How to Meet People Near You + Apartment Tour!

I’ve been in my new apartment for two weeks now and despite the giant roach that made a home in my sink one morning (vlog footage on that hereand the constant construction noises interrupting my Snapchats, I’ve finally made the space my home!

hotel sorella2

I’ve definitely kept things very minimal because I’ll only be here through December. If you didn’t catch my life update post, my family is renovating a house in the area, and I’ll be moving in there for the next semester. However, Houston will continue to be my home for the rest of my college career and hopefully after when I take a job!

I’ve always lived just a terrible, 45 minute commute from Houston, but I’ve never experienced being a true Houstonian and dining, shopping, and growing in the area. So far, I’m in love with all the great food (hello, restaurant capital of the world) near me and the 5 different groceries stores a few blocks from my apartment. Aside from the great museums, local eats, and awesome shopping, there’s one important ingredient to the mixture of a happy life in the city……FRIENDS!


For the past few weeks, I’ve been meeting people left and right and I thought I’d share my knowledge with you! If you’ve just gone off to college and are in a new place, you’re probably looking to meet new people. Maybe you’ve taken a job somewhere new or maybe you’re just itching to get to know more people in a place you’ve lived in for years.

Today’s tips will help and also provide a tour into my apartment! Again, it’s not the poshest, but I love it and it’s cozy for me. 🙂

So….let’s get into the tips!

Talk to people in your classes

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I’m guilty of being that person that wants to get on campus, take class, and then leave. These past few days of classes, I’ve pushed myself to say hi to the people I sit next to in class. I’m already in a group chat/study group for Spanish and have a friend in another class who also has a boyfriend up in Arkansas. You don’t have to result to Kindergarten antics of, “Hey, want to be my friend?” Maybe just ask their major or if they’ve taken from the professor before! A little conversation can go a long way.

Make small talk in local stores

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Key holder is a hand-me-down from Cameron 🙂

When I have some time off, I go exploring. I walk around shops near me or go to Whole Foods just for fun! (Weirdo.) I’ve talked with store clerks, cashiers, and people in the ice cream aisle about what the best freezer pizza options are and about the best local spots. Don’t be shy!

Go to local events

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Doterra Essential Oils Diffuser / Ceramic Dish: old from Target dollar spot 🙂 

There’s tons of stuff going on in your area that you can find out about by listening to public radio, checking flyers at your favorite coffee shop, or grabbing a newspaper! I try to get out and go to as many free things as possible and it’s something that’s easy to do on your own in the hopes of meeting people. (I also go to a lot of blogging events solo and I’ve met some amazing blogging friends that way!)

My favorite free event in Houston (#notsponsored) are the Moth StorySLAMs that are every first Tuesday of the month. Basically, there’s a different prompt each time, and people stand up and share a 6 minute story relating to that prompt and get judged by the audience! Last time I went I laughed my butt off and even got randomly chosen to be a judge. It was so fun!

Have a mutual friend set you up


Cameron has always been the person that introduces me to my friends which is so funny! If you know my blogging friend, Sadie, then you may know that we are actually real life besties. She’s a grade older, but we went to the same high school and during my junior year Cam introduced us! I had been complaining about needing a friend to go get my nails done with and he had been freinds with Sadie for a while and thought we had a lot in common! Now we are besties, started our blogs within a week of each other, and text each other about clothes all the time!

Cam introduced me to another one of his friends, Cathy, just a week ago and I’m so thankful he did! We’ve already been to coffee, yoga, and a 4 hour long study session together, haha. It’s nice to meet someone who can show you good spots around town, so don’t be afraid to ask anyone you do know to help you find a workout buddy or study pal!

Practice your hobbies


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Doing what you love is the best way to find new friends! For me, it was always dance. Most of my friends growing up were friends from my dance studio, and we spent so many hours after school together practicing and becoming closer as a team and as friends. Today, I’ve shifted my focus to blogging, and as I’ve said before, it’s introduced me to amazing ladies near and far! So take a painting class, join a rock climbing gym, or go to a writing workshop and you’ll find people that share your passions!

Make friends at workout classes


I went to yoga last weekend, and before the class started the instructor had us introduce ourselves to two people in the class. You never know when this can spark a conversation about a common love for the workout class or maybe you’ll even swap a story about where you’re from! And more often the not, the more you go to said workout class, the more you see some familiar faces and can make a friend.




Reused a bottle from Juice Society in Austin for decoration 🙂



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Hope you enjoyed getting a tour of my apartment along with this post! Have you ever moved somewhere new and had to make new friends? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear about it!



*Blogger’s Note: This post has been featured on WayFair in a publication titled ‘TV Stands for Small Spaces’. Check it out!