Saturday Extra: My Most Asked Health + Wellness Questions

health and wellness faq's

Happy Saturday, CWH readers!

I want to say thanks real quick for being so supportive and attentive. It seems like every time I share a simple smoothie recipe or recommend a great digestive tea, you guys are all ears and you share the info with your friends and family. That’s so awesome! That’s why I have this little blog. (CWH is turning 3 beginning of next month, ahh!)

So I thought for this lazy Saturday morning, I’d share my most-asked health and wellness questions. It’ll be great to have all these FAQs in one post for future reference. read more

3 Easy Dinners to Take to Work the Next Day

This summer is about three things: working, saving money, and eating good, real food.

In order to accomplish these three goals, I have been cooking more, staying in more for a cozy meal, and packing the leftovers for lunch for work the next day.

In the era of Uber Eats and Favor, we all can be tempted to just drop the price of a meal + delivery charge to get something yummy brought to us at work or home, but I want to share how simple it can be to prepare a meal at home that will taste great warmed up in the office kitchenette. read more

A Day in the Life of a Digital Media Intern + Blogger


It was around this time last year that I shared a very similar post: A Day in the Life of a Marketing Intern/Blogger. I was waking up every morning, going for an early run, and then spending most of the day in our garage-converted office with my dad and his start-up. I learned a lot, got free coffee every day (because I just walked into the kitchen, lol), and it prepped me for what I would take on this summer.

Since just after Memorial Day, I’ve been working for a local news agency in the digital media department as an intern. I’m there to help socialize the stories that run on the radio, the website, and our local news channel. In addition to that, I have a few projects that are specific to me. Thank goodness for my blogging and social media knowledge – it’s really coming in handy! read more

Saturday Extra: Healthy Father’s Day Brunch

Morning, brunch-fiends!

Tomorrow’s a big day to celebrate your papa’s. I happen to be super close with my Dad, so I absolutely love getting a day to shower him with love and appreciation. (Hi, Dad!)

For the past couple years, we’ve celebrated Father’s Day with a great brunch. However, lately I’ve become such a cozy home-body on weekend mornings, and I’ve been all about saving dat money. So, if you want to show Dad a little love, but you want to put your heart and soul into it (because we all know, that’s the best way), here are some brunch recipes for Father’s Day! read more