The Low-Down on College Gameday

Game day has always been a big part of my life.

In high school, I was on drill team, game day meant rhinestone hair pieces, lots of Aqua-net, and lipstick stained Gatorade bottles. Now, it’s gotten even better.

charlie hustle shop

At Arkansas and at Houston, game day is BIG. (As I’m sure it is at your school, too!) There’s tailgaiting, hog calling, pictures, snaps, cheers, jumping, etc, etc.

Whether you’ve been in college for a while or you’re going through your first semester, it’s always nice to get some college game day inspiration. You’ll want to pick out the perfect outfit and get the low-down so that you can enjoy your game day! After all, it makes for a great study break. Today I’m working with Charlie Hustle Shop to share some game day looks and my best college game day tips!

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10 Stress-Relieving Activities to Try This Week

I tend to be the type of person who thinks that the more things I get done on my to-do list, the happier I’ll be. (But don’t get me wrong, I love my to-do lists.) I also think of myself as someone who is just very anxious. There are things I tell myself I can’t do because I’m anxious and lately I’ve built up these horrible habits of simply not doing things that could be good for me because I’m too worried it will make me anxious.

stress relief activities

Anyways, I decided enough is enough.

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How Blogging Can Help You in Your Media Career

So, I should be studying. And I have to really be into something if it’s taking me away from my studying. (I know, total nerd.)

how blogging can help you get a job

I’m sitting in Einstein’s, facing the window that looks out onto the class I’m supposed to be at in 36 minutes. I’m too distracted to study Spanish, so I just sip my vanilla hazelnut coffee and think.

“I want to be equally as passionate about blogging and my future career.”

If you didn’t know, I’m an Advertising major. I’d love to be the next Don Draper, but understand that I’ve got to be a Peggy Olsen first and I’m fully excited about the notion of that. (Sorry, Man Men reference.)

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Why It’s a Great Idea to Live Alone in Your 20’s

Living alone was not the plan.

living alone tips

Sure it sounded like a good idea when my roommate kept a moldy baguette in our room for a couple weeks. Sure it sounded like a good idea when another roommate’s boyfriend spent the night and his snores filled our tiny dorm room. But, when actually faced with the decision to live alone? Yikes.

So here’s the quick backstory: I decided to transfer back home to my own backyard and finish my degree at the University of Houston. Not only would I be closer to home, but my family was actually renovating a house 15 minutes from school that I could live in.

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