My Favorite Handmade Jewelry Etsy Shops

Happy Friday ya’ll! It’s time to get all dressed up for the weekend fun.

best handmade jewelry etsy shops

I’m the type of girl who would wear the same dress to 5 different events, but change it up with the accessories. To me, jewelry is a fun way to show your personality while changing up an outfit that you can wear again and again. I’m also that girl who can never point you in the right direction when you ask where I got a particular piece of jewelry since more often than not I buy handmade!

The other day I was scrolling through Instagram and realized that I followed more Etsy shops and handmade jewelry accounts than dog accounts….now that’s saying something..haha! I just love seeing girls just like me create some of the trendiest pieces to be worn with your game day dress, your everyday leggings, or even your bathing suit!

My favorite part about getting my jewelry from Etsy sellers is knowing that I’m wearing something that is someone’s passion. It’s like when I write my blog posts – I enjoy doing it so much because I love to write, edit, and design! It’s an extra bonus that I can help people through what I do or maybe just shed light on things that are important to me. A gorgeous bar necklace or a fun bracelet from an Etsy seller carries a similar story – someone took the time to make that piece with their own hands and put a lot of love and passion into it.

Now that is something I want to spend on!

Today, I’m featuring 3 of my favorites in the hopes that I can shine a little light on some amazing ladies who, just like you bloggers out there, have turned their passion into a business.

TGB Jewelry

handmade jewelry, double wrap necklace

I found TGB jewelry recently on Instagram and I couldn’t get over how cute her pieces were. I especially love that a portion of each purchase goes to helping missionaries. This girl is truly sharing God’s love through her passion! You can visit her Etsy shop here and can see her jewelry on Instagram here! Dani, the shop owner, is so sweet and talented!

Trade Kraft Designs

handmade jewelry etsy, double wrap necklace So my latest obsession is definitely double wrap necklaces. We know that I’m a total outfit-repeater, so it’s nice to have something to dress up my every day wear! In my search for the perfect double wrap, I found Trade Kraft Designs on Instagram and I became totally obsessed! Not to mention, the Etsy shop owner Abby is the sweetest person ever. I wore this necklace with every other outfit on my trip to Florida and I plan to take it with me to football games, blogging events, and more!

Tournes Ol Designs

handmade jewelry etsy

If you get me started on wrap necklaces, then we have to talk about wrap bracelets. I love how they are casual enough to wear with a graphic tee, but can also dress up your best game day or church dress! I’m pretty much obsessed with the shop owner, Maggie’s, Instagram page! (Maybe it’s the fact that she’s a fellow dancer and posts amazing dance vids….just maybe.) I can’t see myself in this wrap bracelet with every outfit! Be sure to check out this Etsy shop! 


I so appreciate these ladies helping me make this post come alive by sending me pieces of their jewelry. It’s fun to get Chipotle coupons in the mail or even a letter from your grandma, but nothing beats a beautiful, handmade gift with a story.

Which jewelry trend do you want to try out? Chokers? Wrap bracelets? Double strand necklaces? Cannot recommend these ladies and their talent enough!



  • I love the idea of shopping for unique pieces on Etsy! Thank you so much for your suggestions!

  • I love wrap necklaces! The leathery material is so cute x

  • Love that wrap necklace! Etsy has the best stuff!

  • Ashley

    I love Etsy! These are all beautiful pieces! I can’t wait to check out these shops.

  • Yes! Double wrap necklaces are so cute and easy to style with.

     – Sierra Berry ♥ @itsberrystylish  

  • I love handmade jewelry! It’s so unique!
    -Anna |

  • Cute pieces, I always love to support hand made jewelry shops.

    Sarah ||

  • I just love etsy! I got a beautiful custom name necklace from there! So fun to find unique things 🙂

  • Gorgeous finds! Love the double strand necklace!


  • Thanks for sharing these! I love Etsy shops. Definitely going to check these out!

    xo //

  • I love buying jewelry on Etsy. The pieces are so unique. Thanks for this post!

    Greta |

  • I was literally JUST looking for choker necklaces since they’re so in and so cute lately! Thanks for this!

    -Meagan | Love by Meagan

  • I am the same way when it comes to outfits. I will repeat clothes but change them up with accessories. My favorite accessory trend right now is definitely the comeback of the choker. I loved wearing chokers as a teenager, and I love wearing them just as much, if not more, now.

    Sockwun |

  • These all look great! I love those wrap bracelets!

    The Blush Blonde

  • It’s so great that you are showing so much love for etsy shops, handmade goods don’t get near enough! I love those wraps necklaces!

    La Belle Sirene

  • Shane

    Thanks for sharing new to me etsy shops! Love shopping handmade

  • Elana

    I love Etsy. It’s so nice to be able to shop small and support small businesses.

  • I love buying my jewelry from small designers or on Etsy! I feel like I can feel and see the passion that goes into the pieces and it makes them that much more special. These ones are all so cute!


  • These pieces look great. I’m not ready to try the choker trend-that was HUGE when I was younger and just like overalls I’m just not prepared to go back there hehe. I do LOVE wrap bracelets though!

  • What amazing picks! I love One Delightful Button for adorable earrings. They are located in Boston, too. Love all these cute picks!

  • There’s so much talent on Etsy! I’ve never heard of any of these shops. Can’t wait to check them out. I love the pieces you chose.