My Husband Planned a Surprise Honeymoon – Part 2

Have you been on the edge of your seat? Probably not. Especially considering you probably follow along on Instagram and have seen where we went on our honeymoon ­čśéRegardless, let’s jump back in to the recap.

So at the Boston airport that evening, I waited in the corner with our suitcases as Cam printed our boarding passes. I was pretty sure we were about to head to Ireland. We had talked about going back to where we got engaged, this time as newlyweds, and it just seemed like the obvious choice.

However, Cam handed me the boarding pass and I saw the words “London – Heathrow”.

London?!?!?! I was shocked and excited!

As I mentioned in the previous post, Cam went to London just for a couple of days while in Europe a few years earlier and he really enjoyed it. So much to see and do, and just a must-do for every traveler.

Our flight was an easy 6 hours. We watched one movie and then zonked out. I slept about as well as you’d imagine for sitting straight up, and soon we were landing at about 8 AM local time in London.

The next surprise was our hotel! Cam didn’t really tell me anything about where we would be staying once we got to our destinations. He just said that I would really like the places he chose! We had been doing AirBnb a lot for the past couple of years whilst traveling, but this time around, given it was our honeymoon, we really wanted a bit of luxury: room service, our space getting cleaned every day, and a fluffy, King-sized bed.

Our Uber pulled up to the Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel, which turns out to be one of the top rated hotels in London! In the heart of the Mayfair neighborhood, it is walking distance to must-see attractions, fine dining, luxury shopping, and the hotel offered its very own high tea.

As a honeymoon perk, we were upgraded to their best suite, and I could have totally moved in. (The staff was so kind!) High ceilings, a four poster bed, an attached living room with a bottle of sherry on the counter, a gorgeous, white marbled bathroom. It was so indulgent and lovely and was quite possibly the best place in London to sleep off our jet lag – which we ended up doing later that day, try as we might to stay up and push through.

The first day in Europe is always a blur due to aforementioned jet lag, so I think when we weren’t napping, we must have been roaming around. We spotted Big Ben, London Bridge, the London Eye and I just took in all the sights and sounds. It’s so neat to see a place come alive that you have only seen in movies and TV.

For dinner, we dined at The Spaghetti House and I had the best bolognese of my life. There were so many good food options all over London, that I’m excited to go back just to try all that I didn’t get to try the first time around.

When we got back to our room at the end of the day, we had a bottle of champagne and some dessert for us. The theme of the trip was that we kept getting free alcohol and Cam would have one glass and I’d have three sips ­čśéWe just don’t drink very much! We kept saying we should have made friends while abroad, so that we could share.

Day 2 was more wandering around, but we got a late start after sleeping 13 hours and not emerging from our suite until almost 10:30 a.m. Lunch was had at Duck and Waffle – can not recommend this place enough! Cam got some recs from a coworker and this was one of them. Think chicken and waffles, but with duck. We shared one of those, a butternut squash salad, and then some grilled cauliflower. Everything was delish! Warm brownie for dessert unpictured.

I wore this Asos dress around all day that was my bridal shower dress! It went perfectly with a fuzzy coat and my trusty walking sneakers.

We did some shopping this day, too. I am OBSESSED with Primark (and Penney’s in Ireland – I think they are owned by the same parent company). Think trendy, good-quality clothes at super low prices. There’s nothing like it to me in the states, so when I’m abroad I STOCK. UP.

One of my favorite purchases was an adorable faux-suede trench coat in my favorite color as of recent – a deep forest green. It kept me warm and elevated every pair of jeans and every sweater.

That night for dinner, several people had recommended Dishoom for Indian food. We heard it was super popular, so to be prepared to wait for a while. And wait we did. We arrived early (about 5:30 p.m. or so) and waited for about an hour and 15 minutes. But we did not mind, because Dishoom will gift you a free glass of masala chai each while you wait – and it was the BEST chai I have ever tasted. The meal was well worth the wait, and that is coming from an impatient, hangry girl. I would have waited two hours for our meal! Seriously do not skip this place when in London!

The next morning, we actually went to go visit Cam’s offices in London! He works for a major tech company and they have offices all over the world, and the London offices were just a quick subway ride away from where we were staying. He has a counterpart in London who was so sweet and showed us around the office!

From there, we went out to lunch, and Cam just yelped a place nearby. Prezzo was super cute inside and had the biggest gin drinks I’d ever seen. Cam had pizza and I had pasta and salad. It was raining this day, so this was the perfect cozy meal.

That afternoon, we decided we could not leave London without doing high tea. Thankfully, our hotel served it, so we didn’t even have to wander out in the rain. I wish I could have tea every single day – the Brits know what they’re doing. We had cucumber sandwiches and macaroons and bon bons. Cam went for earl gray and I love a peppermint tea, so I got that. The best thing about high tea is it is just so relaxing. It’s meant to be super leisurely – usually lasting about an hour and a half to two hours. We just sat and talked about our favorite parts of the wedding, what we were loving about London so far, where I thought we may be going next, and what we thought the next few years would bring for us. It was probably my favorite part about London.

After tea, Cameron really wanted to go on a run in Hyde Park, so I decided to stay in our suite and film a wedding Q&A! You guys asked me some great questions, and the video is now up on my IGTV.

We did Greek for dinner, and it was ok, but not great, and I can’t even remember the name of the place! Haha.

We went to bed early because our next flight was pretty dang early! And now that this post is super long, I’m going to put our third and final destination details in my next post. Coming soon, so be on the lookout ­čÖé