Awesome Blog Posts That Aren’t About The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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First things first – I mean no hate or snarkiness. I actually have read a couple posts on the N Sale because I’ve been wanting some new shoes. (Sue me! I like accessories!)

I’m just here to give some love to some GREAT blog posts I’ve read over the past week that I think might not get as much love as they truly deserve with the stupid Instagram algorithm and everyone spending their time browsing the N Sale.

Bloggers, keep doing amazing things! Write about your favorite fall fashion finds at the Nordstrom sale, host a giveaway for a Nordstrom gift card, or post a blog post about how to make avocado toast. I love, appreciate, and support ya!

Here are some links I have been LOVING.

In the lifestyle category…

Are you being authentic online? It’s important to celebrate who you are – the real you. I loved this little post from Shannon called Hiding Behind The Feed. She’s been really real on her Instagram lately, and I love her body positive messages, too.

Grace Atwood at The Stripe shared her July 2017 reading list and I really want to check one of these books out !

Previously Sunny Rebecca, fellow blogger Rebecca has rebranded and is now at – her site is super cute and I love her voice.

Have you ever wanted to just throw your phone in the ocean? Carly discusses. 

In the fashion/beauty category…

One of my new favorite bloggers, Caroline Joy, is doing a 10×10 capsule wardrobe challenge on her blog where she is wearing only 10 clothing pieces over 10 days! It’s so cool to see the looks she puts together with her minimalist wardrobe. Here’s the first day of the 10×10 challenge, but I highly encourage that you check out all her other outfit posts in the challenge, too.

Jess from the Golden Girl Blog is setting out to find cleaner make-up products, and this non toxic lipstick she shared is so darling.

Are you using the right hair brush?

In the mental health/health category… 

Interested in becoming a more intuitive eater? I love Kylie’s post on Imma Eat That about how she grocery shops without a meal plan! 

As a runner, I fully enjoyed this post from Molly on the Move on “Common Running Questions Answered”….that girl knows her stuff.

Vegan no more, Haley shares how her faith and relationship with food helped her to recover from her eating disorder and why she is no longer sticking to any certain “diet”. 

I really want to make this Mexican Corn on the Cob recipe from because a restauraunt near me makes them like this, and they are so tasty!

Drop any of your recent blog posts in the comments below, I’d love to give them a read and find more gems!