3 Playlists For The College Girl

It’s finally Friday!

Last night I didn’t have night class for once since we had a Thursday night home game. I spent the time BLANK

I’ve been really into listening to music lately, because as I mentioned in this post, it helps me avoid meaningless scrolling on my phone! I listen while studying, reading, blogging, and exercising, and it tricks my millennial brain into thinking I’m multi-tasking when I’m really just working hard on one task with some good background noise.

Because I’m always looking for new playlists, I thought maybe you are, too. And maybe we’re not friends over on the good ole Spotify, so let’s change that!

Here are three playlists that I love!


I listen to this playlist every morning during my morning quiet time (sharing my routine for that on the blog soon!) and it’s awesome. I usually continue listening to it all the way to school and then while I walk like a mile from the parking lot to the comm building, haha 🙂 Some are more upbeat and some are slow and meditative. I’m still collecting songs to add to it, but it’s over 50 right now!


I make a playlist every month that is just full of songs I’m loving for that month that I can study to, walk to, or listen to while commuting. This is my playlist for September which totally reminds me I need to start my one for October now!


I have to have good songs while running! It totally pumps me up. For some reasons I like to run to oldies and throwbacks, but I mix in some new stuff there, too. Like Kesha’s song “Praying”…oh em gee….so good! I’m also super obsessed with the Riverdale songs I threw in there. Who watched the season 2 premiere this week?! 🙋🏻

If you have any favorite songs for studying, working out, etc. let me know because I want to continue to grow these playlists!