How To Get The Perfect Messy Bun

I tried to be super organized when packing up my town home earlier this month. I labeled (most) boxes and gave everything a place and yet, somehow, I still managed to misplace things. My hair straightener, curling iron, and beloved dry shampoo are sitting one of the many cardboard moving boxes that now occupies my garage. The only trouble? …….I don’t know which box.

how to get the perfect messy bun hairstyle

I decided that instead of digging around the humid garage for an hour, I would accept this as a challenge! I’m going hair appliance-free this summer.

I figured if I’m gonna have to go au-natural, I better nourish and strengthen my hair and also adopt a go-to “doo” that I can whip up on days where the humidity is not going to help my hair with cooperating.

messy bun hairstyle tutorial

bralette: Urban Outfitters, “Caffeine Queen” tee c/o: Friday and Saturday 

I’ve collaborated with Hask in the past, and I’m partnering up with them again to bring you the perfect messy bun tutorial today and also tell you why you absolutely NEED this shampoo + conditioner to liven up your hair, give it moisture, and have it looking lush for summer!

Messy bun hairstyles are definitely my go-to because it’s the one hairstyle that doesn’t require much thought for me! French braids, dutch braids, and fishtail braids are super cute, but I have to really concentrate and can’t be too distracted by Netflix or the cup of coffee on my vanity – haha!

However, in my opinion, a messy bun or messy updo can be one of the most frustrating hairstyles because it’s going to look different on everyone! Today I’ll be showing you my method for how to get the perfect messy bun no matter what length or hair type you have. Just have patience, practice, and put on some fun Youtube videos while you get all done up.

natural shampoo - hask hair, macadamia oil shampoo and conditioner

Step 1: Wash hair with Hask Macadamia Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

After only one wash, my hair is silky smooth. (And it smells AMAZING – which is super important.) Macadamia oil is full of essential fatty acids that do amazing things for your hair! The ultra-hydrating oil will keep your hair soft and shiny and is ideal for dry or damaged hair. Since my locks have been dull and dry lately, I’ve been using this combo to bring the life back into my doo!

messy bun tutorial for medium to long hair

Step 2: Air Dry or Blow-Dry

6 days out of 7, I’ll air dry. (I reserve using my blow dryer for extreme moments of chronic “I’m running late” syndrome!) I like to towel dry a bit and then go peruse Pinterest or Tumblr for a bit and sip on some coffee as I let my hair naturally dry. hask hair shine serum - macadamia oil for hair

Step 3: Brush hair out and add Hask shine serum

always use a long tooth comb like this one from Target! It doesn’t snag on your hair and break it like normal paddle brushes, so your hair will be healthier and grow faster. Then, I apply a dime sized amount of this shine oil to my palm and smooth it all throughout my hair. (Note: I actually forgot to use it for this post, but had I used it, those pesky fly-aways at my part would have been sleek and flat!)

messy bun tutorial with hask shampoo and conditioner

Step 4: Flip your hair

Flip your head over like you’re going to get an up-close and personal look with your summer pedicure and gather your hair into a ponytail while you’re there. To me, this is the secret for getting your messy bun to be a high messy bun – which is much more glam!

messy bun tutorial for all hair types

Step 5: Start to make a ponytail

Step 6: With a second wrap of your elastic, fold the ponytail to begin the bun

I like to use no-crease hair ties, so that if I want to take my hair down later in the day, I don’t have an indention. The pictures for this step and steps 7 and 8 aren’t very easy to see because it’s just me struggling to get my elastic to go around my hair (haha) so I decided against uploading them!

Step 7: With a third and final wrap of your elastic, pull the remaining tail piece around to make a bun

This is the hard part because some elastics don’t want to wrap around 3 times! It takes a little bit of biceps, but it’s better than the gym, right?

Step 8: Fix the shape

If it looks a little wonky, don’t freak. I take some bobby pins and use those to pin down any bumpy areas and get a smoother, rounder shape.

messy bun tutorial with hask macadamia oil shampoo and conditioner

messy bun no heat hairstyle

Sorry – I was singing along to the “Summer hits of the 90s” playlist

Thanks to Rachel for being my photographer for this post! We had so much fun at our staycation at Hotel Sorella in City Centre, and we’ll both be putting up our reviews this coming Wednesday! Also, Hask was SO sweet and sent me their entire collection of hair masks, blow dry spray, leave-in conditioner, and complete collection of shine oils to try out. I’ll be raving about them on snapchat for a while so be sure to follow along – my username is Cristina.snaps!