5 Thoughts…Including Mantras for Highly Sensitive People

Hi, guys! Since I’ve been bit by the blogging bug and I have no desire to hold myself back from posting twice in one week or twice in one day, I thought I’d share a post in the style of two of my favorite bloggers, Robin of The Real Life RD and Kylie from Imma Eat That. They each often share these “5 Thoughts” post with is just a quick brain-dump/round-up/favorites post all in one.

Here’s some stuff on my mind with a lot of helpful and fun links for ya! If you’d like to give me a weekly or life update in the comments if you haven’t commented in a while, that’d be so fun! I’d love to catch up with all my old readers/friends 🙂



I’ve been a wanna-be yogi for years. Ever since my mom surprised my sister and I with yoga mats and a couple at-home DVDs when we were in middle or high school. Since then, I’ve done a lot of videos online and have been to yoga studios over the Houston area. I finally found one I really love super close to our new apartment. My sister Caroline and I got a deal on a month membership for being new members, so definitely check that out if you’re nearby. We do a couple vinyasa flows a week and then we’ve been loving doing Yoga Sculpt on Sundays – it’s similar to Corepower if you’ve done that! Basically a flow with weights added in. 🙂

Yoga just feels so good to me. I’ve worked really hard on my relationship to exercise (and am still working on it) and I’ve found that my body and soul really likes yoga. I prefer less intense vinyasa flows and I can’t do heated – it’s too intense for me. When I do the Yoga Sculpt at my studio, I need a good snack before and after and some gatorade because it is a bit more intense!

What workout is perfect for you?


I really wanted to write a post about being an (HSP) highly-sensitive-person, but truthfully, I really don’t know that much as I am just now learning about my own journey and experience as one. I’m hoping to soon check out some books from the library by Dr. Elaine Aron – she writes The Highly Sensitive Person, The Highly Sensitive Person in Love, The Highly Sensitive, etc. I’d also love to read Making Work Work For The Highly Sensitive Person by Barrie S. Jaeger. I’ll be sure to report back on what I learn!

For now, I want to include my thoughts on this “5 Thoughts” round-up post and share 3 mantras that help me when I feel anxious, hurt, etc. on account of me being a HSP. I tend to say these in my head and just kind of hang on to them for safe keeping when feeling really sensitive about something someone said, a present issue, etc.

(1) I am doing my best. 

Simple, but true. A lot of times I am quick to get hurt because I feel that someone isn’t appreciating what I’m doing/understanding me/underestimating me, etc. When I remind myself of this simple truth, I feel better, and I realize I can let other people have their own feelings about me and feel confident that I am doing and giving my all.

(2) I exist outside of ______

When I am feeling really sensitive about something, I’m usually making it my entire world. As in, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I messed up on this! What the heck! I suck!!!!” And that’s no good. I need to remember that I exist outside of work, school, my relationship with a certain person, etc. I have so much to give, and I am a multi-faceted, complicated, unique individual. If someone is unhappy with me today (or maybe just gives me a critique) I can accept it and move on knowing that I am always being kind, always doing my best (see mantra 1) and that I am more than work, washing dishes, not burning the garlic at dinner, etc.

(3) Consider it all joy

Sometimes, I am put into a situation or a conversation where I feel down and sensitive about something that was said or how something was handled. When I realize that my faith being tested is a joyful opportunity to look closer to Jesus for help, relief, and confidence – I can consider that really joyful. I actually read something like that in my morning devotional this morning and then a couple hours later, had a run-in that made me second guess myself like “Wow – does this person think I’m doing a bad job? Are they annoyed with me?” and then I was like “Whoa! What a great opportunity to practice gratitude, and to just tune in to what is actually truth.” It’s a good wake-up call.

THREE: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Cam and I started this before Halloween, but I think we still have 3 or so episodes left! Lowkey, it’s kinda scary, so I’m a baby and can barely handle it, but it’s good. Kiernan Shipka is great!!! Watch if you haven’t, but have a buddy or watch it in the daylight. Or maybe you’re like some of my friends and you’re not a baby and can just binge watch the whole thing alone! Haha.

FOUR: Wedding planning is happening!! 

Not too much has happened so far as we are just now approaching a year out, but as I write this, we are going to visit the church where we plan to have the ceremony tonight to do a tour and have a meeting and last weekend we looked at one of the venues on our list. There’s a lot more venue touring that needs to happen and finalizing guest list, but those are the first big things! It’s really fun and super exciting 🙂

FIVE: Planners for 2019

I’ve had a ton of different planners in my life. Erin Condren, Day Designer, Kate Spade, etc. 2018 was my first year to use the Rifle Paper Co planner and I LOVE it! I did a post on it here. I’m thinking I’m already ready to buy my 2019 one because I already need to start putting some dates down for January like wedding dress appointments (ahhh!) and fun work things. I think I’m going to get this print, and I’m PUMPED.