Feeling Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Something that’s always been a struggle for me is feeling comfortable in my own skin.

natural skin care solution

When I was little, I fussed over my hair being perfect and was annoyed that my stomach wasn’t flat in my Limited Too tank tops just like the other girl’s in my grade. As I got older, I spent a lot of time analyzing the proportion of my thighs to the rest of my body (were they too big?), but this was mainly because I danced 6 days a week and had to look at myself leaping and turning in a mirror that wasn’t so much a mirror but an entire wall.

Today, body-image is quite the topic. In a positive sense, I think it’s great that many corporations and business are moving forward in this body-positive, body acceptance movement with their untouched ads and models of all sizes. However, I know that this time of year has always been tough for me self conscious wise as loving the skin I’m in gets hard when finals and holidays rolls around and there’s a whole lot less sleep and primping going on, but a lot more interaction with old friends and family.

If you had to force me onto a stage again in a skimpy leotard, I probably still wouldn’t feel entirely comfortable, but I’m learning to focus on the good and the healthy.

natural clear skin

For a long time, my main concern was my skin. Chalk it up to typical teenage hormonal changes, crappy foundations, and side effects of different medications, my skin was just not a happy place for me. I spent about 40 minutes each morning covering up every little blemish with my handy dandy concealer and then added enough rings of eyeliner that you’d be so distracted trying to decipher whether it was sharpie or just a dark pen that you’d miss my not-so-glowing complexion.

I’ve shared several accounts of how I cleared my skin on the blog, this post being the most recent, and you guys have loved hearing my extensive journey to a blemish free life. It wasn’t easy, but now the game is keeping that clear skin.

natural clear skin

I’ve done almost a complete 180 since high school and since my skin is clearer now, I typically go sans makeup. You’d know that for certain if you follow my vlog channel; I’ve stopped apologizing for the lack of makeup because I realized wearing makeup is actually more of a treat than it is an every day thing for me.

Living alone has proven to be a lot of responsibility, too, and a 20 minute commute to school has left me less motivated to actually put on a full face of makeup before downloading my podcasts and hitting the road. I’m a minimalist now, but that’s even come with it’s own set of self conscious banter.

Will people think I’m lazy and tired if I go bare faced? Is it obvious I stayed up till 12 watching the Gilmore Girls revival? I don’t look like I’ve been crying, do I, because I definitely haven’t in at least 48 hours?

I know, only me and my weird worry-brain.

natural clear skin

When BioClarity reached out to me about their natural skin care solution, I surprisingly jumped at the chance to try something new. Me. Someone who’s used the same face wash for three years and refuses to get a new chambray button down even though mine has a gaping hole in the frocket because that’s my favorite shirt and I like it, gosh darnit!!

So, I’ve now been using my BioClarity three step system for two weeks and I’m delighted to chat with you about the effects to my skin. If you like skin care stuff, keep reading. If not, you should still keep reading because skin care is important and I don’t share products on the blog I’m not 100% #obsessed with. 

Stay tuned for a discount code at the end of this post! 

First off, BioClarity contains chlorophyll which I totally nerded out over because I’ve been obsessed with clorophyll since, surprise, not 2nd grade science class, but actually since just a couple weeks ago when I was working on a group project and one of my group members shared with me the benefits of chlorophyll when I asked about her dark green water.

Yes, she was drinking it! She had bought it in drops and put it in her water every afternoon instead of a second cup of coffee. She said it gave her energy like no cup of coffee ever had and it tasted minty like spearmint gum. I was intrigued! The only reason I didn’t buy myself the $20 bottle of drops was precisely because it was $20 and I thought that was steep for something natural you buy off of Amazon, but I thought it might make a good stocking stuffer, so I tabled the whole chlorophyll enthusiasm until I got the email from BioClarity.

There it was that magical little potion again, chlorophyll.

natural clear skin solution bioclarity

And if I’ve hooked you and you’re on the edge of your seat, then you’ll be extremely satisfied to know that….it’s green. The restore gel? Step number 3 in the 3 step BioClarity system? It’s green. Pumps into your hand in a little gel cloud of pine-colored specimen and it’s amazing. It’s my favorite part of my morning and night routine. (You use the BioClarity system twice a day, btdubbs.)

Now, normally when I switch to a new product (hence why I haven’t done so since Taylor Swift first dropped a pop song) my skin freaks out, and I mean freaks out. We’re talking honkers of zits and redness and maybe dryness because the redness would be lonely without the dryness and it’s a horrible scene. But it’s almost like my skin had been yearning for a change and a pick me up (especially one that involved my new favorite magic plant potion) and I really only had a couple small, small blemishes that were only noticeable to me or my dog when he gets really close to lick my face. It was great, and I was pleased.

natural clear skin

After a week, my face looked radiant. (Not to brag.) Normally, I go sans makeup, right? But there’s this magical time somewhere between when I get on campus in the morning and begrudgingly walk to my first class and the time I get home in the early afternoon for coffee and a long study sesh where my skin just goes beserk. It gets red and blotchy and I have to use snapchat filters if I’m not in good lighting because it’s just not good. But, after a whole week of using my BioClarity system, it’s like I was cured of the redness. No more snapchat filters! (Except maybe the reindeer one because after all, it is Christmastime and that filter is just too dang cute.)

I even was able to stop using my harsh benzyl-peroxide treatment every night. The BioClarity worked well enough on it’s own, so now it’s just those three steps twice a day and I’m good to go.

Now, I feel like my skin is my best asset. I’ll never have the perfect outfit in my opinion and maybe I’ll resent that one time I cut my run short, so I could get home and finish the Gilmore Girls revival, but I feel confident with the face I show the world, and I’m glad I’ve found products that I love to use.

You can learn more about BioClarity’s products here.

It’s cruelty free, vegan, shipping is always free, and your 30 day supply is $29.95 (much cheaper than a face mask to combat redness and breakouts or other 3-step systems on the market nowadays!)

Use code CRISTINA to get your first month’s supply at 50% off!



Let me know what your favorite feature is about yourself down below and let’s start the body positivity party!