How To Improve Your Instagram While Traveling

As a blogger, being on my phone is part of the job. I spend a lot of time in my room with a white poster board and miscellaneous products trying to get the right shot for my Instagram.

take better instagram pictures when traveling

I think traveling causes most of us to shake in our boots worrying about the cost of going “off the grid”. I love taking time on vacation to unplug and just make memories without feeling it necessary to update my Facebook page with every outing, but I’ve also realized that traveling can really help you to step up your Instagram game.

Today, I’ll be sharing my tips for how to up your following on Instagram and how to improve your Instagram feed when you’re away from your normal surroundings. This can be a quick roadtrip or a couple weeks abroad!

how to improve your instagram while traveling, travel instagram accounts

Embrace new scenery

If I take too many Instagram pictures in the same spot – it drives me crazy! I feel like my followers are like, “Yes, your desk looks the exact same as it did in the last 75 pictures, can we see something else?” Sometimes, I’ll go for a walk just for the sake of fresh air and something new to snap pictures of. Traveling is a chance to take beautiful Instagram pictures of things you’ve never featured on your feed before. A perfect window sill in Boston or a coconut on your beach destination vacay will be perfect to improve your Instagram feed!

Use travel hashtags

Typically, I use the same 15 hashtags for every picture, and then I add a few depending on the image. If it’s one of the million pictures of my desk, I can add the hashtag #desk or #mydeskfromabove. Same goes for travel pictures! Try some great Instagram travel hashtags like the ones below. This will help get your Instagram noticed!








+ be sure to hashtag the city you’re in! (Ex: #Charleston)

  best travel instagram hashtags

Take a ton of pictures to save for later

This is my favorite. When I’m chilling in my house for weeks on end, the pictures I post are taken about 10 minutes before they’re posted. However, when I’m on vacation, I’m constantly snapping pictures of anything pretty, and it helps me out in two ways: 1. I have some pictures to remember my travels by and 2. I can edit the pictures later and upload them for Instagram on a rainy day!

Sometimes on a trip I only post one or two pictures while I’m there because I want to spend time off social media and in the moment. But when I get back, I can edit and upload to my heart’s content! Totally a great option if you want to unplug on vacation, but still work to increase your Instagram engagement.

Gain more authentic followers

I love following other bloggers and social media influencers from places that I visit! I think it’s great to have Instagram friends in other states, so that when you visit, you have a friendly face to meet for coffee and someone to get recommendations from on what to see, do, and eat! Use those location hashtags to find people in the area you can follow! Surely, they’ll have some local places featured on their Instagram that you can check out.

how to take better instagram photos when traveling

Improve your Instagram theme

Sometimes all your Instagram needs for a little boost is a few gorgeous pictures! Sometimes the same-old, same-old can make my feed look tired and too dry. Traveling to a new spot – whether it be a farmer’s market on the weekend or a destination vacation – can really help me get some bright and fun images to spruce up my theme. Right now I’m trying to switch to a warm Instagram theme with fall approaching, so I’m excited to get some pictures to match that while on a secret getaway this weekend! (Follow me on snap to see where I’m headed! Cristina.snaps)

Create better Instagram engagement

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….it’s all about engagement. Often times, the photos that get the best engagement for me are those total #wanderlust photos of places I’ve visited! It’s easier for someone to like and comment on a gorgeous coffee shop or a lovely sunset picture than just another picture of me in a graphic tee – haha! My favorite thing chatting with people in my Instagram comments. While traveling, I can give more info about my destinations, get food recommendations, and make new friends that might live nearby!

I’m curious – what’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to? Follow me on Instagram for fun travel pictures coming soon!