How I Got Here

I have three drafts of this post. The one where I explain where in the world I’ve been, but also try not to sound too apologetic, as taking time for yourself is something I wholly endorse these days. I can’t even refer to this as an “I’m back!” post because then I get really philosophical about everything: Am I back? Did I really go anywhere? If it’s my blog and I post on it as a hobby, then does it really matter how these posts are timestamped?

Speaking of which, I don’t know what happened to the dates atop my blog posts. They disappeared like the lack of motivation I had for keeping up with my site, but I can tell you with scout’s honor that the last time I posted was in April. I was doing pretty good then, and felt like posting, but without really going into the whole story of how I came to be where I am now, it just seems so menial to report on weekend activities and travel plans. read more

Weekend In Our Life

There’s only 4 weekends left until it’s the week of my graduation and I’m definitely feeling all of the emotions. Happy, sad, confused, terrified, etc. I think it’s easy for us almost-grads to feel this way, and I think the cure is: doing things that make you happy and not freaking out too much about the future. Sounds simple, yeah?

I’m really trying to put this into practice on the weekends.┬áSaturday and Sunday I’m trying to let go – of rigidity, of doubt for the future, etc. Just enjoy the weekend ya know? read more

2018 Reading List So Far

Happy Wednesday!

How is everyone’s week going so far?

I feel like I squeeze every last drop out of my week. My calendar is packed, but a lot of the things that I’m checking off the list are making me feel super productive. Normally I would groan about Tuesday’s group project presentation, but that is one step closer to NO MORE GROUP PROJECT PRESENTATIONS. Woo-hoo! And Wednesday I have a coffee date with a friend, which I mentioned is a huge priority in this post. (Girl-time/friend time is my favorite thing and it’s great for mental health.) read more

13 Things: March

It’s almost APRIL?! W.o.w.

Time flies! I’ve got a little over a month until graduation, hopefully one more out-of-town trip, and lots of fun time enjoying Spring with Cam and my family. Ready for all the coffee, belly laughs, and happy sunshine-y things! But first, here’s what March looked like.

Cam sometimes plays in pick-up mens league lacrosse games on the weekends, and I have a picnic in the car, haha.

ONE // Spring is here and it’s one of my favorite seasons, minus the pollen. Cam and I decided that for Houston, we like fall better because no pollen. Haha! Any tips to enjoy the outdoors without the allergy attacks? It’s gorgeous out, and patio weather is a must. We’ve been loving the Heights Mercantile area because we can walk over there, and the new Local Foods just opened up. I’m obsessed with their big salads! Also stopped in to Gypsy Wagon, and I need/want everything in there. Just need some to contain the sinus headaches and itchy eyes! read more