10 Stress-Relieving Activities to Try This Week

I tend to be the type of person who thinks that the more things I get done on my to-do list, the happier I’ll be. (But don’t get me wrong, I love my to-do lists.) I also think of myself as someone who is just very anxious. There are things I tell myself I can’t do because I’m anxious and lately I’ve built up these horrible habits of simply not doing things that could be good for me because I’m too worried it will make me anxious.

stress relief activities

Anyways, I decided enough is enough.

I know I talked to you guys a couple weeks ago about my anxiety, but now I want to continue the conversation. After the post, I got loads of emails from you guys telling me you dealt with similar issues. Maybe you aren’t diagnosed GAD, but you have times in your life where you feel just terribly stressed and anxious and it sucks.

I want to share with you 10 stress-relieving activities that I’ve adopted in my life that have helped tremendously with my anxiety over the last couple months. (Some I even adopted just last week, but have been loving the results!)

Listen to helpful podcasts

I’ve been turning to podcasts over music to help balance my mood. It started when I had to make a long drive to Dallas a couple weekends ago. (One of my biggest fears and causes of anxiety is driving….if you follow me on snap, you know! Haha.) I discovered the Anxiety Guru podcasts, and holy moly – they’re great. I wanted something I could listen to to help me understand my anxiety better and manage it. I probably listen to 5 a day: on my way to school, walking between classes, walking to get the mail, going home from school…you name it!

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Sip some tea

Recently, I decided to cut back on caffeine because when I get really anxious or stressed, my hands shake pretty bad. (Also, coffee increases cortisol levels (a.k.a. stress) and if you are already stressed or anxious, you don’t want too much of that.) This happens when I drive or just when I’m sitting in class feeling a bit nervous about a quiz or something.

Play with puppies!

When I’m home for the weekend, I like to love on Chip as much as I can. Petting a dog is actually very therapeutic! If you don’t have one of your own, go to a public park and walk around. You’ll see tons of dogs and you can always get a little puppy love in that way.

stress relief tips

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Go for a walk

When I start to feel really stressed with an assignment or task, I have to change my focus. It helps me to physically get up and move. Sometimes I just walk to get the mail or I go to the leasing office to print out something for classes. This whole trip takes about 10 minutes, but I’m sure I get at least half a mile in and I feel a lot better.

Find your quiet place

I spend a lot of time inside my apartment studying. As humans, we create constructs with certain areas. For example, if I am always stressed out studying in my apartment, I could create a bad view of my apartment. When I walk in, I could end up receiving a wave of stress of anxiety with the association. To combat this, I take breaks from my apartment. Going to school and the grocery store helps, but recently I’ve loved going to the public library.

Since I’m cutting down on caffeine (and trying to save my money up for the holidays) I can’t really go to coffee shops each day. The library is free, quiet, and it helps me to feel creative and peaceful.

stress relief tips

Speaking of libraries….read a book!

I decided to pick up a book because I was seeking to get better sleep. Typically, I watch TV until I fall asleep (ehh…not good, Cristina). When I read, I make my eyes tired and get to do something I enjoy that de-stresses me! I loved your book recommendations on Instagram and can’t wait to read more! I’m currently reading George Orwell’s 1984 because I love classics.

Cook something

I feel pretty accomplished and like a successful adult when I cook. (You know, doing something more than boiling water for noodles.) I like to find simple recipes on Pinterest to create for a little study break.  stress relief tips

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When I start to feel a little overwhelmed, I clean something. This is a rhythmic and almost mindless practice that can really help you to feel accomplished. (I mention it when I talk about being more productive, too!) Today for instance, I started to feel a little overwhelmed by my to-do list, so I threw two loads of laundry in and cleaned my kitchen! Totally unrelated to my to-do list, but it helped me get in the mood to face my tasks.

Facetime someone you love

My day brightens 10x when I get to Facetime Cameron! We always laugh about whatever Vine he sent me or tweet he tagged me in. When I lived in Arkansas, my dad would set up Facetime dates with me where we could chat and actually get to see each other like we weren’t 500 miles away. It really is a mood booster and will take your mind off any troubles!

stress relief tips

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Go shopping with a friend

Last weekend, I needed to go look for some work clothes, and I found myself kind of sad and anxious to be going alone to the store once again. Most times I enjoy some quiet time wandering the aisles with my headphones in listening to podcasts, but after 5 times of going to the store alone – it’s nice to have a friend. I texted my friend Kylie and she met me at Target to wander around. We had a blast getting spooked in the Halloween aisle and smelling the dollar spot candles! Highly recommend if you need a laugh.

What stress-relieving activity will you try this week?