Weekend Re-Cap: Photoshoots and 5K’s

Happy….weirdest Monday ever?

So, I’m sure you know tomorrow is July 4th. (And if you don’t…now I just reminded you and you’re scrambling around to put together a patriotic outfit.) That means, today is a work day, but tomorrow I have off, and then Wednesday I go back to work with a belly full of burgers and cobbler. What a weird week! But I’m glad for a little recess.

Today, I wanted to do a weekend in my life on the blog because I had such a fun weekend – which is really out of character for me. Not that I don’t usually have “fun” weekends, it’s just that, my idea of fun is reading three books on the couch, never putting on a lick of make-up, and eating breakfast tacos! Ha!

But this past weekend, I had a jam-packed agenda that was F-U-N. So, let’s just begin, shall we? These posts are so fun.


2:30 pm 

I’m off the clock, and I race (read: crawl like a turtle because Houston Friday traffic) to Kroger for a snack and gas before squeezing in a nail appointment. I get a Cliff bar, a chocolate almond milk, Claritin and Tylenol for this headache I can’t get rid of, and no gas because I don’t want to be late to my nail appointment.

3:15 pm 

I decide on a sheer-violet shellac for my nails. To pick my nail color, I always choose based off of what’s inspiring me at the moment. I know it sounds odd, and it’s only a nail color, but to me, it’s fun. I had red before because red, for me, is a power color. It felt classic and grown-up, which was the vibe I was going for as I took on new projects at work. But now I choose the sheer-violet that reminds me of summer nights in Tuscany. I’ve never been but I’ve been reading books about Venice and Tuscany, and it seems like if a young women in Tuscany was going to paint her nails after a dip in the thermal spring, she’d paint them the color of sun-dried figs, just harvested for a meal of crostini with goat cheese.

3:25 pm 

Cam meets me at my nail appointment because he’s the CUTEST. I haven’t seen him since Sunday, so I love getting to hear about his work week. The latest with Cam is that he’s become quite obsessed with tea – he has quite the collection growing in his cube. Today he has earl gray. He also pays for my manicure and I just want to melt.

4:15 pm 

Back at my house, I quickly take off all my make-up. (I saw “all”, which means the two swipes of my favorite mascara and the Mary Kay lip gloss I threw on that morning.) I then change out of my nice dress and heels from work and throw on old, baggy Nike shorts and my favorite Friday + Saturday tee because I am en route to my first ever airbrush tan! Earlier on in the week, my hairdresser and friend, Kate, asked if I’d be in a photoshoot for her new salon, Le Sugar. Buttercup Tans did spray tans for all the models, so I got a little pampering in.

5:15 pm 

We arrive at Buttercup Tans and it smells amazing. The airbrush tans are all organic and Ashley was the sweetest. It took a total of five minutes! It was a little cold on my skin, but really fun. I felt like a real model! After, I follow the post-tan instructions and put back on my loose, baggy clothing and don’t get my skin wet for 8 hours. This means Cam’s puppy, Milo, can’t lick my legs like he loves to do. I feel bad shooing him away!

6:00 pm 

Go to Target with Cam to look at electric tea kettles. The boy loves his tea!

7:00 pm 

Our favorite spot – Zoe’s Kitchen – is our choice for date night. I normally get either the quinoa salad minus the feta because I’m not a big feta lover or the veggie kabobs. I get the quinoa salad and try one of the Spindrift sparkling waters in the grapefruit flavor. I still prefer my La Croix, but it’s good and a nice change from just asking for a water cup. We both agree to skip the cookie (which is our favorite part about Zoe’s – chocolate chips as big as your head!) because we are saving ourselves for the lunch spot we’re trying tomorrow.

8:00 pm

I come home and my family has made this really amazing quinoa curry dish that we’ve been loving lately, so I grab a small plate and have some as “dessert”. Cam leaves, and my family goes in the pool, but I have to pass so as not to mess up my spray tan. I go upstairs to my room and work some more on a note I’m writing to my friend, McKenna. We started passing these looooong notes in middle school, and we’re picking the practice back up again.

