How To Have a More Productive Morning (with Woolly Threads!)

It’s no secret that I like to be the early bird that gets the worm, and with me putting my life all over the Internet, you guys have noticed! I’m the person who will respond to your text at 6:30 a.m., post a picture of my breakfast by 8, and already have 10 minutes of vlog footage before most of the city is up.

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This post has been sponsored by Woolly Threads. All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

Mornings have always been the time where I’m at my best. I used to get so excited in high school if I happened to get my harder classes in the morning (like senior year when I had AP calc first period …yikes!) because I’m more alert then. (But Calculus still sucks.)

Today, I’m passing on my early bird wisdom to you! With school starting soon, I know a lot of us are thinking about how to change gears and start being more productive in the mornings.

Go to bed earlier

woolly threads - how to have a more productive morning

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Ya’ll – this is the first step!! Honestly, you can’t expect to have a workout done and 7 emails answered by 8 a.m. if you went to bed at midnight. Try to get yourself on a good sleep schedule! Most nights, you don’t have much to do after 10:30, so don’t be staying up when you can be resting.

Have a reason to get up

woolly threads - how to have a more productive morning

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This sounds silly, but from personal experience, if I don’t have a reason to get up early, I won’t. (I mean, I still wake up fairly early just because my body won’t let me sleep past 8. But I’m not just going to get up at 6 to sit and stare at a cup of coffee.) Having early classes helps, but I know not all of us have them. Instead, try to schedule a work out class or meet up with a friend to go work at a coffee shop. If you have somewhere to be – you’ll get up and start moving!

Make your to-do list the night before

woolly threads - how to have a more productive morning

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When I know that I have a full to-do list just waiting for me to cross things off, I am more likely to move faster. If I haven’t even thought about what I need to do that day, there’s gonna be a whole lot of me singing 70s music on snapchat and ignoring responsibilities. Before you go to bed, get your planner out and schedule out the next day!

Schedule your chill time in the afternoon

woolly threads - how to have a more productive morning

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You’ll find that your mornings are so much more productive when you’re working towards getting an hour of quiet time. I’m typing away on my computer until lunch and then I know I can slow down after that! After lunch, I’ll be able to work a bit slower, and even take time to take a nap, go get coffee with a friend, or just sit in my room and watch some YouTube videos.

Wear a comfy outfit that you can still leave the house in!

woolly threads - how to have a more productive morning

I don’t know about you, but I feel like my day is officially starting when I change into real clothes and not a giant t-shirt. However, it kind of bums me out to put on something uncomfortable. I need a good in between: something that is as comfy as my pj’s, but looks cute and can be worn out of the house without any weird stares, haha! I have absolutely been loving my Woolly Threads sweatshirts. I don’t care if it’s 105 outside – I’m always cold inside! (If you watch my vlogs, you know!) Plus, being so comfy makes me feel happy about being up and about, and I don’t miss my bed as much!

Have a designated workspace

woolly threads - how to have a more productive morning

I’m a desk gal. Sitting in a spot where I have all my study supplies and room for a cup of coffee really helps me to get work done. Yours might be your couch, the kitchen table, or your favorite coffee shop. Whatever it is, make sure you have all the necessary supplies handy and that you’re comfortable for tackling your inbox or writing a paper!

Exercise in the morning

woolly threads - how to have a more productive morning

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I love getting a workout in first thing in the morning! It wakes me up better than a cup of coffee and it gives me a feeling of accomplishment before I even get to my desk for the day. You don’t have to go run 5 miles or even hit the gym, any workout will do! So walk your dog or do a quick workout video online! Just get moving and you’ll carry that momentum throughout your morning.

Minimize distraction

woolly threads - how to have a more productive morning

I’ve talked about this on the blog before, but I try not to check my phone too much in the morning! With working out first thing in the morning, I already devote the whole first hour I’m up to something other than scrolling through Instagram. If I do check it, it’s only for a couple minutes, since I have that motivation to get a lot done before noon. And also as I’ve said before, I have all social media notifications turned off, so that I don’t get distracted. I can always take time to get on social media in the afternoon since I’ve gotten so much done in the morning!

Good luck to those headed back to school this week and those that have started! Let’s have some productive mornings!