13 Things: Beginning of Senior Year

Helllloooooo lovely friends! I just felt like hopping on the blog and chatting with you a bit.

I am in a weird spot with blogging where I have SO much to say, but feel like it just isn’t the right time to say it yet, so it’s made me just want to lay low and not blog much at all aside from a couple planned collabs and sponsored posts.

Howevaaa…I miss posting because I miss the interaction! I really have been wanting to share a couple quick things like my fall essentials, hair care updates, and I’ve gotten requests to share my skin care routine, so I’m thinking I’ll just do those for the month of September and into October. Maybe we’ll get back on a real schedule and get into some deep stuff in November. 🙂 Sound good?

I saw Mary Kate Robertson do 10 things on her blog, and I know I’ve done 13 things in the past (13 because that’s my favorite number) so I wanted to bring back another edition…beginning of senior year edition!

  1. I’m PUMPKIN OBSESSED, baby. Current favorites: pumpkin cheerios, pumpkin pie m&ms, homemade flourless pumpkin muffins (sharing that recipe soon), and these pumpkin granola bars. 
  2. I recently got back into running. I’m lenient with myself in the sense that I work out when I feel like it and I do what I feel like doing. Since school started, I love just going to the school gym for 45 minutes during my break in classes and doing a bit of cardio and then bodyweight leg and ab workouts. But lately, 2-4 mile runs have been sounding really great, so I’ve been doing that a couple times a week and then working out my sore muscles and the gym during school breaks. I share my running playlists on my food instagram account. 
  3. My sister, Caroline, is coming home this week from college in Florida and I’m PUMPED because I haven’t seen her in a month! (And my sis Maddie is coming in from Austin, so all the sistas can be together for Caroline’s early birthday celebration.) I can’t wait for Caroline to open my birthday present for her because I know it’s something she’s been wanting, and I also told her she HAS to binge watch Riverdale with me. I’ve already seen it once and I’m obsessed, but she hasn’t seen it!
  4. Speaking of Riverdale…probably my favorite show since Gossip Girl 😱 I really wish I could be Cheryl for Halloween since she’s my FAVORITE, but I’m not a fair-skinned redhead. I could be Veronica and make Cam be Archie, but we don’t normally dress up. We actually may be out of town Halloween weekend to Fayetteville. Totally not complaining if that happens because we would get to go to the corn mazes and enjoy REAL fall weather! Do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween?
  5. Cam and I decided we want to devote our weekends together to football watching and CRAFTING! We like to have projects that keep us busy and creative to kind of unplug from the work week. Last week I made some paintings and Cam is working on a build-your-own ukelele. (Fun fact: Cam plays the ukelele and the guitar! He has a couple of each.) I think for my next project I want to do something for fall, so probably this pumpkin vase or a festive fall garland.
  6. I’ve also been back on the reading wagon! I was really into journaling for a bit, so I was using down time to do that, but now with school in full swing I feel like I need to escape into a good book at night or during study breaks. I finally read Uninvited and thought it was pretty good, but I’m glad I checked it out at the library and didn’t spend the money on it because it wasn’t as good as some other books I’ve gotten. After, I read Heart of The Matter by Emily Giffin (my first Emily Giffin novel!) which I had found for a quarter at Goodwill. Another 25 cent Goodwill find was Eat, Pray, Love (another classic I’ve never ventured to read) and I just started that one last night…I think I’m gonna like it!
  7. I started a new budget for myself this month that I want to use for the remainder of the school year to save money! I don’t get paid for my job like I did over the summer because I’m doing it for school credit this semester. I find that around the holidays, I want to save money, so I can buy presents for people! I have my sisters birthday this month, Cam and I’s anniversary in November, then Christmas, and then all of my closest friends happen to be Capricorns like me, so that means lots of birthdays right after Christmas! If you’d like to see a post on college budgeting and how I’m planning to save money, let me know! 
  8. My favorite class I am in this semester is probably Advertising Account planning! It’s for my (advertising) major and I have a lot of familiar faces in that class. We are doing a case study on Ocean Spray this semester…have ya’ll tried Ocean Spray? You could help me out with our project by commenting down below your thoughts on it 😂 My most challenging class is Desktop Publishing, but I’m really eager to learn a lot in there and become proficient in Adobe Suite! Blogging helped me to get good at Lightroom, but InDesign and Illustrator are really going to come in handy for my future profession. My LEAST favorite class is Merchandising Systems because it’s Thursday nights from 5:30-8:30 p.m. My professor NEVER lets us out early, doesn’t allow phones, and only gives us one 10-15 minute break 😶 But my best school friends are in that class with me, so it makes it worth it!
  9. I’m really trying to focus on having friend time because I’ve realized it just makes my week SO much more joy-filled when I’ve had at least one coffee date or I’ve gotten together with a friend over the weekend. Two weeks ago, I met my friend Dorrie and her fiance Michael for coffee. Then this weekend, Cam and I met our friends Hannah (her blog here) and Tanith (obsessed with her body posi instagram account) for lunch and shopping. We literally had the most fun ever just walking around the mall being goofy like we were back in middle school. It just refreshes my soul to be with my friends! I’m also trying to meet new friends for coffee every now and then, so if you “know” me through social media and you’re in town, let’s hang!! 
  10. My two fav instagram accounts to follow right now are Wonderfully Balanced and The Running Carrot. I get a lot of meal-inspo from them and I think they both are just lovely women of God who are so uplifting and positive!
  11. I’m on a Pinterest-kick. I just love my feed recently – lots of good craft ideas, recipes, and style posts! You can follow me here…I need more people to follow back, so I can see all the fall stuff you’re probably pinning like me haha!
  12. I’ve become a napper. And a two-cups-of-coffee in the morning person. Haha. Senior year is kicking my butt schedule-wise because I’m often gone from the house before 7 a.m. and then don’t get back until late afternoon. And on the days I am not at school, I work, so it’s definitely a full schedule! However, I do really love it. And I’m not too upset about the naps or the coffee. They both make me pretty joyful 🙂
  13. FOR SOME REASON EVERY TIME I HOLD A PUPPY I CRY!!!! I can see it from a distance, I can pet it, but the second I hold it I just become so overwhelmed with emotion that I laugh and cry all at once and get super hot. It’s hilarious. Now that I’ve told the world this, people will probably make me hold more puppies, and that is a-ok with me! (Fun fact: I would love to have a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel one day. But I will wait until I’m gradutated + working a job + settled + have a lifestyle and budget that can support a puppy!)

Yup. That’s my life!