6 Things I’m Glad I Splurged On

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Happy Thursday, CWH readers!

This week is flying by, and frankly, I’m pretty stoked by that because I have such a fun weekend coming up. I was asked to be a last minute addition for a photo shoot for my friend and hair dresser Kate’s salon! Tomorrow I’m getting my second spray tan in the history of ever, and then Saturday is the shoot. Before that on Saturday, I’m getting lunch at a french bakery and patisserie with Cam and a friend of ours who’s in town. I’ve looked at the menu about 80 times now because I’m trying to figure out how to get one of everything. Seriously, everything looks amazing!

Anyway, even though I’m excited for the weekend, it’s been a good week, and I’m liking living with my fam again. It’s fun to wake up in the morning and chit chat with Angela as we make coffee and I love reading and watching Friends with Clara in the evenings. It’s also been amazing to spend time with my best friend and mentor – my dad!

My dad and I joke about how alike we are, and lately the running joke has been our stinginess!

Growing up, my dad “splurging” was when he bought himself a $1 ice cream cone at Mickey D’s – his favorite treat. My family was the “we-have-food-at-home” type and the “when-the-shampoo-bottle-starts-to-get-low-just-flip-it-over” type. Of course, we spent good money on the things that were well worth it (Caroline and I’s numerous dance costumes, Spring Break vacations, etc.) but overall, we were taught to work hard for your cash and spend wisely.

I’m glad that’s the way I was raised, because I definitely can’t relate to the memes of “logging into your bank account and seeing a negative balance”. I may not be ready to write my book on financing for the 20-something-gal or entirely sure how a 401k works, but I’m happy with where I’m at.

However, I noticed recently that there are a few items in my life that cost me a bit more than I really wanted to spend, but have been totally WORTH IT.

I’ll be hitting you with some money-saving tips and explaining how to save up for “big girl” purchases next month, so I thought I’d start off on the opposite end.

What is worth the splurge?

In fashion….

target wrap heels

Target Wrap Heels: $30

30 bucks may not sound like a splurge, but it is to me when it comes to anything at Target. I’m trying to spend like $12 max when I roll up because, hello – it’s Target! I try to contain myself to the dollar spot, but alas – this day I was in a pickle. I had my sister’s graduation the following day and left all of my “nice” shoes at my house downtown. So it was either pay $30 or spend 2 hours driving there and back in traffic to retrieve a pair of shoes. I took the shoes.

And now I’m pleased to announce that I wear them to work a couple times a week (they made it into my summer internship capsule wardrobe) and they are super comfortable – making them the perfect summer dinner on the patio shoes. $30 well-spent!

old navy floral print dress

My Infamous Yellow Dress: $42

If you heard the story or had followed along on my Snapchat story that day….I stopped by Old Navy to browse before going into Bath and Body Works next door to buy a car air freshener. (The only thing I intended to buy that day.) Whilst perusing the O.N., I stumbled across the most gorgeous, most “me” dress EVER. I tried it on – for fun. Just for fun. Snapped a pic to my Snapchat story. Hung the dress back up and practically patted myself on the back for the self-control I had to not buy a dress I was absolutely in love with.

Well, then, everyone and their mama started messaging me on Snapchat (not getting a big head here – literally many people and their mamas were messaging me) saying that I absolutely had to get the dress because it was just…me. Yellow, bright, floral…everything I want to be associated with.

So I called Old Navy once I got home and the opposite of buyer’s remorse (non-buyer’s remorse?) kicked in, and I asked if they still had the dress. They did, and I asked them to hold it, raced back to the store, and took $42 out of my bank account for a dress that was really quite “out there”. I mean – did it even go with any shoes I had? Would I be able to wear it come fall time, too?

But I haven’t regretted my purchase. I’ve worn it to church, to dinner dates, and to Cam’s graduation. It made me smile and giggle when Cam and I were at a friend’s grad party the evening of the ceremony and while Cam and I were separated across the party, he would tell people that his girlfriend was “the little sunflower – you can’t miss her.”

So I like being a sunflower. Even if it did cost me a week and a half worth of groceries.

Here’s a romper version and a similar dress. 

In technology…

External hard drive: $72

I’m a blogger, a writer, an avid iPhone photo-taker, and I work in digital media. I GOT A LOT OF STUFF ON MY COMPUTER, OK?

And you probably do, too if you’re a student who has tons of study guides and essays saved or a mom who’s got a zillion photos of her kiddos. So an external hard drive? WAY work the splurge. I think mine is 1 Terabyte and it is most definitely from Best Buy. I got it last summer in an attempt to save the storage on my computer. (There was almost none.) It totally saved my butt – and the battery life on my Macbook Pro. So “yay” to the $60 hard drive!

planoly app for photo scheduling

Planoly App: $25 every 3 months

I don’t pay money for many apps, but I NEED this one and CANNOT live without it. I’m very into my Instagram, and with well reason. I’m a blogger and digital media intern, so it’s important to me to schedule, post consistently, and maintain my branding and aesthetic. So, I got to app Planoly to plan out my posts, schedule them, and make sure everything looks picture perfect. You can do a free trial for a bit and see if you like it before committing to paying, but I think it’s so worth it!


In home decor/organization…

mason jars

12 pack of Mason Jars: $12

I got these on Amazon when I moved into the farmhouse and they are everything. I drink water, kombucha, smoothies, and my chlorophyll water from them. I use them to store my flour, sugar, chia, and hemp seeds for baking. They are great for staying organized and super cute for pictures.

target cube organizer

Target bookcase: $60

Cameron and I spent almost 45 minutes staring at this thing deciding whether or not it was worth it for me to buy. Originally, it was my TV stand in my first apartment (and it was featured on Wayfair.com!) and then once I moved into the farmhouse, it became a bookshelf and a home for my record player. I’m deciding whether it will fit/go well in my room at Bishjano downtown, but I’d love to keep it or pass it along to someone who would get good use out of it. I’m an avid reader (and I love my records) so it was great for those things to have a home.

What is something you’re glad you splurged on?