The Low-Down on College Gameday

Game day has always been a big part of my life.

In high school, I was on drill team, game day meant rhinestone hair pieces, lots of Aqua-net, and lipstick stained Gatorade bottles. Now, it’s gotten even better.

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At Arkansas and at Houston, game day is BIG. (As I’m sure it is at your school, too!) There’s tailgaiting, hog calling, pictures, snaps, cheers, jumping, etc, etc.

Whether you’ve been in college for a while or you’re going through your first semester, it’s always nice to get some college game day inspiration. You’ll want to pick out the perfect outfit and get the low-down so that you can enjoy your game day! After all, it makes for a great study break. Today I’m working with Charlie Hustle Shop to share some game day looks and my best college game day tips!

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Tee: Charlie Hustle Shop / Skirt : Target / Necklace: TradeKraft Jewelry


Dress comfortably

You can dress up or you can dress down – but be comfortable. Those cowgirl boots better not give you a blister and that romper needs to be soft and cool. It’s hot out there, you’ll be standing and jumping a lot, and you won’t get to make an outfit change for several hours.

I either go with a breezy swing dress or pair a cute tee with my favorite denim and add accessories. I don’t want to be tugging at hemlines or sweating my brains out in suede (no matter how cute it is), so I go the comfy route.

This tee from Charlie Hustle Shop is perfect to cheer on my Coogs. It’s fun, shows who I’m rooting for, and can work for those hot, hot gamedays or the cooler ones later on in the season.

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Tee: Charlie Hustle Shop

what to wear for gameday charlie hustle shop

Bring a cross-body or wristlet

Some stadiums have a limit on bag size. (*Ahem*, NRG Stadium.) Not to mention, when you do bring a bag, you have to stand in line a bit longer to get it checked. All you really need is your ID, some money, and maybe a cough drop when your voice gets hoarse from cheering, so I recommend something small that you won’t mind hanging on to. Or just stuff everything you need in your pockets if you have them!

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Again, it’s hot and you’re hollering and screaming. I try to drink a lot of water before a football game because I don’t want to pay $5 for a water at the game. Then, once the game is over, Cam and I love to go through a drive thru like Sonic and I’ll get a giant lemon water there!

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Get there early

I thank my lucky stars that I have a boyfriend so immersed in football culture (most days…heehee) because Cam always makes sure we get to the game early enough to find good parking, walk around to find great seats, and have a while to sit and take some Snapchats before the game starts.

If you’ll be sitting in the student section, it’s a first come, first serve basis, so you’ll want to be the early bird that gets the worm. If you’re at an NFL game, you’ll have a designated seat and may have to climb some stairs and ramps to get there!

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Find the best after-game spot

There are always those restaurants and bars that are PACKED after football games. (i.e. Buffalo Wild Wings and basically any place with beer and TV’s.) I’d say if you’re hungry, thirsty, and tired – avoid those. Find your favorite spot to refuel after the game – maybe some place a bit farther from the stadium, but still equipped with TVs and booze. I’ll be nice and give you a few of my favorites in the Houston area:

La Mexicana – Montrose 

Niko Niko’s – Montrose

The Burger Joint – Montrose

Beaver’s – Sixth Ward

and there’s always Whataburger…. 🙂 

college gameday, UH football charlie hustle shop

Lip color: NYX Lip Lingerie in “Ruffle Trim”

Accessorize to show support

Again, since I’m not going to be the girl showing up in the suede and OTK boots, I definitely try to compensate with my accessories. I love my TradeKraft double wrap for a little bit of flair and also this long tassel necklace from LAW Designs! Find the perfect statement accessory in your school colors, and you’re good to go. It went perfectly with both Charlie Hustle tees.

Grab some cute tees from Charlie Hustle Shop (check to see if they have your school) and use my code HOUSTON15 for 15% off!

How will you survive and thrive on gameday?