Life Update: I Finally Know What I’m Doing

life update 1

I’ve actually had a “life update” post sitting in my drafts since the end of May. I kept reading it over and over, but I wrote it when I was in such a sour mood about everything that was going on in my life that it just seemed so negative and unhappy. I love sharing my life with you guys, and that includes my struggles and low points, but I want it to always be a hopeful message that you can take something away from to motivate you to persevere in your own trials!

So, I let that post sit there until I had some good news.

Here’s the sitch:

At the end of May, Cameron and I went to our transfer orientation. It was a super long day filled with lots and lots of slideshows, cold sandwiches at the dining hall, and a 3 hour long advising session. Once Cameron and I got in the car to go home, we both felt pretty defeated.

Things went ok for me, I learned what classes I would still need to take to graduate, and even though my advisors couldn’t really tell me for sure whether some classes I would petition would make the cut, it seemed like I’d still be good to go to graduate with my B.A. in May 2018. For Cam, it was a different story. They wouldn’t accept practically the last year and a half of classes. He would have to retake several challenging courses for his major that he already spent so much hard work on at Arkansas.

It really sucked realizing that it might not work for him to transfer. I had been so excited to move into a big city and start learning about the industries and opportunities, but I had always imagined having Cameron there and not having to go it alone.

Sometimes you have to do things that really suck because it’ll be better in the long run.

So, Cam will be going to Arkansas next semester and I’ll be going to Houston. It took me probably a solid month to start feeling comfortable with this. It’s not that I can’t breathe without him or anything melodramatic like that, it’s just….have you been to Houston? The traffic? The large number of people all packed into tight streets? The hustle and bustle? It all makes me feel very small.

life update 1 (1)

But, I’m not alone. 1. My family lives about 45 minutes away and they’re frequently downtown for meetings, to grab dinner, or to check up on a house that we are renovating. 2. I have a cousin who lives 10 min away from my new apartment. 3. I have quite a few friends from school or blogging in the area who I know are always down for coffee or a girl’s night!

So….now that I have a much better attitude about it all, I’m excited to share with you my plans for August!

finally (finally!!!) found where I’m living next year. It’s July ya’ll. But God is good, and I have a down payment on a one-bedroom apartment in my favorite area of downtown. (More on that in this vlog!) My apartment balcony faces the dog park which is reason enough for me to already love my new space without having stepped foot in it yet. It’s a 15 minute drive to school, a short walk to some beautiful running trails (yay!), and very close to my favorite places for coffee and veggie burgers.


I’m actually only going to be living there until December! Like I said, my family is renovating a charming little house a block from the apartment I’ll be in and I’ll be living there when it’s complete. The apartments were offering a great deal on some short term leases for some of their units that will be torn down in the new year to make a new grocery store. Couldn’t have worked out better!

I’m going to Florida the second week of August for my cousin’s wedding and I move in a couple days after I get back. I have almost everything I need since I lived in a town home last year, so I don’t feel stressed about the moving process. (Yet….haha. Ask me in a few weeks.)

I know I mentioned that my blogging bestie Rachel might be my roommate, but she landed an awesome job near her current residence, so I couldn’t steal her away from New England just yet 😉 I did promise her a futon and fresh flowers in a vase when she visits! The shenanigans never stop with us no matter how many miles are between us! (Is this too sappy? Rachel hates sappy and is probably nauseous reading this. Sorry, Rach!)

I’m saving up every penny for more adventures with Cam these next few months! We are headed on our secret road trip July 29th, and then once school starts, we’ll be meeting up in Dallas for two different football games, I’ll be flying to Fayetteville in November so we can be together for our 6th anniversary, and then I’ll see him for Thanksgiving and Christmas as always!

This post is to update you on my whereabouts, but mainly to show you that things always come together. I know that the end of the summer brings a time of anxiety when it comes to thinking about going off to college, moving into a new place, starting a new job, or starting a new semester. Have faith that you will always be led where you are meant to be and just focus on having gratitude and joy with each new day no matter what the struggles!

Thanks for following along and I’m so excited I have you guys to experience every little adventure with.