Resolutions Every 20-Something Should Try

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


It’s time to set your goals for the New Year!

I’m obsessed with goal setting and while I don’t feel like you need to wait till the New Year to start some new habits, I love the fresh slate that comes when you pop the fireworks and celebrate 2017!

I thought it’d be fun this year to think up some goals that we should all try an adopt this year. (Just in case you hadn’t made your list yet.) Here’s to a happier and healthier 2017!

new years resolutions

Take more pictures that won’t make it to Instagram

We spend a lot of time working on our Instagram themes and only taking pictures of something we’ll know we’ll post. I’m the MOST guilty of this (if that’s a thing or even grammatically correct) because sometimes, I’ll want to show a picture to someone from my family vacation and all I have is one perfectly curated photo of my passport laid out next to a travel coffee cup and a flat lay of my bathing suit and some sunglasses.

Um, what happened to our jet skiing trip or when we made that giant sandcastle?! Yeah. Didn’t take a pic. Maybe a Snapchat – but it’s gone now.

The point here? Take the picture. All the pictures. Maybe even go the extra mile and get them printed for an album or a shoe box that you’ll at least be able to show to people. It will be worth it.

new years resolutions

Delete an app that doesn’t make you happy¬†

For some, it may be Two Dots because it’s eating up any productivity they once had and for others it could be a social media app. Just delete it, don’t think twice. If it doesn’t bring you joy, pull an Emily Gilmore and get rid of it.

Respond to that text

Ok, what’s with this whole thing of leaving people on “read” and deleting messages and replying to messages in 3 years? Come on 20-somethings, we are better than this! Do not let us become the “bad texting generation” while everyone else gets cool names like Gen Y and Baby Boomers. I know that sometimes you’re busy and you can’t respond right away, but letting a text hang over your head can be a serious mental drain. Text back, be kind, read your text once or twice over, but respond to that text.

Save money for experience, don’t spend on material things too often

You may not really need that pair of shoes that will likely be out of style next season and also only go with those one pair of pants that you hardly ever wear, but you might really feel like your heart needs that trip to the beach this summer or that study abroad trip to Europe. Save up your money and buy experiences, not things.

new years resolutions

“You’ll never regret being kind”

It’s true. And the golden rule we were taught when we were little about not saying anything if we didn’t have anything nice to say still rings true well into our adult life. Let this be the year that negative comments are a thing of the past, warm smiles are shared more than disappointing Facebook articles, and you become known as a light and a joy to be around. I know we can do it.

Get more sleep

You know you need it! Let’s say goodbye to dark circles and three cups of coffee before noon. Minimize technology before bed, eat a healthy diet, exercise as regularly as you are able to, and get to sleep! You’ll thank me later.

Be more present

Maybe even leave your phone behind when you go to a movie with friends or spend time at dinner with loved ones. Ask questions, share stories, encourage others. Your Twitter feed can wait and so can all the other thoughts in your head. Breathe, enjoy where you are, and know you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Which resolution will you adopt this year?

Do you have any other resolutions you’ll be trying out? I’d love to hear in the comments below!