My IV Therapy Experience

Hi, friends!

Currently writing on a Saturday 😱But we are pretty much staying in all day because Cam was gone in California all week for work, so we’re pretty keen to be homebodies this weekend.

So far today, Cam went for a run, I finished up some wedding tasks, and we went to Target, Best Buy, and Chuy’s for lunch. (We’re looking into getting a Dyson fan! Do any of you have one – if so, how do you like it and which one did you get?!)

I also checked and I have all of the ingredients to make these banana muffins, so that’s next on my list. Oh and we got a new set for our balcony that Cam just barely put together, so when the sun goes down, I’m going to go out and clean and style our balcony! (It’s huge!! I did a tour on my story highlight “treehouse”.) read more

One Month Aimovig Recap!

Hello, hello friends. As I write this, I am having my first full day back from my bachelorette weekend trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas. (My old college town for readers that weren’t around back then!)

I had such a great trip. I am definitely in full recovery mode and feeling very fatigued, but I am pleasantly surprised at how well my body held up!

There’s definitely a lot of factors that have helped me out: resting when I can, hydrating, taking vitamins per my protocol, eating regularly, and surrounding myself with people who know my needs! read more

How I’m Prepping for My Wedding: The Final Stretch

Hello, everyone!

What a day to write this post. I woke up with a migraine this morning and went straight back to bed – meds, Wex, water, and Bachelor in Paradise to ease the pain. While I didn’t feel up for much of anything, I was able to 1) get on the phone with the local print shop and confirm my order for printing our wedding invites 2) approve the design for my wedding band (!!!) with our ring guy and 3) make some really cute DIY name cards for the head table. It got me thinking that we are so close to our big day and I’m really proud of how I’ve handled the wedding planning process so far. And I’m happy that it’s been a good experience for Cam and I and that we’ve learned a lot about each other and our marriage through it. read more