My Low-Cost, High-Reward Skincare Routine

High school was the time of Urban Decay eyeshadow pallets and tinted chapstick. College was all about the perfect, silky foundation. I’m so happy that my early-20s, post grad career is centered around the era of SKINCARE! For the past few years, I’ve gone mostly make-up free, focusing on dewy, hydrated skin, and maybe just a swipe of mascara to look alive. I’ve had so much fun learning about skin care, listening to podcasts and following Instagram accounts that share cool, clean products, but I will say – it can be overwhelming…and the good serums are expensive!

I wanted to share my low-budget, yet highly effective skin care routine with you all today because with the late summer heat and sweatiness, I know a lot of us are leaving the BB cream in a drawer and working on that self love and self acceptance that a make-up free day – or life – can give us in practice.

Let me know if there are some low-cost or product dupes that you’re obsessed with in the skin care realm! These are my ride-or-dies:

Step 1: Off-brand Cetaphil face wash

If you have never jumped on the Cetaphil band wagon – now is the time. It’s gentle and effective, but a tip is to get the off-brand/store-brand version! It’s usually a couple dollars cheaper, but the same dang thing. I have found it at Target and my local grocery store before, and the small bottle usually lasts me a few months.

Step 2: Tone with (a travel size) Witch Hazel Toner

Toner is that extra step that makes a huge difference in a clear complexion. This is gonna draw out any dirt or leftover make-up from the day. I love the Thayer’s witch hazel toner, and Whole Foods always has the travel sized bottles at the check out line for cheap. I buy those cotton round packs for like $2 and swipe this on. If you’re being more conscious about single-use waste, check out these reusable facial rounds that I’ve heard great things about!

Step 3: Sunscreen! Duh.

I’m obsessed with this sunscreen moisturizer. I’ve learned through my favorite self care podcast that for the most effectiveness, you’re supposed to use sunscreen and moisturizer separately (not a 2-in-1). But…I love this too much to switch! So if I am doing some serious activity in the sun, I’ll add on a facial sunscreen, but this is the perfect base for every day at the office, at home, or running errands.

I would love to hear what products you gravitate towards for your skin care routine – especially if they are inexpensive!