13 Things: Beginning of Senior Year

Helllloooooo lovely friends! I just felt like hopping on the blog and chatting with you a bit.

I am in a weird spot with blogging where I have SO much to say, but feel like it just isn’t the right time to say it yet, so it’s made me just want to lay low and not blog much at all aside from a couple planned collabs and sponsored posts.

Howevaaa…I miss posting because I miss the interaction! I really have been wanting to share a couple quick things like my fall essentials, hair care updates, and I’ve gotten requests to share my skin care routine, so I’m thinking I’ll just do those for the month of September and into October. Maybe we’ll get back on a real schedule and get into some deep stuff in November. 🙂 Sound good? read more

What Self-Care Really Looks Like

I feel like the idea of self-care is really popular right now; which is good. But I think media outlets and social influencers are using self-care as more of an excuse to preach their doctrines of green juices, $40 cycling classes, and detox diets; which isn’t so good.

Self-care is simply….taking care of yourself.

Being mindful. Asking your body what it needs.

I want to talk to ya’ll today a bit about what self-care can look like because the news flash I want to get at here is that you don’t need a fancy face mask or a getaway to an AirBNB treehouse in Fiji to practice self-care. read more

Hurricane Harvey Update

Tuesday, August 29th 

Hi friends.

If you follow me on social media, then you know my family and I live right outside of downtown Houston and we are currently dealing with the heartache that Harvey is causing as it wreaks havoc across our beautiful city.

We are so very fortunate to live in one of the houses that remains dry from flood waters. I haven’t actually left the house since Sunday morning, but last time I checked, the main roads to get me anywhere outside my house are completely underwater. But I’ll take being bored, cooped up, and a little stir crazy on my island of a home over being stranded, cold, and without much of anything like so many are. We really must pray for those people. read more

Tour: My Room in a New-Orleans Style Double Gallery Downtown Home

Welcome to my new home, CWH readers!

Today, I’m showing you my room and some other snaps. I have a few old trusty things that have moved with me since I first got my own bedroom set for my sophomore year of college, and a couple of new additions as well. I’m so happy to show you!

The story of how I came to move…again. 

I feel like the only reason I haven’t explained it out there on the Inter-web is because I never want to sound like I am bragging or all “look at me”. But, I don’t want to be one of those bloggers who just sidesteps her most frequently asked question. So here’s the short version of the story: My family had a home in Cypress, TX (a suburb of Houston – 45 minutes from downtown.) When I decided to go to college at the University of Houston, I wanted to move to a place closer to town to avoid that 1-2 hour commute that Houston is famous for because 290 sucks and we have horrible drivers here. (No offense, people!) So I moved into an apartment near town. (You probably saw a tour of it here.) Coincidentally, Angela (my step-mom who is a total bad-ass and one of my favorite people on planet Earth) decided to buy a beaten-up, ancient bungalow house near town and have it “fixed up” just like Chip and Jo as part of an investment. So, that meant once my short-lease was up, I could move in there. THEN, my youngest sis Clara (Ang’s daughter and another one of my favorite people in the world) got into HSPVA (our performing arts school downtown and Beyonce’s alma mater) because she is super talented and she rocks. So wouldn’t you know it….looks like the whole fam needs to move downtown! However, there’s a slight glitch. The “farmhouse” (the fixer upper project that I now live in) is too. dang. SMALL. I mean it’s teeny tiny and not meant for a family of 4 + 2 sisters who visit when home from college + a cousin who lives with us sometimes + all our friends and family that visit. SOOOOOOOOO. We rented that one out, sold the Cypress home, and moved into this home with more space for all of us. The end. So…I only have one home now. This one! I live here with Clara, my dad, Angela, and our dog, Chip!  read more