Bohemian Style for Less + Houston Date Night

boho style for less, houston date night plans
Do you ever have those moments in life where you can clearly see you’re on the threshold of adulthood? You know how many more credits you have until you graduate and you start to worry about what your savings account looks like, but then there are those physical moments where you realize, “Holy crap, I’m adulting.”

That’s been happening to me a ton lately! Between working on sprucing up my resume, working 9 to 5, and planning out my last two years of school, it’s totally hitting me. This is the life of a 20-something! It’s quite a lifestyle change to fit fun and friends around your work and responsibilities, but I actually love how it causes you to appreciate your time off and the time you spend with loved ones.

I especially feel like this when Cam and I have Friday date night. Cameron just started a really amazing internship where he works full time in Katy, TX during the week. (James T’s hometown for my Bachelorette fans out there… funny is that?!)

Before, we never had designated “date nights”. We used to live 20 steps from each other, so going on a date could pretty much happen anytime we wanted. Now that we both work all day, our time together is much more precious.

This look is actually from two Friday’s ago. (That explains how my elbow is miraculously better in these photos – ha!) I had a meeting downtown in the afternoon and I stayed down there to meet Cam when he came from work. We headed to the Galleria to shop, eat, and explore. I hadn’t stopped at the Waterwall since I was little, so I thought it’d be a fun spot for some outfit photos. 

I wore my new boho bell-sleeved swing dress that I had ordered from Forever 21. (I had tried it on while shopping during Memorial Day Weekend, but they didn’t have my size in store.) The price tag and adorable fit caught my eye and now it’s my favorite outfit for date nights! It even goes perfectly with my new bralette.

boho style dress with kate spade purse for a houston date night

boho style dress, urban outfitters inspired outfit
boho outfits
bohemian details, boho outfit, houston texas date night outfit
houston waterwall at the galleria
I love wandering around Free People and Urban Outfitters looking for those perfectly trendy boho style outfits, but sometimes they can cost about $40 more than I want to spend. (Although they do have killer sale sections!) I love a good trend or a good throwback to the 60s and 70s, but I’ve still got to stick to my college budget.

There are plenty other inexpensive boho pieces that you can add to your closet this summer and for the fall. Be on the lookout at your favorite college-girl budget stores, and also shop below!



I can’t wait for more summer date nights. Cam is the sweetest for taking 15 minutes out of our time together to be my photographer!
I’m curious – what’s your favorite date night activity? And your go-to date night look?!