Cozy Fall Morning Routine

Guys. There’s nothing better than fall to me.

fall morning routine

I think I’m a very weather sensitive person, and when the air is crisp in the morning and the leaves begin to change, I am definitely a more chipper version of myself. I think living in Texas practically all my life has taught me to really appreciate the cooler temps!

I got some really cute slouchies in the mail from my friends at The Mint Julep Boutique, and I wanted to model them for you today while I show you my cozy fall morning routine.

I typically stick to this routine on Wednesday’s and weekends because – no class! It’s so nice to wake up a bit slowly and do things to really set the right intentions for the day – and those intentions are “I’m not getting out of my fuzzy socks!”


fall morning routine, fall decor, fall bedroom

6:15 am Wakeup

Guys. Even without an alarm, I’m up around 6:15-6:30. (Dang you internal alarm clock!) I give myself time to adjust to being up while it’s still dark by turning on my candle warmer for my fall candles, making my bed, and drinking some water to hydrate.

morning routine, fall style

6:45 am Get some fresh, fall air

My favorite thing about fall is that my morning workouts are SO much more enjoyable. For a great fall workout, I like to do a long run (I’m trying to run around 8 miles at the moment) at my favorite park. If I’m running, I’ll have some peanut butter toast with a banana before I leave. If I’m home for the weekend, Chip loves an early morning walk at sunrise!

fall morning routine, erin condren planner

8:00 am Breakfast and emails

I love an easy, healthy breakfast. With my typical green tea, I love either oatmeal or fried eggs and fruit. I’ve also been making a smoothie which I shared the recipe for on Monday. This is the perfect time to answer emails, check in with my Facebook groups, and maybe even read a little bit for class since I feel like there’s always reading I need to get done.

8:30 am Shower

cozy fall morning routine

8:40 am Get dressed in a cozy fall outfit

My go-to is something super comfy, but something that can be dressed up to wear out if I need to run an errand or have a meeting for coffee. That’s definitely the perfect fall outfit for me!

cozy fall morning routine

Right now, I’m obsessed with my new slouchies! The regular price is $48, but the Mint Julep Boutique is offering them to my readers for only $24 if you follow the links in the post to purchase! 

I got the wine colored one because I knew it would go perfect with a dark fall lip and some accessories, and could easily be dressed up with jeans and booties. The gray and red one is perfect for Houston (or Arkansas) game days! I’m lame this season and haven’t made it to every game, but some I’ll watch on my laptop from the comfort of my own home.

9:00 am Make a hot drink to have while I work on assignments

I’m a sucker for a steaming cup of dark chocolate cocoa. I have some just from the neighborhood HEB and it’s such a treat! I also love tea, and there’s some great Vanilla chair tea that I buy during fall that is the perfect fall drink! Although, nothing wrong with hoping over to Starbucks for a chai tea or pumpkin spice latte.

cozy fall morning routine

11:00 am Plan out blog content and take any blog photos necessary

This is one of my favorite parts of the day because I get to stop and play photographer. I feel like I work at a one-woman magazine where I’m photographer, editor, copy writer, and the PR department all in one. I did a day-in-the-life post a little while ago explaining what a typical day of blogging looks like for me, so you can go ahead and give that a look. Typically, it’s a lot of emails, strategizing, and selfies!

cozy fall morning routine

12:00 pm Head to the public library for studying and reading

I’ve found that I need to adopt my one go-to place where I feel creative and peaceful and for me that’s the library! I recently got a library card and check out a different book every week. Especially in the fall, I like to have a book, so that when I have free time I can sit outside and read. So far I’ve read 1984 and The Bell Jar, and both have been amazing. I’ll study for an hour or so and then take a quick reading break to relax.

What does your fall morning routine look like?



  • I love reading other peoples routines! I have a similar routine when I don’t have school
    xox, Rebekah

  • great post and great pictures of your morning – especially love the close up on the planner. I pride myself on a good morning routine too, but always have to work on keeping it 🙂 Definitely helps to start the day right! thanks so much for sharing yours 🙂 xxx Bee

  • I’ve been working on my morning routine quite a bit this semester! When I’m not in class by 8 a.m., I like to make some hot black tea and then sit on the couch with my pups for awhile and catch up on reading blog posts. Those shirts are cute, I’ll have to take a look 🙂

  • Great post1 Awesome little routine, that is my ideal morning for sure 🙂

  • Lindsay Emow

    You are so productive in the mornings! Mine involve coffee and running out the door because I am late already! haha


  • I love the white in your room with the simple colors!

  • I can’t believe you get up so early! I usually wake up at 7:30-8:30 then do social media stuff, work out, writing/content creation, social media, evening walk! I like to keep it simple haha

    Rachel |

  • Sounds like a relaxing day! I just got some slouchies too and I can’t wait to style them on the blog.

  • i have a slouchie from them, and I love it!

  • Sounds like such a relaxing lady!! You are so stinking cute BTW!!

  • I really enjoyed this post (and those tops are both SO adorable). Before the semester started, I started 3 books and haven’t been able to pick them back up because I just feel so overwhelmed. You’ve given me the idea to take reading breaks as homework/study breaks!


  • This is so cute! Those outfits are perfect for fall.

  • These slouchies look adorable and perfect for any occasion! Also I still don’t understand how you wake up at 6:15, so early!! But then again my internal clock recently changed to about 8am, so I get that you can’t really help it!


  • I 10/10 understand the internal alarm clock! I miss college mornings like these, that top is so cute, I think I need to order it!

  • I love this! Mint Julep really does have adorable things – you have busy mornings! I tend to work from my bed a little when I first get up, then after my shower/any errands (on a normal day at home) I move to the office and work from there!

  • I love posts like this! You have such a productive morning. I stay up late and wake up around 8 or 9 and drink a lot of coffee to get chipper and productive!

    Greta |

    • cristina

      Coffee is great fuel!

  • I was never a fan of 1984 but if you like it “Anthem” is an awesome read!

    • cristina

      I will definitely check that out, thank you!

  • Loved reading about your productive morning! Mornings are a hit or miss for me- either I do everything I need to do by a certain time or I stay in bed as long as possible! Happy weekend!
    xoxo, Addie

    • cristina

      Haha some days it’s harder to get going than others! Thanks for reading!

  • Hey Cristina!

    I love reading your blog. I discovered it just a few days ago, and your voice totally resonates.

    Developing a morning routine is something I’m working on now. Thanks for sharing yours! A little inspiration goes a long way. 🙂

    Stevey at

  • I love the slouchie! Your morning routine sounds so revitalizing. I wish I had more time in the morning to take a morning walk (and a dog to take it with!).

  • You wake up at 6:15AM?!!?!?!?!!? If I wake up in time for my 9:30AM class, it’s a friggin’ miracle.
    XO Amanda |