the kid when I was younger who got sick a lot. But maybe we all did as kids what with all the germs probably floating around the monkey bars and magic carpet. At age 8, I woke up at least once a month unable to breathe and would end up in the emergency room – croop. At age 9, I had had strep throat about 6 times in 8 months or something crazy like that – tonsils came out. Age 9/10, diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and began to take anti-anxiety medication. Age 14 – mono. Age 15 – mono, again. (Yup, this can happen.) Age 16 – developed chronic migraines. Age 19 – detoxed anxiety medications. Age 19-21: persistent stomach issues, didn’t get many concrete answers, but I think it had to do a bit with my anxiety and a bit with not eating right. And now at almost 22 – chronic sinus headaches, tension headaches, cluster headaches. Still visiting an allergist and chiropractor to attempt to figure out what’s happening. read more