Recent Fall Reads + Why You Need a Library Card

I’ve been a bookworm pretty much my whole life, but I didn’t really discover the beauty of having a library card until I moved to Houston last year. The library card was really more of an incentive to get me out of the house and somewhere where I wouldn’t always be paying $5 for coffee just so I could get some productivity out of me. The library seemed like a good place to study, read, and write, and it was all free. Since then, I’ve loved having a library card and I go every couple weeks to replenish my stack of books.

Because I use the library and I’m not always browsing the new releases at the book store, I’m often finding gems of books that have long been forgotten (think Sylvia Plath or some classic Paulo Coelho) and I love sharing them with you guys.

I asked you all on Instagram what posts you would be interested in seeing this holiday season since I’m not one to post any gift guides, and you all seem to like these “What I’ve been reading” posts.

And just a reminder that you can see what I’m reading and what I have read at anytime by adding me on Goodreads.

This post is not sponsored by the Houston Public Library or Goodreads, lol. I’m just a happy lil nerd.

Here’s what I’ve read lately:

Girls In White Dresses

If you feel like everyone you know is either getting engaged, getting married, or pregnant, this one’s for you. But don’t expect a novel in story-form. It’s more like a bunch of essays, each featuring different girls and their stories – whether it’s a boyfriend situation gone wrong, a terribly-tacky wedding they attended, or a crazy bride friend they had once. It’s cute and funny and easy to get through!

The Divorce Party

Was totally surprised by how much I loved this one! It was a simple read, but had such a great story. I especially think you’d find an interest in it if you went through any of the hurricanes this year like I did with Harvey. The island where the house is on was actually created because due to a major hurricane in the early 1900s. The author does a great job of writing this story around a historic event. Maggie’s first time to visit her fiance’s family actually turns out to be a divorce party for his parents, and there’s more drama and secrets waiting for them when they arrive to the island. Definitely a page turner!


Oye. I heard what everyone said about this one – it’s long, there’s tons of characters that are hard to keep straight, and the story keeps jumping in time without much notice. All of that is true. Do I think it was worth it to push myself to page 175 to finally get to the meat of the story? Eh, maybe not. I feel like this could be that book that our children will end up reading in high school like we did with 1985 and To Kill A Mockingbird, but TBH….they’ll probably just read 1985 and To Kill A Mockingbird. 😉

Love The One You’re With

This is one of two Emily Giffin novels that will be on this list, but this one I didn’t like as much as the latter. If you’ve read any of her books or seen the movie Something Borrowed based off her book, then you know each of her books features a plot where someone cheats on someone. Personally, I HATE cheating haha so I don’t know why I keep reading these. It’s like nails on a chalkboard! I know it’s fiction, but it just tears my heart apart. Although, the imagery and voice of Emily Giffin is stellar, so I still enjoy them most of the time. This one was a little too predictable, and I couldn’t see it being made into a movie with Kate Hudson.

The Perfume Collector

A really neat story. I love scents and the memories they can provide, so I really enjoyed this one! It goes back and forth in time, but is easy to keep up with. The main character inherits everything from some woman she’s never heard of, and goes on a journey to Paris to figure out how she is connected to this woman. She finds so much more than she would have imagined, and finds herself in the process. I really enjoyed this one! If you liked, The Dollhouse, you’ll like this!

Love Walked In

This is that cutesy airport coffee shop read. It’s almost like a book that someone left behind on an empty table because it wasn’t that compelling to them, so you picked it up and it turned out to be a cute story. Not too cheesy, very simple to read, and worth your time. If you like happy endings and coffee shops, this is for you.

Eat, Pray, Love

I finally read this! I’ve never actually seen the movie, but I was keen on reading the book. It was nice. I didn’t realize how much of a memoir it truly is, and I think that made it more special. I would think of this almost like more of a self-help book for you because it’s got some great little life lessons that you can apply to yourself…you don’t have to go on your own Eat Pray Love trip just yet. 🙂

Currently Reading: Villa America, Eight Hundred Grapes, The Hopefuls

I’ll check back on these soon!

Let me know down below if you’ve read anything you loved lately!