13 Things: Early December Happenings

Hello, hello.

I have a bazillion blog posts I want to write after you guys told me what kinds of post you wanted to see this holiday season on Instagram. I managed to get one big one down, and that was my post about the winter blues. The other ones are kind of general questions (i.e. my uses for coconut oil, how Cam and I met, etc.) so I’m thinking maybe those should go in a big batch Q&A? Idk.

What I do know is that I want to blog for ya today, so I threw together 13 Things. I love doing these posts, and I’ve done a couple just within the past few months. Here’s one from February and one I did at the beginning of this semester. 

They are fun to read back on, so hopefully in a couple months I’ll look back on this one fondly. Here’s what’s happening lately!


ONE // I’m so obsessed with December. I think it’s always been my favorite month and I just forget about it each year until the clock strikes 12/1 again. Christmas is my favorite holiday – I love the traditions, the cheer, the family time, and all the treats. I just finished creating my Christmastime bucket list, and I’m happy to say that I can already cross a few things off. I’m going to be sharing it soon, so be on the lookout! 

TWO // Cam and I actually went out a couple weekends ago. I’ve been 21 for almost a year, and I really haven’t taken advantage of my legal drinking age. I’m just not much of a drinker! I’d rather have a cookie or a latte if I’m gonna have something fun, but that’s just me. Every now and then I’ll order a cocktail at dinner just to try it, but I usually drink half and let my tastebuds get excited over the actual meal. In fact, when Cam and I went out, I volunteered as DD. The best thing is just watching all the random people at the bar let loose. 😂

THREE // I’ve been journaling each morning and just kind of doing freestyle prose for a few minutes. It’s my favorite part of the day and it happens before the sun comes up as I sit with my coffee in my robe. I really love creative writing and I have a very diary-like tone that makes looking back on entries fun because I can remember just what I was thinking and feeling as I wrote that day. I have been eyeing this gorgeous journal from Anthropologie for over a year now.

FOUR //  Currently watching on Netflix: The Fosters. Currently reading: Eight Hundred Grapes (it’s ok so far). Next up to watch: possibly Game of Thrones. Next to read: The Hopefuls.

FIVE // I’ve been thinking…fall is pumpkin spice and cider, December is gingerbread and peppermint…but when the clock strikes January, it is still winter, but what flavors do you go towards? What meals do you make and what sweet treats to you bake? I happen to love January because I love that it’s a fresh start and the 11th is also my 22nd birthday 😉 I’m determined to make January special and cheery just like the holidays are. Maybe it should be a month dedicated to my favorite foods, treats, drinks, and things since it is my birth month. Kinda like “an ode to Capricorns”, yeah?’

SIX // I’ve been eating two scrambled eggs for breakfast each morning because nothing else sounds good! My appetite has been weird. Someone give me good breakfast ideas for the winter! I’m too chilly for smoothies and I’m really over oatmeal at the moment. Comment any ideas for me down below. 

SEVEN // I really want to do a Q&A blog post for the new year. What do you think is the best way for me to gather questions? Instagram? Twitter? Let me know.

EIGHT // I am still a medical mystery. I have had the same headache thing for over a month. (It started the week before Cam and I’s trip to Fayetteville…so, October 25th I think?) I have now ruled out a typical migraine, my sinuses have been ruled clear and healthy after a CT scan at the allergist, and no allergy medication or pain relievers make a difference. I tried acupuncture at the end of last week, but haven’t noticed any changes. It’s been pretty disheartening, but hopefully answers are around the corner.

NINE // My family and I eat from this restaurant here called Bellagreen like three times a week, haha! Totally not complaining. I was just staring at my farmers market poster in my room and noticed the beet on it. I was convinced the only food I didn’t like was beets until I tried them on their autumnal salad last week – not bad at all. That is super random and weird, but in case you were wondering 😂

TEN // Things that have been making me feel better: sleeping with a humidifier and without the paddle fan, so as not to try out the air too much. Peppermint essential oils. Hot baths with eucalyptus epsom salts. Doing festive things. Painting. Writing. Listening to my records. Wearing comfy clothes. Going to the gym and watching YouTube videos while I do light exercise. Homemade meals. Family and Cam time.

ELEVEN // This week I finish up my fall semester of senior year! I have an exam Thursday and Friday and then I am home free. Next semester, I am taking 2 advertising classes on campus and then 1 random elective online, plus an internship.  I’m going to miss being in college, but I know they are adventures that await me as a real adult.

TWELVE // There’s about to be a Christmas party at my house and I have some family coming in for it! My uncle, two cousins, and my sister Caroline will be home from college. I checked the weather and it’s actually going to be chilly that night. I’m also in charge of the playlist and this is what I have so far for some festive tunes.

THIRTEEN // My sister Caroline literally just called me to ask what Friends episode she should watch. My pick? Season 1 Episode 15: The One With The Stoned Guy. Monica is trying to get a job as a chef in a restaurant, so she cooks a meal for this guy – only to realize he’s totally stoned. It’s hilarious and quoteable. Also can I stay stoned on the internet? My favorite quote from the episode: “Oh! Oh! Bears overboard! They’re drowning! Hey fellas, grab on to a Sugar O, save yourself!”  

BONUS: I can finally share that I’ve accepted a new internship for next semester! I’m going to be interning for Mad Meg Creative and I am SO pumped. These ladies are totally kick-butt advertising and PR mavens, and they are each so talented. I’m incredibly honored to be on their team! I’ll start in January 🙂

That’s it from me for now!

Let me know what’s happening with you down below!