Recent Recipes Vol. 1

How do you approach meals during your week?

Are you a meal subscription box person? Do you buy a bunch of things that look fresh at the grocery store and hope for the best? Or do you plan an elaborate weekly menu, down to the last tablespoon of olive oil and sprinkle of garlic?

Cooking is one of my greatest joys, so I try to incorporate it into my week as some stress relief and fun. Not to mention, it suits my budget muccchhhh better to cook at home often during the week.

I’ve developed a pretty simple system that works for me and my little family. (Me + Cameron + Wex, who usually talks me into a couple bites of vegetable scraps… he loves broccoli! Weird.) read more

Five Things To Say Instead of “I’m Sorry”

Is there something you’re working on right now? Not like the email you’ve been meaning to send for the past hour, but instead find yourself scrolling through your favorite blogs and sites. No – like … something for yourself. Maybe you’re working on being more brave. Maybe you’re working on not snoozing your alarm. I find it so interesting to see what people’s current goals are to better themselves because I think bettering ourselves (is that a word?) is the way to keep growing in the world instead of staying stagnant. Make life easier on ourselves – take away anxiety and stress and imposter syndromes. read more


An engagement photo by @annasphotographytx on Instagram – did she do great or what?!

We’re moving to Austin, Texas!!!!!

Just a couple weeks ago, Cam interviewed and was offered a really great opportunity in Austin. As a couple and a team, we’d always talked about the possibility of one of our jobs taking us elsewhere someday, and we pretty much had a pact. We’d only move if the job was truly life-changing and would really benefit our professional and personal lives. When this job and Austin popped up on our radar, we just couldn’t say no. (Even though we’ll be sad to leave our family and friends here and our current apartment that is perfectly positioned between Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s…heehee!) read more