5 Things to Read Every Day

what to read each day

Weekends are for reading!

If you need me Friday after 5pm, you can find me snuggled on the couch with whatever book I’m currently devouring. (Sharing a “What I Read: June” post soon!) It’s the perfect activity for the weekend because you can go from reading while drinking coffee to reading while drinking wine. A+ in my book!

However, I do most of my reading during the week days. Every morning, I spend time watching the news, checking news updates, and then scouring my favorite sites for content creation inspo. It helps me to do both of my jobs better: digital media intern and blogger!

what to read each day

Here’s what I read every day: 

NPR news updates

So this is more-so a “listen”, but I have the NPR news app on my phone, so while I’m getting ready in the morning, I listen to the live broadcast. (And then when I get in my car to go to work, I have the radio tuned to my local NPR station…that’s actually where I intern!) It’s great because I get the top news stories and get plugged in for the day.

The Everygirl

This is by far my FAVORITE online publication. It would be my dream to run something like this! Each day, I check the site for new posts. I draw a lot of inspiration from here. My favorite posts here are apartment tours (because I totally love to channel my inner Joanna Gaines) and lifestyle posts. It’s just real, good advice – for the every girl!


Sometimes, I’m digging into more light-hearted articles such as “The Best Trader Joe’s Products of All Time” and sometimes I’m reading political pieces. My favorite posts here are the Money Diaries series where they follow one person for a week in their city on a certain budget, and see how they stretch their dollar. It’s definitely something to check on your lunch break.


My main focus when it comes to content creating in digital media is millennial, so millennial-run publications are my go-to. I love seeing what stories Bustle has each day. It’s very similar to Refinery29. I love their “Beauty IRL” posts – I think I read “How 5 Woman Get Ready in the Morning” like 16 times the other week and then followed all the ladies on Instagram. It’s just inspirational, raw, real, and informative.

Bonus: watch your local news station!

This is a must for me with work, but I really enjoy it. I get a lot of national news from NPR and from checking AP, but local news is great. You can learn what restaurants are having deals that night and learn about local events going on in your city from chili cook-offs to dog shows. I feel more connected and more like a part of my big city this way!

what to read each day

And these are my favorite blogs that I check on the ‘reg:

The Golden Girl Blog

Jess is my favorite. I found her almost two years ago, and still cannot get over how much I enjoy her content. She does a great job of sharing personal bits as well as info we’re all dying to know. (Like how to make the perfect scrambled eggs – yes. please!) She’s just a ray of sunshine, and I love that she also shares local gems in her city of Chicago. I’ve never been, but she makes me want to book a ticket for tomorrow!

The Stripe

I know that Grace Atwood has been werkin’ it in the blog world from some time now, but I only just started reading her blog and WHOA – what took me so long?! I’m obsessed with her “book club”. She shares the books she reads each month and it totally helps me out when I compile my list for the public library each week. I feel like she’s a breath of fresh air. She’s on-trend, but real, and I enjoy seeing what she’s wearing, reading, eating, or doing!

Nutrition Stripped

So many of my go-to recipes have been inspired by this blog! I tweak them here or there to my liking, but they are always spot on. This is where I found my dairy-free matcha latte recipe, so I send anyone to this blog when they ask about it. When I don’t know what to make for the week, this is where I turn.

The College Prepster

I’ve been reading TCP since before I was even a part of the blogging world, but haven’t we all? I don’t check it every day, but I follow Carly on Twitter and Instagram and love when she posts lifestyle content. She’s a bookworm as well, so I always love her book recommendations.

Brighton The Day

I love Brighton’s blog design and her voice that comes through in each of her posts. She has a genuine heart and great style, two things I can really appreciate in a blogger – especially when used in harmony with each other! I love hearing her talk about real things: burnout, relationships, taking breaks, blogging ruts, etc. It’s really refreshing to have someone go beyond the cute outfit and home decor and just be real for a sec.

Faring Well

Another health/nutrition blog! This one I only found a couple months ago, but I absolutely love it. Jessie is such a gem. She just seems to truly exude real happiness. I love that she shares about her health issues and her struggles in finding diagnosis. I especially appreciate her healthy-take on classic desserts and other guilty pleasures. I’m all about that! This strawberry hot fudge sundae? Please and thank you!

what to read each day

Here are a few links I’ve been loving lately: 

How I Lost 40 Pounds When I Finally Rebelled Against Every Diet Myth

I absolutely loved this post on The Everygirl on rebelling against diet myths. I’ve been in a period of transition with my diet. I shared with ya’ll on Monday how I’ve finished an elimination diet and have reintroduced many foods. In addition to that, I’ve began living with my family again, so there is no shortage of real, good food. (Aka: not just a sweet potato for dinner or a plate of veggies because I’m lazy.) But I was nervous. Should I track my food? What if I overeat?

This post really calmed my nerves and made me want to punch diet culture in the face! I’m ready to embrace my body and care for it by eating seasonally, incorporating more low-intensity exercises, and just adjusting to my own body’s needs rather than listening to what diet culture has to say about what I should or shouldn’t be eating. (And how much.)

Its Harry Potters 20th Anniversary But The Books Are More Relevant Than Ever

I’m a total Harry Potter nerd, so I loved this one from Bustle collecting all the valuable things Harry Potter has taught us in the past 20 years. (Holy crap, that makes me feel old!)

What Parisians Do Instead of Self-Care

If you don’t know, I’m going through a Parisian-obsession right now. After moving into a New Orleans French Quarter style-home with a Parisian-style stove and oven, I decided to embrace my newfound cultural inspiration by reading tons of books on French cooking and finding articles that teach you about the Parisian way of life. When I found this article on the Everygirl, I couldn’t click on it fast enough. And every bit was true and lined up with all the other research I’ve been doing!


Do you have something you always read when you have your morning coffee? I want to know!