Some Things I’ve Been Up To When I Feel Good

This holiday season is very different from previous ones. For starters, there was no “going home for break” because, well, I live at home. (If you didn’t know, my university is just 3 miles from the house. But don’t forget, this is Houston, so it normally takes me a half hour to get there.) Although, that was kind of nice because I didn’t have to pack up a bunch of things into random tote bags and drive nine hours home like I used to.

But, if you’ve been following (and are really ready for me to stop whining), I’ve been sick this year. Since October, I’ve been dealing with daily headaches/migraines, weakness, fatigue, and the general irritability that comes from not being able to do what you want to do.

I mentioned on my Instagram last week that I was beginning to feel a little bit better. More like I have more days during the week where the pain is low or moderate and I am able to do things.

Not complaining – I am incredibly thankful for these days. I mentioned in my last 13 Things post that this time of year is my favorite, so I’m thanking God for the days I feel good enough to watch a Christmas movie, attend a family gathering, or just do some Christmas shopping.

I wanted to share some of what I’ve been doing lately on my “good days”. 

I’m not sure when “real” blog posts will resume. (This is a real blog post, isn’t it?) But let me know what you think about the following ideas: I’d like to do a vinyl record collection blog post if that doesn’t sound boring, and I had written a post about navigating the holidays as an introvert (you know, going to parties and stuff) but is it too late for that? Let me know down below.

Anyway…what I’ve been up to.

Finally got up my Christmastime bucket list.

I decided not to make it exclusive to newsletter subscribers because with everything going on, I’ve taken a break from sending weekly newsletters. I just posted it on Instagram so you could screenshot, save it, or even crop it and print and save it! How are you doing on the list so far? I’ve crossed a few things off like going to a Christmas party and baking cookies, but I’m hoping to get all of them done by the 25th!

Accepted my new job!

Kinda mentioned this in the last post, but I got my offer letter early last week. I’ll be doing another internship for credit, so I’ll be at Mad Meg most likely for a few hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It looks like I’ll have no classes or work Friday, so that’s exciting. Can’t tell you how pumped I am to work with this team. They are the greatest bunch of hard-working ladies!

Also had my last day at Houston Public Media 🙁

I’m going to miss the team so much. It was such a special place! My boss surprised me and bought the digital team and myself the most delicious slices of tres leches cake from Phoenicia. They were telling me it’s like a Whole Foods, but better – so I have to go!

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset


I remember the day before I was listening to the radio while going to the gym and running errands and the DJ kept mentioning a chance of snow and I was like “nahh”. I had a test that evening that I was taking while skyping some friends from class (LOL college) and they were all saying “College Station has snow!” “Austin has snow!” But I still felt a little doubtful…or that it would snow, but we’d get flurries at 2 a.m. and I’d miss it.

In true Cristina fashion, I went to bed early and missed the fact that it started snowing here around 11 pm. I woke up to texts from Cameron – they were pictures of a little snowman he made in his yard before heading out to work. I turned around to face the window that’s behind my head from where I sleep and sure enough SNOW! Blankets of white on the rooftops and cars! And it was freezing in my room, haha!

It was so spectacular. I put on snow boots (yes I have some bc Arkansas for two years) and I went outside to take a bunch of pictures. Then I had a cozy breakfast of oatmeal and went to my last day of work where I reported on – you guessed it – the snow in Houston. I think the last time it happened I was in 8th grade, so this was a treat for everyone.

quality blurry pic of me and the bestie, you know. 

Our family Christmas party

The next day after the snow day was our Christmas party! There’s a big event in my neighborhood where people come from all over Houston to see the lights on people’s houses here, so many people have private parties during the event. We had a little come and go thing, so people could see our new place, chat with us, get some food and drinks, and then look at the other houses’ lights.

I woke up that day with a really bad headache. My dad was a superhero and took me to the chiropractor and then to get a massage. (He has been so loving + supportive during this time, and will go to great lengths to make sure I feel better.) I felt better after the massage – the pain was still there, but it was low, so after a couple hours of icing my head and neck in bed, I got ready for the party and Cam came over.

I’m glad I was able to rally for our party because it was so great to spend time with friends and watch them all mingle. Many people had never met Cameron’s mom, and she got to come, so that just made my night! I also walked around at one point with my friends to see all the lights and it was just so much holiday fun.

Randomly one day I took the Enneagram test????

Haha – saw people posting their types and I wanted to know mine. I’m a type 4: The Individualist. Anyone else? It seemed pretty spot on for me when I read the description!

Helped Cameron decorate his cube at work

Sunday after the party, Cam picked me up and we got lunch at Smashburger. (I know it sounds like a sin to get a salad at Smashburger, but their spinach, cucucumber, and goat cheese salad is to die for.) Then we walked around World Market for a bit. It’s a Winter Wonderland there and I wanted all the specialty holiday foods from different countries. After that, we went to Cam’s work because they are having a cube decorating contest, and Cam’s cube was going to be part of a “Mall Santa” theme where his would be a tea shop! I helped him make a sign that named his cube “Cam’s FestiviTEA cafe”. Fingers crossed he wins with his department! Judging is today I believe 🙂

I’m watching a ton of Vlogmas

When I do feel good enough to go to the gym, I watch while I work out. I’m watching Kayla Blogs, Aspyn and Parker, Sierra and Alex, MichelleOutOfHerShell, Danielle Carolan, Brooke Miccio, and Carrie Murray. Anyone else I should watch?!

Update on health…

Monday was the migraine from YOU KNOW WHERE. Oh my Lord, I thought I would just die. But I’m ok! I did go to urgent care to get a nice shot in my booty that helped. The next day, I scheduled a neurologist appointment (which is today), and finally decided to schedule an MRI (for next Tuesday).

I’m thinking I may just be suffering from some kind of chronic headache syndrome that is causing me to have so many headaches and not very great periods of relief between them. For example, no matter what I always feel tension in my right temple – almost like a headache/migraine could grow there at any second. I’ve Googled things – even though I shouldn’t – and some people do suffer from this, and the only remedy is a preventative drug that you just take every day, indefinitely. I’m ok with that if that’s the case. I know that I try to stick to natural healing methods and holistic care, but modern medicine has a time and place. (And this is probably it.) I’ll keep you updated though.

I did get a lot of Christmas gifts ready for people!

I ordered a few things during Cyber Monday and supplemented that with a few Target purchases. (Target is a great place for cute gifts and stocking stuffers right now!) I went Tuesday before meeting Bronte to get our nails done, and then after our nails dried, I came home and put the gifts together because some were little DIY things. And the color on my nails and toes? “I Got The Blues For Red” from OPI. I think I’m going to buy a bottle, so I can touch up any chips if it chips before Christmas.

my favorite flowers that cam got me after some tough doctor’s appointments 😉 <3

Basically, I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We have about 10 days till Christmas (!!!) and I’m almost done getting gifts. My grandma comes in next week and so does the last sister who hasn’t gotten home from school yet. (Hey, Maddie!) We’ve had our big Christmas party, so the rest of the holiday season is more low-key family time. I’ve been granted little moments of mercy where I feel good to be with friends and family and do holiday things, so I’m just really thankful for that. And I feel good knowing I have doctors appointments lined up to get some more answers. I had a goal back in November to be 100% free of these headaches by Christmas, but now I will just be happy to be feeling on the mend rather than picture perfect.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings again! Let me know what’s been going on with you in the comments.