How to (Really) Grow Your Hair Out

So since I mentioned in my last post that my hair had finally gotten long (cue the Hallelujah chorus 🙌🏻) I thought I’d share my secret!

It’s been almost 4 years since I walked into the salon for a “change” and walked out with a head of hair that was jet black and 12-inches shorter.


And I bring it up all the time because it’s pretty much the ballsiest thing I’ve ever done. To be completely honest, this girl I followed on Instagram had a short-black bob and I thought it was SO cool, and I needed a change. But in the end, I had a heck of a time doing my hair each day and didn’t become Insta-famous so it was kind of a flop.

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13 Things

Hello, hello friends – I have missed talking to you via keyboard. I felt I needed to take a break from blogging because so much was going on, and I’d really lost my direction in terms of creativity and writing. (Also, my blog got spammed, so it was acting weird and not letting me on – FUN!) I’d heard many bloggers hit that slump and thought “nope, not me!” but everyone needs a break just like everyone needs to take a step back and reassess sometimes.

What I learned is that I started my blog because I loved writing and storytelling, got really into my blog because I wanted to make it my living someday, and then backed off a bit when I realized that I wouldn’t be working from home as a full time blogger anytime soon. I thought I could hit that fairytale work-stride where come a couple years post-grad I’d be ready to fly solo in the blog world, but the fact of the matter is – I like my major and I think I’ll really like working in the “real world”. At least I need to give it a fair chance.

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What I Eat In a Day: School Edition

I get a lot of questions about my meals and healthy snack ideas, so I thought it would be fun to just show you what I eat in a typical day.

what i eat in  a day

Of course, things change from day to day, but I’m pretty much a creature of habit. I tend to grocery shop on Sundays and then whatever I get, I continue to eat throughout the week. (So if I get apples, you best believe I’m having apples as my fruit of choice for the week. The next week could be mandarins…ya never know.)

My diet is probably a little weird, but I can’t really label it anything like “paleo” or “plant-based” or anything like that. There’s food that I try to limit and stay away from such as dairy, processed foods, excess gluten (for my stomach), and anything really sugary. Then, there’s food that I try to get a lot of such as leafy green veggies, micronutrient rich fruits, and healthy fats.

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How To Journal for Your Mental Health

I’ve always kept journals since as long as I can remember.

mental health journaling

When I was really little, my dad worked in notebooks (i.e. laptops) and his company would give him one to bring home. I was mesmerized by it, and he taught me how to open a Word document and type. Soon, I was creating long, electronic diary entries about what I did in school that day and who my best friends were. I still have those documents, written in 20 pt Times New Roman.

As I got older, I kept written journals. The ones I have kept date only as far back as seventh grade, but they’re nice to flip through. Today, I’d consider my blog a bit like journaling. I can look back at old posts and remember exactly what was going on in my life.

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