The Monthly Mag: 4th of July Fashion, Beach Reads, and More




Happy Friday CWH readers! I’ve been wanting to do a round-up post to show you what I’ve been loving lately and give you a little life update, but I wanted to do something that was unique and fun. I finally had the idea to put it together like the Table of Contents page of a magazine to highlight what my recent favorites are and what’s up in my life.


I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS 3-DAY WEEKEND! For the past couple years, I haven’t really acknowledged July 4th. I really can’t remember that far back, but I will never forget last 4th of July when Cameron came home from studying abroad in Europe for 5 weeks. I didn’t watch a single firework – just cried happy tears all day that Cam was finally home and hung out with him. This year we will try and catch some fireworks (not literally, of course) and I’m going to at least try to dress a little festive with a striped t-shirt dress and add a red lip!


This blow dry spray and 5-in-1 hair rescue are my favorite beauty products as of late. I mentioned on my Instagram that I use them after I shower post-run to repair my locks and help them to dry without any frizz. I’m amazed at how much it helps my hair in this humidity!



Here’s the post on my 3 healthy lunch ideas in case you missed it! Also thanks to all of you who asked questions for my upcoming Fitness Q&A! That will be on the blog this coming Wednesday.


I’m so weird when it comes to music. I LOVE it, but I love old songs. (Basically anything from when our parents were young…haha!) So when it comes to new music, I’m always late on the bandwagon. Plus, I’m the type to either listen to podcasts in the car or drive in total silence. (Because again, nervous driver alert and I gotta keep my ears and eyes peeled! #grandma.) But since I’ve been running, I’ve been listening to some good tunes.


A couple weeks ago, I decided I was tired of spending any free moment staring at my phone. I vowed to get back into always having a book to read. I spent my teenage years with my nose buried in books and I truly believe that helped me to be a better writer! Also, I can spew random facts about Emily Dickinson novels and Greek myths like the nerd that I am. I picked up Windfallen by JoJo Moyes this week and though it was slow to get in to, I’m loving it and I’m almost finished! Add me on Goodreads to see what I’ve read and what I’m reading!

Life Lately

Not gonna lie – this summer has been interesting! I definitely am relieved I’m not in summer classes and don’t have any big trips that take up a lot of time, but I feel like this is just one big summer of figuring my life out. I still have not signed a lease anywhere and I feel so antsy not knowing for sure where I’m living next year. I am definitely nervous to be moving downtown because it’s soooo not what I’m used to. I looked at pictures of sweet, cute, quiet, and quaint little Fayetteville the other day with it’s cozy coffee shops and local farmers market and SOBBED. I know that this is going to be good for me to move to my dream city and start familiarizing myself with all that it has to offer, but….can the traffic like…not?

It’s funny because when I’m downtown I feel this unexplained calmness. I feel like I’m supposed to be there, so I know I just have to have faith and keep following my goals. I’m hoping to find those quiet spots that feel homey to me!

On a really good note, I’m planning a secret trip for Cam and I at the end of July! We thought it’d be fun to get away for a weekend and it could be a good opportunity to do some more travel posts for Cristina Was Here! I know where we’re going and where we’re staying, but I’m not telling Cam until we get in the car to leave. (Because he has to drive, I hate driving, have I talked enough about how I hate driving?) It’s going to be a blast!

Also, I’m an only child at home right now. Caroline is at my moms (though she comes over often and you see our shenanigans on snapchat), Clara is at camp for 3 weeks, and Maddie stayed up at school this summer since she’s taking summer school there. This is why I talk to the dog like he’s a human. He sleeps in my room with me, we take breaks to sit outside on the lounge chairs together, and I give him treats just for pretending to be interested in what I say.

I hope you have an awesome 4th of July weekend and eat a lot of watermelon!