How Blogging Can Help You in Your Media Career

So, I should be studying. And I have to really be into something if it’s taking me away from my studying. (I know, total nerd.)

how blogging can help you get a job

I’m sitting in Einstein’s, facing the window that looks out onto the class I’m supposed to be at in 36 minutes. I’m too distracted to study Spanish, so I just sip my vanilla hazelnut coffee and think.

“I want to be equally as passionate about blogging and my future career.”

If you didn’t know, I’m an Advertising major. I’d love to be the next Don Draper, but understand that I’ve got to be a Peggy Olsen first and I’m fully excited about the notion of that. (Sorry, Man Men reference.)

Anyway, I LOVE my major. I love advertising. I love selling people on ideas and brands. I specifically love working in social media and creating desire in the mind’s of consumers simply by showing them pictures or a 140-character Tweet. I can’t wait to graduate and pursue a career in the Advertising world.

And the blog? I love that, too. It’s helped me understand how to pitch ideas. It’s helped me to know how to create images that draw people in with headlines that evoke emotion and copy that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I’ve always said I’ll continue to blog even with a job, and I still want to stick to that.

But I’ve been thinking, how do I merge the two passions?

Well, here’s step one: I’m creating a Facebook group for bloggers who a pursuing careers in media. All you fellow bloggers who are Journalism majors, Ad majors, PR majors, IMC majors, Digital Media Majors, etc. can join and be a apart of a community of bloggers who want to use their platform to instill in them the necessary skills to carry them to the creative corporate world.

I’m calling it: Bloggers to Media Mavens or, abbreviated, BMM.

how blogging can help you in your media career

What is it?

Bloggers to Media Mavens (BMM) is a group for bloggers who are seeking to gain skills for a communications-based career through their studies, platform on social media, and content creating.

What kind of things will be in the group?

Right now, we have about 3-4 daily threads. We have blog post threads (cuz we’re bloggers, duh!), but also Linked In follow threads, proofread threads if you need help on an assignment, and the occasional social media thread for one of the following (per day): Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter.

How do I join?

Follow this link and request to join! I’ll say yes, because you’re awesome 🙂

What’s the objective?

WAIT! Quick quiz: What step is the previous headline in the Creative Brief? Haha. Kidding. I wouldn’t quiz you on that. That would be weird. But if you said Step 1, you’re correct.

I want this to be a place where you can get homework help, career advice, and inspiration from your blogging friends all over the country. My idea started when I was doing an assignment for my Ad Copy class and I had to come up with a headline for a non-profit ad. I had a couple jotted down, but I didn’t know which I should go with.

I thought about posting on my Snapchat and asking my snap friends, but not everyone who follows me is a fellow Communications student. My nursing major friends and education buffs might be confused and wonder why the heck I was writing up a fake ad for the ASPCA- haha!

That’s when it dawned on me – a community of people who not only can give me pointers on assignments, but can totally, 100% get me.

You’ll know my pain when I post about needing a proofread on an editorial piece. You’ll be psyched to add me on LinkedIn so we both can have another connection. And I’ll love hearing about internship finds and job interviews!

So let’s share in this journey towards a media career together.

Who knows, maybe one day BMM will grow into a conference or a meet-up group. Maybe we’ll all have matching tote bags! But it all starts with joining the Facebook group.

What’s your major in school? What organizations have helped you to further your future career?