Best Clean Clean Products (+ a Free Printable Cleaning Chart)

What’s your relationship with keeping your home clean? I don’t pretend to assume that it just comes naturally to everyone – I happen to be someone where a clean home is totally just my cup of tea. Wonder if that’s a Capricorn thing or a Type 4 enneagram thing…haha! Let me know your personality traits down in the comments and whether you’re a natural neat Nelly or not 🙂 I’m interested to know!

This post is in collaboration with my favorite natural cleaning products company, Branch Basics. (Ahhhh!!!!!) Several months ago, I saw some fellow blogger friends post about using Branch Basics in their home and I was all ears.

I’m not here to preach that you have to use natural cleaning products or that if you don’t use non-toxic products, you’re doing it wrong. I think you gotta do what’s best for you at the moment in time.

I started to turn to natural cleaning products when –

(1) I started hosting more and more at our house. When Cam and I moved in together, I really enjoyed having friends over to watch football games, celebrate birthdays, or just have our dogs play together on a Sunday afternoon. I always wanted my home to be clean and smell good, and I turned to natural cleaning products like Branch in favor of Lysol or a Fabuloso.

(2) We got a little puppy named Wex…maybe you’ve seen him! Haha. Well let me tell you, this puppy is all over the place. The counters are the perfect height for him to jump up and put his front paws on to sniff out any crumbs or try to get any food. I am constantly wiping the counters clean with a cleaning spray after meals and food prep, and I started to get nervous that Wex was licking all that up. Hence….switching to something with no harsh chemicals that I can feel comfortable about using over all surfaces of my home!

Ok real quick – let me share why I like Branch Basics, because I want to give ya’ll the inside scoop on the product, so you can see how it could be great for your home! There’s a lot of non-toxic cleaning products out there on the market nowadays, so it might be overwhelming to pick one!

Branch Basics are not tested on animals (!!), human safe, plant-based, biodegradable, and non GMO. I’ve spoken to so many friends this year who are wanting to use more natural products or especially want to use products that are not tested on animals, and while switching over all of your makeup might be a longer term project, simply switching to a safe cleaning product is an easy change.

Secondly, I know a lot of my readers are around my age. We are in our early 20’s and on a strict budget. Most of us probably don’t have the luxury to switch to all bamboo sheets and special detergents right now, but Branch Basics makes making a clean switch with their cleaning products affordable.

The products are refillable, so it’s cheaper and more sustainable to use Branch Basics over single-use cleaning products.

And lastly, GIRL POWER. Branch Basics was founded by three women who were all searching for cleaner alternatives to their every day products. What you surround yourself with is so important to your overall health, and especially when you have any chronic health problems, you’re more inclined to take a closer look at the products that you’re spraying, wearing, and using every day.

Safe to say, I feel safe using Branch Basics anywhere and everywhere in my home, and I am happy to get to share their products with you all today….I know we’re all just doing our best to stay healthy and keep our home clean.

So now, let’s talk cleaning your home as an adult!

Again, I don’t assume it’s just a natural thing for everyone to wake up in the morning and pick up their space. Everyone has a different lifestyle and schedule and I’ve had so many friends say that it’s hard for them to keep their house clean and set aside time for small tasks.

Cam and I were at marriage prep class a couple of months ago, and I overheard a couple talking about how they were going to manage cleaning in their home. “Maybe we should set a timer!” Or – “What if we make a chart to follow?”

Yup – becoming an adult is hard. Keeping your space clean while also getting 8 hours of sleep, drinking water, meal prepping, going to work, and hanging out with friends is A LOT.

Here’s how I go about cleaning in my house, if you need to work out a good system!

I clean in blocks: In the morning after breakfast and in the evening after dinner. On the weekends, I may do extra cleaning or before we have guests over (vaccuum, sweep/mop, scrub toilets and tubs, etc.), but every morning and evening I will straighten up, put things away, and wipe down the counters and the sink. I have to sweep pretty often because our downstairs is all hardwood and Wex sheds/tracks in dirt from the dog park, haha. But definitely having 1-2 scheduled times per day that I clean is best, so that I am not saving it all for once a week or doing it too much, so that I can’t get other things done.

I made ya’ll a printable cleaning template that you can download and print for free to put on your fridge! That’s down below if you keep reading 🙂

These are customizable, so you can put in the tasks you want to do every day, every week, and every month. If you need a place to start – this pin on Pinterest has some good suggestions!

from Design*Sponge on Bloglovin – via Pinterest

Pick the one right for you, download, and fill in!

Send me pictures of yours via Instagram DM! I’m @cristinawashere.

Again – thanks to Branch Basics for collaborating with me on this post! I’m excited to continue to explore safer cleaning products in our home.