Amazing Designer Bag Dupes

Happy Thursday peeps!

Ok, so I have always been a little head-over-heels for bags. I don’t know what it was, but from a young age, they were just so desirable for me. I remember coveting my mom’s Louis Vuitton wallet from the seat of my stroller, haha. There was just something so grown-up about bags. And being a Type A gal, I have always loved the idea of carrying everything with me that I could possibly ever need. Running errands? Great. I need to bring 3 different protein bars, 2 different scents of hand sanitizer, and the latest book I’m reading.

What I don’t like about bags is the expense. No way Jose. I am just not paying the cost of the new iPhone for a bag that I’ll forget hooked on my chair at the local Starbucks. That’s just not me.

But I feel like bags complete me. I’m a plain-tee and pants kinda girl and with minimal make-up and no crazy jewelry-stacking, the bag can really pull together my look and help me look like I tried. When in reality, these are the same leggings I’ve worn all week and this tank top was $1.47 mega clearance at Old Navy. Yup.

I have quite the collection of bags thanks to finding lower prices on great designer look-a-likes at my favorite boutique stores. So I wanted to round them up for you today in case you are on the hunt for something to hold your entire life while you go to the coffee shop.

Marc Jacobs Quilted Purse vs. Anne Klein Black Quilted Purse with  Chainstrap

I bought this Anne Klein freshman year of high school with my hard-earned babysitting money because I was obsessed with Francesca Eastwood on Mrs. Eastwood and Company (basically the Eastwood family reality TV version of the Kardashians….WHY did it get cancelled after one season!!) and she had a bag just like this, but it was no doubt Chanel and thousands of dollars. It was just such a ladylike bag and so classic. I don’t see chain-straps being super popular right now (look at me, pretending to understand fashion) but I do think that a black bag will go far for ya. Especially black because it goes with almost anything and spruces up any outfit!

Kate Spade Small Rachelle vs. Target Satchel

Cameron and I joke about my Kate Spade small Rachelle bag (I have it in white, but sadly that color is sold out!) because he actually bought it for me a couple summers ago right before he left for Ireland and Europe for 5 weeks. I was so salty about him leaving and had been moping for months about it. (Haha. I am independent.) Anyway, I had wanted a good mid-sized, goes-with-everything bag for a while and was fully planning on buying the bag for myself, but Cam surprised me and paid for it. I know neither of us regret the bigger ticket purchase because it’s practically “our” purse. I bring it everywhere and will hold Cam’s sunglasses for him in there….plus all the Salata and Michael’s coupons, haha. I do like that Target has copy-cat versions for super cheap!!

High End Satchels vs. Navy Francesca’s Satchel

I’ve really been loving my navy Francesca’s satchel, so I linked a similar option from them. It’s pretty structured, so it looks great when I throw it on with a very plain outfit. (A.k.a – my entire wardrobe.) It makes me look like I totally tried to get those *street style* vibes. And it’s so much more affordable than bags in it’s shape on the high end market.

Do you have a bag you just adore? Is it a dupe or the real deal? Let me know!