Current Obsessions

This was taken on Cam’s new iPhone X!! I edited it in VSCO 🙂

I want to start off this post by saying thanks so much for all the kind thoughts and prayers after my last post! Taking time off blogging and not stressing so much about being present on social media has really felt right in this season of life, but I have had so many things pop up that I’ve felt like sharing, so I’m going to put all my favorites together in this post!

There are new snacks I’ve discovered, new music I’ve jammed to, and just random little things that have caught my fancy recently. (I thinkI just mixed metaphors…oh well.)

Check out what I’ve been loving:

These pumpkin flax bars for snacking! I thought I was getting a little tired of pumpkin and was ready to try more Christmas-y flavors, but then I found these on sale at Kroger and they’ve been great to throw in my lunch kit for long days on campus.

Coconut oil as moisturizer. My sister has been using this for a while, but I only just jumped on board when I ran out of my previous moisturizer. It actually works wonderfully for me! I used to get dry, red patches…especially since I’m on prescription Epiduo and that tends to dry me out if I accidentally use too much or concentrate it too much in one area. This is super hydrating and I have no more redness!

I bought these yoga pants a week before my trip to Fayetteville and they are sooo comfy. I even sized up so the comfort factor would be to the max. I also got a pair of leggings from the same brand, and they have been great for running and just hanging out.

Not trying to toot my own horn, but my Spotify playlists have been fire lately. I’m obsessed with the one I made for October, and I’m trying to make November’s just as great. I’ve also been listening to the Stranger Things soundtrack and I really want it on vinyl! I’m obsessed with the 80s and oldies music, so this show was amazing for me in more ways than one.

Also, Cam and I LOVE the artist Novo Amor and he collaborated with Ed Tullet on this new album and it is SO GOOD. Perfect “chilly day driving with the windows down” music. Or cuddled up by the fire with hot cocoa!

Speaking of Stranger Things, that was definitely a recent favorite. To fill the gaping hole in my heart after finishing both seasons in less than a week, I’ve started The Fosters. My sister has been obsessed for a couple years and I’m finally taking her advice and watching!

My team at work started using the website Checkli to make collaborative to-do lists for our daily tasks. I made a free account and now I use it just for my own personal stuff! I have the app on my phone and I like how you can still physically “check” something off the digital list.

from my most recent photo shoot for Le Sugar Salon.

I’ve been writing almost every morning in both of my 52 List Journals. I have the original 52 Lists and the 52 Lists for Happiness. It’s almost like gratitude journaling for me, which has come widely recommended by so many people close to me. I’ve really been loving it!

Shh, I already know something that Cam got me for our anniversary! It’s this candle from Bath and Body Works because I picked it out. I’m honestly surprised I went for a sweet, cookie scent and not something more woodsy, but I really love it and it makes me happy to smell it. I’ve stressed to Cam that this is really all he needs to get me for our 7 years because I truly don’t need anything and he spoils me enough during the regular ole days of the year, but he never really listens to me haha 🙂

My friend, Jill, introduced me to the Young House Love podcast and I really enjoy it! If you like Chip and Joanna Gaines and enjoy learning about DIY and fixer-upper projects, this podcast is for you! But the couple also talks about a bunch of other random lifestyle things that are really fun.

Runners! If you run in the dark sometimes, you totally need this little light vest! Angela got it for me because she is so dang thoughtful and I love it. (I got in a size Small!) I live in a busy neighborhood where many people are driving to work or to drop their kids off at school while I’m running in the mornings and a lot of them are tired and not paying attention. I’ve seen people texting while rolling through stop signs multiple times! It’s important to be safe, so I try to wear light colored clothing and now I wear this vest as well!

my new go-to coffee order for a cheap and yummy drink is an iced coffee (or cold brew) with almond milk and one pump of vanilla or hazelnut syrup!

I want to try to make this sweet potato cinnamon raisin bread from Hungry Haley’s blog this weekend!

I tried out this mascara recently and I’m in love….hello length and volume!

I loved Nancy Wheeler’s style on Stranger Things, specifically her classic, feminine leather watch that she wore. I’ve been wearing this one every single day, but I’d love to get one from Fossil or Coach maybe as a Christmas or birthday gift!

An update on my health situation…

While this week was better pain-wise, I still experienced the same headache each day and got some blood tests done. My liver functions were elevated, but that is most likely due to the medications I was taking that contained Tylenol, so I just have to lay off those for a bit!

My nuerologist is referring me for an MRI with contrast. Bleh. I’ll gladly do it as I want to get to the bottom of this issue, but I’m definitely not jumping up and down excited to lie in a metal tube for a while. I’ve done it once before and it honestly isn’t so bad. However, I am claustrophobic, so I have to shut my eyes and sing Christmas songs in my head. (A trick my mom taught me.) I haven’t ever gotten contrast before, and I’ve heard it’s a pretty weird sensation…

If the MRI shows inflammation, I’ll get some steroids to ease that up. If the MRI is normal and I still have the pain, I’ll have to do a lumbar puncture (a.k.a. a spinal tap.) Whatever you do, don’t Google this at work. It wasn’t a fun thing to do. Although, with the research I did do, it looks like it is a pretty painless thing, too. I have nothing to worry about!

I’ll keep ya’ll updated 🙂