How to Boost Productivity as a Blogger: #askCWH episode 4

ask CWH
We are a month into these #askCWH segments… how do we feel?! I have been loving your feedback and questions, especially from those that are just getting into blogging and learning the ropes. Just trying to put fairy-blog-mother on my resume! (Kidding.)

Today’s “question” was actually a nudge from my blog wife, Rachel. She suggested I share how to get ahead on blogging and manage everything.

I’m usually always 2-3 posts ahead of the game meaning I have them drafted, scheduled, and have corresponding social media posts lined up and ready to go. (Remember the scheduling tools we talked about last week?)

It really helps me to stay productive and stay on top of my blog work since I also have college classes, meetings, trips, and various activities to attend to. (And by various activities I mean I have to get to Zumba on time and be in the front row…heehee.)

So how can you stay on top of your blogging and social media? Easy! Watch the video below for my 3 top tips:

Here’s the breakdown of what I’m saying:

Step 1 to being productive as a blogger….

Get ahead – Sit down on a free day and write your next 3 posts. I like to schedule two days a week for writing and editing, and one day for photography. Batching things up like this is the easiest way to stay on top of things. Once you’re ahead, you’re ahead. Plus, you have some leeway in case something happens. (i.e. a package gets lost, a collaboration gets postponed, you get abducted by aliens, etc.)

Step 2…

Batch scheduling – We talked last week about social scheduling, and here’s the greatest trick: set specific days for social scheduling, instead of just doing so the night before a post goes live.

Try this: on Sunday, schedule for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

…and on Wednesday schedule for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Get it? Got it? Good!

And step 3….

Take advantage of free time

I take blogging very seriously – after all, it’s my job right now! But, it really helps me to remember that it is also my hobby, something that relaxes me, and something that brings me joy.

So, utilize your free time. If you’re sitting on the couch watching HGTV, you can schedule some social posts. If you’re on your lunch break, you could plan out some posts for the next week. If you’re on a long road trip, write a post on the Notes app of your phone.

Obviously, take some time for yourself and to unplug from it all, but when you can – take 5 minutes to do something productive for your blog!


Glad you guys are liking #askCWH! Leave any questions you have in the box below…blogging and non-blogging, I welcome them all!

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