Life Update: New Job, Travel Plans, and My Love Affair with Cow’s Milk

Currently about to type this entire blog post on my phone because my dang computer won’t turn on and my charger doesn’t work on it for some reason! Haha. Happy Monday folks!

Anyway, let’s pretend this slight inconvenience isn’t happening and get into the post. (God bless the Wordpress app and my fast typing skills on my iPhone.)

I wanted to do a little Life Update/Instagram lately because TBH, I meant to take photos at the farmers market this weekend, but it was SO hot, so I’ll save a farmer’s market post for the fall. I really do want to put together a little “farmer’s market guide” for you guys because shopping local is SO fun and rewarding, and I’d love to share with y’all how to score the best deals + where to go. But yeah… maybe in September! 

So…I think the last update I did was probably a little mini one when I moved into the farmhouse in April! And if you’re keeping up (good for you because I really feel like a broken record when I keep sharing my current location) then you know I moved in with my family to Bishjano downtown in late June! I love it, and yes, I have a room tour coming soon – I’m getting a few things in the mail this week for it, so I wanted to wait to be able to photograph those. 

So… some updates. Hey, let’s do this like 13 things. (13 is my favorite number…also 24.) 

1. I love my internship! I already shared a bit about it, but yup… over a month in and really loving it. We have a big town hall discussion this Friday night that I am helping with. Also, I’ve made friends with some coworkers and I didn’t realize how nice it would be to make new friends that you work with! It’s just nice to see their faces each day from 10-2:30.

2. I have been getting back into running because I’m beginning to train for my second 10k Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving and then I may get really crazy and do the Houston half marathon in January. ***mayyyybeeeee*** Cam bought me new running shoes. (Brooks – medium cushion, a neutral shoe, but good for my narrow foot!) I’ve ran on those three times and I’m obsessed. So COMFY. I highly recommend Brooks as a running shoe. Cam and my dad have a pair! (I bought Cam his for his birthday, so I guess we are just going to trade off buying them for each other ?) 

3. I do not want to go back to school, haha. I love working so much more than studying for classes, reading, and doing projects. Hopefully the next month goes by slowwwwww. 

4. I have been reading a lot. I love it and I love sharing the books with you guys, but the WORST thing is when people give me a backhanded compliment like, “I wish I had time to read but I have a real job and I’m just too tired.” Like… ok? You could have just not said anything. Is that too sassy?? Sorry! It just has been bugging me and I wanted to delete my Twitter the other day ? if you want to read, you will find a chance to read. And if you do, you are more than welcome to come to me for book recommendations! And to answer the question that is my most asked… “how do you have time to read so much?!” A) i like to read so I just do that before other things and B) I don’t watch television! At work, we have 4 TVs going at once with different news channels, so by the time I get home I am tired of screens and decide to read. 🙂

5. I feel like #4 was too sassy. Haha. I’m sorry! But I think that’s another life update is im trying to be a bit more unapologetically me. Although I never want to be rude or self-righteous. That’s not cool 🙂

6. I’m saving up my money to buy a BIKE!!!! I want an Electra townie….either yellow, cream, or blue. If you have one, let me know where you bought it, and how you like it!!!! 

7. I went to Fayetteville this past weekend with Cam to check out of his apartment he lived in this past year. We had so much fun back in our old stomping ground! I’m coming home very well fed and with some Coconut Vanilla Roobios tea from my favorite tea house, Savoy, and my favorite house blend coffee from Arsaga’s! We also got to see 3 of our dear friends. I was supposed to go out to Dickson St. Saturday night but got a migraine, so I didn’t get to see my friend Katrina, so K if you’re reading this, I miss you!!!! 

8. I’ve really been wanting to cut my hair but I’ve fought so hard to grow it long, that I don’t want to cut it for a while. I’ve never experienced all four seasons with long hair if that makes sense, so I want to see what hair styles I can do. My youngest sister, Clara, does cool braids in my hair a lot and I would totally miss that if I cut it!

9. Cam and I talked with our friends Jill and David about going on a trip together next summer. We are thinking Canada!!!! Has anyone been? Where should we go? What should we do? We would be going late May and doing like a long weekend. 

10. I also want to take a long weekend trip with Cam sometime. Maybe somewhere we can get a cheap flight to? Any ideas? What’s your favorite US city?!

11. I’ve changed up my diet recently to include more sustainable/satisfying foods. I am not dairy-free, gluten-free or following any “diet”. I’ve enjoyed it so far, but it has been challenging. The best part is COWS MILK!!  I know it’s not very mainstream to be Team Dairy, and I won’t get into it because it’s probably controversial material haha. But I had an iced vanilla latte with REAL milk from one of my favorite Fayetteville coffee shops (Little Bread Co.) and it was HEAVEN. Also…. it’s freaking CHEAPER! (Bc don’t have to pay extra for almond or soy milk.) I also have been doing a little cheese here and there. I like shaved Parmesan on salad, pasta salad, and sandwiches. But I haven’t tried it in larger quantities. Ooh! I’m also loving Greek yogurt again. It’s a great snack! ***Question for my milk drinkers: what kind of milk do you buy? I’m so confused on all the different types!

12. I’m learning French! I listen to Learn French with Alexa podcasts on the way to and from work. So far I know my numbers 1-20, my months of the year, days of the week, basic greetings, the weather, and how to conjugate “to be” and “to have”. I want to be fluent I know French as well as Spanish and I want to teach my future children! So I want to be able to talk to them in French and Spanish when they are babies, so it soaks in. Sounds like a far-fetched dream but so was starting a blog, and I did that, so I guess I have faith in myself for this!! 

13. A few favorites right now: the Food Psych podcast, the Heights Neighborhood Library for books, going on bike rides, iced vanilla lattes, wearing my hair in a braid, NAPS, having a friend spend the night, jumping in the pool after a run, making dinner with my family and Western dancing with my sister Maddie in the kitchen, running with Cameron on weekends, caramel filled M&Ms, favorite restaurant is Ruggles Green, and I determined the best fish tacos in Houston are at Liberty Kitchen on 11th, favorite store right now is World Market (I had never been before moving into town!) and my favorite book I read this month was Tuesday Nights in 1980 by Molly Prentiss. 

Thanks for reading and for answering my many questions in the comments below!