How IV Therapy Changed My Life

A couple of months ago, I posted about my first experience with IV therapy. That definitely opened up a larger conversation – over social media with those of you that were interested in how I felt afterwards and how I wasn’t scared of needles – and internally with myself. After first trying out IV therapy, I felt “normal”. I don’t think I had even realized the daily pain that I was walking around with – what had become my “normal”. But after just a 30 minute session in the big plushy chair, receiving some B vitamins, magnesium, and glutathione, I had this energy about me, a true physical feeling that felt nostalgic of childhood days where nothing hurt. It was… kind of amazing for me. read more

My Husband Planned a Surprise Honeymoon – Part 3

Alright I promise this is going to be the last post in this series – we have reached the point of our final destination!

Now, I remember two things clearly – that it was very early when we arrived at the London airport for our next destination and also that I was SURE this time that we were going to Ireland. We had just flown over Dublin on our flight over, and it all made sense. (Cam’s company also has an office there and he had been saying how much he wanted to stop in.)

But alas, when Cam handed me my ticket, I was shocked and overjoyed. COPENHAGEN! read more

My Husband Planned a Surprise Honeymoon – Part 2

Have you been on the edge of your seat? Probably not. Especially considering you probably follow along on Instagram and have seen where we went on our honeymoon ­čśéRegardless, let’s jump back in to the recap.

So at the Boston airport that evening, I waited in the corner with our suitcases as Cam printed our boarding passes. I was pretty sure we were about to head to Ireland. We had talked about going back to where we got engaged, this time as newlyweds, and it just seemed like the obvious choice. read more