Mid-Semester Study Tips

I can’t believe we are flying through this semester so quickly!

Not to be a negative nelly, but this is my least favorite time of the semester. Favorite time of year – hello pumpkin everything and cooler days – but this time of the semester where you have to stare into your little crystal ball and begin to figure out next semester. Ugh. It can kinda be a drag.

I’m in the process of figuring out “What’s next?”

You know, what will be my schedule for next year? Will I work? Is my resume up to date for potential interviews? What do I really want to do after graduating?

It can be a little overwhelming and when you throw in exams and projects, it just gets messier. To lighten my load, I like to keep things light-hearted. This means, finding new places to study, trying new drinks at coffee shops, and switching up my routines just to give myself a little mental boost.

Below are some mid-semester study tips that may be just what you need to give you a boost and power you to push through the rest of the semester!

Switch up your study spot

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I become a regular in my routine. When I first moved to Houston and was living in an apartment by myself, I went to the same Starbucks for the first few months. Luckily, I had a few gift cards that were helping my habits, but it just started to get old.

Now is the time to switch up your study space! Try a public library, a park bench, a new building on campus, or a new coffee shop.

Replenish school supplies

I just realized that I’m getting super close to already using up my two spiral notebooks! You may want to take this opportunity to see if you need more notebooks, paper, pens, etc and take a trip to the store.

Make a master lists of major assignments and exams left

I love doing this because it gets me so pumped to power through the rest of the semester! I will make a master list of all the major projects and exams I have left and check them off as I get them done. It’s like a college student’s version of counting down the days till Christmas 😂

Plan next semester’s schedule

You may have already had your advising appointment if you are required to do that before signing up for classes, so go ahead and get in a comfy spot at a coffee shop and plan your next semester. I always do this with Cam because he’s seriously like my advisor, haha. I can get overwhelmed and confused with the planning aspect of scheduling, but he’s always good at helping me research professors and plan out a good schedule.

Create a “study kit”

If you don’t have your study essentials yet, girl – what are you doing?! If you have a study spot, get a shoebox or something that you can put in your items for your study kit. Throw in gum, mints, a fun candle (if you’re at home), fuzzy socks, some “focus” essential oils, and some fun gel pens or highlighters. That will get you pumped up to study! Or just turn on Gilmore Girls….works for me 🙂

Share your mid-semester study tips with me down below!