My Healthy Office Habits

I started my new internship January 8th and I love it!!

I think there’s something about working in an office that makes you re-think your habits. Am I on my phone too much? Do I have good posture? Do I drink enough water? Can I bring something else for lunch instead of a chopped salad?

This is my second internship, so somewhat like having New Years resolutions, I have some “new job resolutions”. I really want to make sure I am good with drinking water here, that I wear my glasses while on the computer (it helps my headaches), and that I get creative with snacks/meals that I pack for work.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking about some of my best healthy office tips that I can share with those of you that have started working a job, too or may be starting soon.

One // Pack a lunch 

I started doing this at my last internship because where I worked there were no places around the office to grab lunch. Also, I liked being able to leave 30 minutes early to beat traffic, so I wanted to be able to eat at my desk. (May seem a little counterintuitive and unhealthy, but the packed lunch balances out I think.) I’ve carried this practice over to my job now because I think it’s important to get a nourishing mid-day meal in.

I find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest, but being a creature of habit, I love to just do some version of a warming salad each week. I prep veggies every Sunday and then divide into containers. I also use healing spices such as turmeric and black pepper for anti-inflammatory properties. Then I’ll add in greens, a healthy fat source, and a plant based protein such as chickpeas. In the morning, For something extra, I’ll toss the bowl in some healthy dressing – either Tessame’s honey poppyseed or my own creation.

Two // Only use my phone for work purposes 

Personally, I use my phone for work because we run social media for many clients, so I’ll often be doing some work on their Instagrams. But other than that, I don’t get on my phone for my personal stuff. (i.e. posting to Instagram, checking Instagram, texting, etc.) It keeps me focused and productive and shows my work place and coworkers some respect.

Three // Check work e-mail only at work … personal e-mail only at home

The first thing I do when I get to work is open up my work e-mail and I close out of it right before leaving. I like to compartmentalize like this and I think it is healthy for work/life balance. In the morning, I’ll check my personal e-mail, which is pretty scant. I’ve unsubscribed from a lot of accounts using Unroll.Me, so I really just get the occasional offer deal from Zoe’s Kitchen and appointment reminders. 🙂

Four // Bring nourishing snacks (and have extras stowed away for emergencies!) 

My favorite snacks to bring are cashews, seasonal fruit (loving clementines right now), and gluten free rice cakes. I also keep extras in my desk, plus a Lara bar. You may find that your office has snacks on occasion, but it may be things like candy or cookies, which is totally fine in my opinion every now and then, but true brain food lies in healthy fats and I find citrus fruits to give me energy and no sugar crash. So those are my go-tos!

Five // Batch tasks

I’m trying to get better at this, but I find that this makes me so much more productive. I tend to take 5-10 minutes when I first get in in the morning to check my e-mail and open up my planner, but then I dive into the first task of the day and try not to stray from it until it is completed. I’ll take breaks between tasks for water, a walk to the restroom, tea, or maybe lunch or a snack, but I just find that this is healthy for my mind and my work place productivity.

Six // Drink plenty of water….don’t worry, restroom breaks allow for walking/standing breaks! 

I always bring a water bottle to work and fill it up as needed. Throughout my entire day, I try to fill up my water bottle and drink it 3-4 times. (My water bottle is approximately 1 liter.) So definitely bring a water bottle with you if you’re wanting to drink more water – and reduce waste. A lot of people argue that they’ll have to go to the lady’s room more if they do this – no biggie! Getting up from your desk and stretching your legs is awesome. Don’t forget to go for a refill.

Seven // Bring peppermint oil for tension headaches

I bring a rollerball of peppermint oil and apply it to my temples and wrists every so often to avoid the tension headaches that I get from looking at a screen and concentrating. It really is awesome, and you can make it yourself! I found a little tutorial for you here. I’ve even shared with my fellow intern a time or two. Everyone gets that icky feeling that comes from staring at your laptop too long, and this really helps. I also like my Doterra breath stick. 

Do you have any healthy office habits? I’d love to learn more!