31 Things To Do If You’re Not A Halloween Person

Ya’ll, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m just not a big Halloween person.

In fact, this is my 3rd edition of this very post!

A couple years ago, I decided to put together a post like this because I knew I couldn’t be the only one who preferred Christmas music over monster mash and pumpkin pie over candy corn. And ya’ll loved it! You can find 2015’s post here and 2016’s post here.

Anyway, I really don’t have anything against Halloween. I did grow up trick-or-treating – my best costume was in 5th grade when I was a “Deal or No Deal” case lady. (Ha! Dream job!) And I always had fun figuring out what princess to be…Belle? Ariel? Snow White? I loved them all!

And I’m definitely not against free candy. If anyone’s not gonna eat their tootsie pops, you know where to find me.

As I got older, I just found that Halloween was more for Halloween parties. These parties would require me to A) be social and B) stay out past 10 o’clock. I’m half joking, but it’s just not my cup of tea! (Although, two years ago I did go to a Halloween party cuz it was my friend’s 21st…hey, Abby!)

I’m definitely a homebody, but I don’t wanna miss out on a day where I’m totally allowed to eat candy for dinner and can have a little fun in the midst of a busy school and work week. So today for the third year in a row, I am sharing 31 Things To Do If You’re Not A Halloween Person, so you can get your plans figured out for next week!

  1. Watch Practical Magic because Sandra Bullock. Then watch Miss Congeniality 1 and 2 because Sandra Bullock Movie Marathon > everything.
  2. Try one of these cool Halloween make-up tutorials on YouTube.
  3. Fall down the rabbit hole of old Facebook pictures….because that’s scary. Print out the ones you don’t look yikes in, and create this fun DIY for photos.
  4. Bake a fall-inspired treat and enjoy with family or friends.
  5. Study…because a low GPA is no trick or treat. (Just wear fuzzy socks and snack on your favorite Halloween candy to make it more enjoyable!)
  6. Watch all of the Thanksgiving episodes of Gossip Girl because it’s time to plan your outfit.
  7. Or…watch your favorite Halloween movie from when you were a kid. “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”, anyone?
  8. Volunteer! See if nearby churches are doing trunk or treats or if any places around you need some extra help with holiday festivities.
  9. Make a list Eloise-style of Christmas gifts you’d like to give and those you’d like to get. It’s never too early to start planning. (And did you see this post about how to save money for Christmas?)
  10. Apply to jobs on LinkedIn…cuz if you’re too old to trick-or-treat, you might as well do something super adult-y like beef up your resume. (Don’t hate me for this one.)
  11. Start a blog! Use the evening to jump in and create your own website. I love this guide here! 
  12. Spend the evening watercolor painting. I absolutely love this girl’s Instagram and get some good inspiration from her paintings!
  13. Online shop for fall clothing….you know you want to! I always find cute booties here and I absolutely love checking out the sale section here!
  14. Take a romantic stroll around Target…cuz you know that Halloween candy is gonna be dirt cheap!
  15. Have a Christmas party! Invite anyone else who isn’t too into being spooky and you guys can have a merry old time watching Elf and making cookies!
  16. Learn to knit a sweater? You know…because sweater weather? (Honestly if you try this, you’re my hero.)
  17. Ok but speaking of knitting can we talk about how cool arm knitting seems? I want to try!
  18. Watch a spooky Netflix series like Riverdale or Stranger Things
  19. Watch a totally-non-spooky Netflix series like Gilmore Girls or Friends
  20. Catch up on sleep…because those bags under your eyes are not the type of costume you want!
  21. Hand out candy…someone’s gotta do it!
  22. Read a Stephen King novel or another scary story.
  23. deep clean and organize your room…might as well be productive if you’re not going out!
  24. give yourself a mani-pedi in fun-fall colors
  25. research easy Thanksgiving recipes and find some inspiration early on in the game
  26. go for a run in training for the Turkey Trot
  27. cross something off your fall bucket list
  28. go for a walk to admire the Halloween decorations and all the costumes
  29. make a fall-beverage like hot chocolate or an at-home pumpkin spice latte
  30. go to Panera for one of those pumpkin sugar cookies…I really wanna do this, haha!
  31. organize your closet and pull out your fall/winter gear if you haven’t yet