July Mood Board

I want to start doing mood boards at the start of every month to spark inspiration for another 30 days of living happy and healthily – mind, body, and spirit!

It’s been my evening-routine for a while now to get on Tumblr and just scroll and re-blog pictures that I love. I follow a bunch of random accounts, but the pictures on my feed are mainly street style images, landscapes, home decor, and food pics!

At the beginning of each month, I like to think about the fresh start and how I’d like to better myself. In June, I focused a lot on the relationships in my life and how I could improve them. I also spent a ton of time working as it was my first month at my internship, so I was constantly on the lookout for career advice and office-style. Lastly, I focused on creating a more balanced diet. I have been a health nut for such a long time that I began to feel like I was being too uptight and even…restrictive. So I re-blogged a lot of pictures of desserts and even started going out of my way each week to try one new meal that I wouldn’t normally have. (Flatbread pizza and a beautiful plate of ravioli made the cut.)

Here’s what’s on my mood board for July.

july mood board

Let’s start from that top left corner:

Beach chair with towel // source

It’s officially summer and I’m loving it! I’ve always considered myself more of a Fall-lover, but I’m really enjoying Summer despite the heat. My family’s new house has a nice sports pool that I love to lounge in, so I loved this image of a pool chair with a towel draped over it. I’ve been cherishing my Vitamin D time lately.

Woman reading the New York Times // source

If I haven’t told ya 82 times, I’m interning in a news room as a digital media intern. This means, my life revolves around the news. I wake up at 6 a.m. and watch the news while scrolling through news updates on my phone. Then I go to work at 10 and write about the news. Then I come home and check the news again to see what I might be talking about tomorrow. So the ponytail gal reading the newspaper while sunning herself outdoors seemed to call to me.

Bread and butter // source

In June I realized I have a problem with balance. The opposite problem most people have – I eat too healthy, and don’t allow myself enough treats! I’ve been working on that lately, and something I love to say “yes!” to is table bread before a meal. I have dreams of wandering Paris to find the perfect baguette. So I love this image – and the red nails make it look like it could totally be me in the picture, haha.

Beach girl // source 

This is how I’m tryna be this summer! I love her breezy look. I also have a similar button down like the one she’s wearing. Blue stripes are my favorite print for summer I think. I like the idea of an oversized one as a cover-up.

Cookie and coffee // source 

Along the lines of striving for that balance, I’ve made a promise to myself that every Friday I will go to the coffee shop down the street and get an iced coffee and a pastry. They have the BEST vegan cinnamon rolls and yummy cookies, bars, and muffins. It’s my favorite part of the week.

PIZZA // source 

Pizza is my new favorite meal. After finishing my elimination diet, I’ve had some flatbread veggie pizza and LOVED it. When I want a delicious meal, this is what I want. I’m currently trying to find the best flatbread pizza in Houston. (So far I’ve only tried Tiny Boxwood’s simple tomato pizza with no cheese – but again, it was amazing.) July plans: EAT MORE PIZZA.

Bun girl with hoop earrings // source 

This is my July style inspo! I’m loving crisp shirts with denim, ponytails and buns (because it’s HOT and my hair is too long), red nails, and I really want some hoop earrings. She looks awesome!

What are your plans for July? Any fashion trends or meals you want to try this month?