5 Ways to Be More Green

I talk about a lot of “how to’s” on the blog:

be more green, sustainability tips, public market goods tee

How to get the perfect messy bun, how to get ahead in class, and even how to have a more productive morning. However, I really like posts that give back. And better yet – brands that give back.

Public Market Goods is a brand that promotes sustainability and shares a passion for nature and food through their amazing, vintage-style tees. (Oh, and they have really cool tote bags, too. So getting one for Whole Foods runs!)

Just looking through their selection of tees online, I could tell I had a lot in common with this brand. I love tacos, aim to be resourceful with the things I own, and am all about supporting the local land!

They were kind enough to send me two of their tees, and I decided to share with you how you can be more green in your life. Be sure to check out the tees and totes if you want to match with me. (And let me know if you’re ever down for a farmer’s market date!)

be more green, sustainability tips, public market goods tee

Farm tee: PMG / Double wrap necklace: TradeKraft Jewelry

Bring your own bag to the grocery store

When I was little, I thought those reusable grocery bags people brought to the stores were SO cool. I didn’t know the environmental impact; I just thought that a bag with a puppy dog or flower on it was way cuter than the plastic grocery bags they give you. I hang on to any re-usable bag I get, especially free totes. I got this one from Francesca’s when they were one of the sponsors for Thrive last year, but like I said – Public Market Goods has some awesome ones. (I really want this one!

be more green, sustainability tips, public market goods tee

Tacos Tee: Public Market Goods

Try Meatless Mondays

If cutting out meat completely scares you, don’t fret. Just try meatless Mondays! Veggie tacos, meatless pasta, grain burgers on the grill – the options are endless and delicious! Definitely would recommend veggie tacos as my top pick though. I have a recipe on those in this post and you can get the “$1 tacos” tee here! (It’s currently on sale!) 

be more green, sustainability tips, public market goods tee Use less plastic

Carrying around a cute, reusable water bottle isn’t just great for the Instagram picture opportunities. It’s a great way to live a greener life! My current favorites are the Swell bottles or basically anything that is a knock off version of them. I found a $10 copy-cat at my HEB grocery store and it’s been great!

be more green, sustainability tips, public market goods tee


I’ve always tried to find a use for anything that looks like it’d be a great decor or storage item. Back in July when I visited Austin, I grabbed a green juice from Juice Society and adored the glass bottle that it came in. I reused it to hold my Q-tips in my bathroom! Rethink your mason jars, toilet paper rolls, and cardboard boxes.

  be more green, sustainability tips, public market goods tee


Maybe you saw on social media, but Cameron got me all set up with my very own herb garden! (Way better than flowers…lasts longer and it’s a total green move – boyfriends and male readers, take notes.) I decided to plant mint, thyme, and basil because these are all herbs that I can use in my food. Now, my garden may be a small planter box, but consider taking a section of your yard (if you have one) and turning it in to a garden. We are fortunate to have so much green space, so let’s use it to the fullest!


If you’re in the Houston area, you can find PMG tees at Kuhl-Linscomb on West Alabama! Online, you can use code CRISTINA20 for 20% off!

How will you try to be more green? And which Public Market Goods tee is your fav?!