9:30 pm 

Once I can’t write anymore, I climb into bed (which Cameron has helped me to dress with old sheets in case my spray tan rubs off on them) and go to sleep!


6:48 am 

I think this is when I wake up. I CANNOT sleep in for the life of me. Oh well.

7:00 am 

My cousin is over for the 4th of July holiday, so I spend a while in the kitchen, making coffee and breakfast with him and the rest of my family as they trickle down the stairs. I love that at our new house, we have such a wide-open kitchen. We congregate there the most – cooking, eating, laughing, talking. It’s nice!

9:00 am 

Cam comes over to pick me up because we are going to the Woodlands to have lunch with a friend before I have to go get my hair and make-up done for the photoshoot. Let’s all just take a sec to appreciate that Cam drove 35 min to my house just to take me an hour back the opposite direction, so we could meet our friend for lunch. (And later, he’ll share his sandwich when I don’t love my croque madame and then proceed to sit through a 5-hour photoshoot.)

11:30 am 

Lunch with our sweet friend, Jacqueline at Levure bakery. I wish each day I could have lunch with a friend because I swear it just restores my soul! Sitting and catching up over food is just the best.

1:45 pm 

Cam and I head to Kate’s salon. Once there, I am handed a pink lemonade mimosa (!!!) and get my hair washed, dried, curled, and set. The salon is bustling with girls getting their hair and make-up done, a photographer getting pictures, and outfits being sifted through. I love getting to chat with Kate and the other hair dressers, so it’s such a treat. Everyone is so nice and excited!


2:00pm – 7:00pm 

Hair is curled, braided, flower crowned. Kate puts me in a very pin-up girl-esque look, and I have bold brows, a sharp contour, and red lips. I don’t even recognize myself because I never wear lipstick! My individual pictures are taken in the kitchen of the house-turned-salon. I was seated up on the kitchen counter with my feet on the rim of the sink showing off my hair and the cute outfit Kate picked out. I had NO idea what I was doing, but it was super fun!

They even brought Cam in (well, just the back of his head) and had me kinda wrap him in a hug, still showing off my hair. Again, WHAT a good sport. I told Cam that I totally forget how lucky I am to have him. Everyone kept saying, “my boyfriend would never stay for something like this!” and for Cam it just wasn’t even a question. I love that about him – he just accepts any and all quality time with me. Cam, if you’re reading this – you are awesome!!

I didn’t want to leave. It was so fun, and I made friends with the other “models” – other clients of Kate’s. We had to take many “act like you’re best friends” pictures and blow lots of giggly-kisses to the camera, so in the end, we were pretty close. And the mimosas didn’t hurt either 🙂

7:45 pm 

Cam and I get back to his house and join his family for dinner. I am starving since I haven’t eaten anything since I stole half of Cam’s sandwich at lunch, so I have seconds….and then an apple with almond butter for dessert. I still have my shoot makeup on, but I’ve taken off the lips and brows because I seriously didn’t recognize myself ?

9:00 pm

Cam drives me the 35 min back to my house. When we get in, my sisters and cousin are playing cards, so I play a couple rounds of spoons with them. We all get ready for bed after that, and Cam stays on the 3rd floor in the media room because…………..



5:30 am 

Cam and I have a 5k to get up for! And it’s only a few minutes from my house. I make coffee and eat a bowl of oatmeal as my pre-race fuel.

6:00 am 

We head out for the race, only after I spilt my water bottle down the front of my tank top and had to go in my pajama top. (Note to self: get a water bottle that seals correctly!)

6:30 am 

We are at the race site, so we get our chips and stretch. It’s pretty nice out for July – not too hot and humid. But that is why we are out so early – it’s Houston and it wouldn’t be good to start any later!

