Sunday Snapshots

I had the itch to write, but didn’t really know what to share, so I thought a “Sunday Snapshots” post would be just the cure for my Sunday Scaries and writer’s block.

This is such a fun season of life, and I know I’ll look back on it fondly. I spend mornings scribbling in a journal trying to remember the exact way the sun looked coming up outside our living room windows and the sound of the oscillating fan in the bedroom. Posts like these help, too – a real full-day diary of what we did in our life that day. Nothing too crazy this time around – just a Sunday filled with lots of little joys that gave the scaries a run for their money.

To start the day, I made coffee and did my morning quiet time in my chair. I’ve sat on this thing (in different spaces now) for over a year now, documenting the past day, the day to come, what’s happening in life, etc. I also do the Jesus Calling Devotional and spend time in the Word.

I made breakfast and read some of my new library book. I go to a new library now that I live in a new neighborhood and it was like Christmas morning to walk in for the first time and discover the TWO FLOORS of books! Inserting some pictures I took because it was just like a hug in library form.

I got dressed for church and Cam and I went to the one that we have a hold on for our wedding!!! It was breathtakingly gorgeous and we felt right at home there.

Stopped for warm drinks afterwards – I was still sleepwalking it felt like and with the cold, gray day it just felt right. I’ve been trying chai lattes here and there and I’ve had a couple really great ones.

After changing into more athleisure like clothes, we went on a little walk around the neighborhood thinking about lunch. We eventually ended up at bellagreen, which I’ve been to for a meal more times than I’d like to admit since for the past 2 years – no matter where I am – there’s one walking distance. However, this was my first time on a weekend when they serve brunch! Somehow it got 10x better when I got to eat breakfast twice!

After that, we came back home. I did some dishes, straightened up around the place, threw some laundry in, and since I had a little bit of muffin mix left that I made yesterday, I put two more muffins in the oven. Ya’ll. The smoke detector here is SO SENSITIVE. It has kept going off on us when we open the oven to put something in or take something out, but today it just went off when the oven door was closed!! Scares me every time.

And then, we discovered this lovely mess. I did the dishwasher the same as I do every time, so still not sure how this wound up happening. And one of my measuring cups fell down to the bottom and it burned a whole right through it, which smelled wonderful 🙂 🙂

It was around this time that the Sunday Scaries really set in. The afternoon seemed to be passing by so quickly, and I remembered a busy Monday schedule that brought the anxiety across my chest. Anyone else? So lovely, right!

One thing that really helped this weekend – I deleted my Instagram app for a little detox! It’s actually the only social media I have and use on my phone. I have a Twitter account, but I never use it because I haven’t had the app on my phone for almost 2 years. And then I have Facebook, but I don’t get on it – it’s just for work purposes. Not getting on Instagram this weekend helped me to be more present, read more (lol), and not compare myself. I often find it makes the S.S.’s worse because I’m looking at other people’s weekend activities like “Oh, maybe I should have gone to the park!” or “Crap, I wanted to see that movie, too!!” and it makes me feel like I’m not doing my rest time right. WRONG. Gotta do you and just enjoy what you got 🙂

Another thing that helps me with my S.S.’s – fake errands! Going to the grocery store just for fun, going for a drive, mailing a letter to a friend, etc. This time, Cam and I went to a Kroger we’ve never been to before (oooh, ahhh) to pick up a few things.

Then Cam took me to yoga! I’d been going back and forth all day about whether I wanted to go, but ultimately, I am SO glad I did because it filled me with such positive energy. Sunday is yoga sculpt and the instructor is just so sweet and high energy. It was fun to sweat and just get all the scaries out of my system.

I came home and showered, had a bowl of fruit to replenish my sugar, and drank a lot of water while Cam made dinner! He’s taken to doing this on Sunday nights after I’m dead from yoga and it’s the sweetest thing. He also makes really good pasta dishes and always makes a ton, so we can eat leftovers for work lunches during the week. I read my new library book while Cam made the apartment smell wonderfully of sauteed veggies and garlic.

This week, he made spaghetti with chicken sausage and veggies in a garlicky-butter sauce. I added tons of red pepper flakes and it was delish! No picture because I inhaled it, haha.

We ended the night with episode 8 of Sabrina. We’re. Still. Watching. Because I get too scared and need to go like 2 days without it on at night, haha. But it’s so good and we’re dying to find out what happens!!!

Not bad for a Sunday with a little side of scaries. What did you do this weekend?!