7:00 am – 7:30 ish 

We run! It’s a 5k and it’s Cam’s first race. He’s been incredible with running! He picked it up a few months ago, and really got into it. Within a couple weeks, he was running 4, 5, and 6 miles. (That took me months to work up to!) I let him go ahead of me because I’m more of a 9-min mile girl 🙂 I run the first two miles without stopping, but have to slow down the last mile because my calves are crying. All in all, it was super fun and just such an energy booster to run through downtown with other runners. We are already planning to do another one tomorrow for July 4th!

7:45 am 

Cam buys us matching t-shirts. The race is free, but with a small donation you get a t-shirt, which I think is a pretty sweet deal! Everyone helping out is so nice, and it’s just a great thing to be a part of.

7:54 am 

I remember this time exactly leaving the race because I saw the time and said, “It’s only 7:54!!!!” We park at my house a few minutes later and then walk a block to the coffee shop. Cam is on a huge tea kick, so I’m glad that they have a large array of tea (he gets Jasmine blueberry) and I get my standard almond milk latte, but I get it iced because I’m still a hot, sweaty mess.

Just as we sit down, we notice my family coming in! I run up and pinch my sister’s butt, which is my favorite thing to do to people when I run into them in public because it freaks them out. We talk with them for a while, and then walk back to the house.

9:00 am 

After showering, I make myself a real breakfast: a bed of spring mix with lemon, olive oil, and cherry tomatoes with a fried egg on top and some leftover chicken since we don’t have bacon and I need that post-run protein. After that, Cam and I go for a drive.

10:00 am 

There are sooooo many cute houses in my neighborhood; I get so happy just looking at them and imagining the people who live in them! We drive around for a whole hour just winding up and down the streets, and we’re never even 10 minutes from my house. We also listened to Asgeir’s album “Afterglow”, and I decided it’s my current favorite.

11:30 am 

We come home, and Cam gets his stuff to head back to his house. I make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch because I’ve just been craving one.

12:30 pm 

I read my book on the couch and can barely keep my eyes open. So I don’t. I sleep until I hear my phone ding around 1:45.

1:45 pm 

It’s Cam letting me know that I came in 2nd in my age group for women at the race! And you wanna know how Cam did? Freaking 16th place overall! I mean, COME ON. The dude never ceases to amaze me.

2:00 pm 

I coax Clara into watching a movie with me, and my cousin joins, too. We paint our nails (not Roger though, he likes his natural) and watch La La Land. I even pop movie theater butter popcorn for a snack for us because La La Land is one of those movies you MUST watch with popcorn.

4:00 pm 

I read downstairs for a bit. I’m trying to finish my book by tonight (you can always see what I’m reading via my Goodreads account) because I have one other book checked out (Fake Plastic Love by Kimberly Tait) and then the library is holding one for me that I requested from another location (Tuesdays in 1980 by Molly Prentiss).

I also work on this blog post 🙂

6:45 pm 

We walk to dinner because it’s close. I get this amazing lemon herb chicken with veggies and cauliflower rice and it was AMAZING. Makes me want to really nail down a good lemon herb chicken recipe and cauliflower rice. I swear they used bread crumbs in both….maybe that’s the secret. I enjoy the time with my family, too.

8:00 pm 

I start some laundry and go to my room to vacuum and dust. I think I’ll try to do this every other Sunday. Now that I have hard wood and shelves, I feel like I need to stay on top of those two chores. But I don’t mind because I love the way my room smells after I’ve just cleaned, and cleaning makes me feel like I have my life together. I pick out my clothes for work, too, because I just really want to feel like I have it all together.

8:30 pm 

I sit down and finish this post! This was fun, ya’ll. Let me know if you liked it and I’ll do it again in a couple weeks. I have some fun stuff coming up this week for 4th of July so be sure you’re following along on Instagram. And be REALLY EXCITED for July blog content because it’s all scheduled and it’s all REALLY fun. 🙂

Thanks for tagging along! What was your favorite part of your weekend? Any good book recs? Watch any good movies lately? I’m nosy!