Weekends in Cypress

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Around Christmastime, I noticed a change in my mood that just wasn’t right.

I was really irritable. Grouchy. Grumpy. Ba humbug. Tired. Emotionally drained. It had been (then) 3 months (now 4) of dealing with migraines and the stress that comes from not being healthy, and it was really taking a toll on my mood. Plus, I thought I’d be better by the time the holidays rolled around, so that just added onto the negative energy because it was “CHRISTMASTIME DANG IT AND I WASN’T BETTER!”

Ya know?

So one day, I was sitting in my car, just having finished up at the gym, and I thought, “What do I need right now?”

It’s a question I have to ask myself a lot these days.

The fact of the matter is, there isn’t always a lot I can do. Some days are harder than others and the tricks I have up my sleeve to work with pain management can only do so much. So I just breathe and ask, “What else can I do?” “How can I make this day a little better?”

I think of it like creating your own sunshine.

Many times it’s a really warm shower, some essential oils, or re-watching Gossip Girl. Sometimes it’s slathering my favorite rose-scented body balm on and then putting on my most comfortable pair of yoga pants that I purposely bought two sizes too big so they’d be extra cozy.

On this particular day I thought, I want to go to Cypress.

Cypress is my hometown, where Cam still lives, and it feels a lot like the countryside to me after living practically in the heart of downtown Houston for a year and a half now. I resented living there growing up because the only things to do were get ice cream and go to the movies or the same two boutiques, but now that I’ve left and come back, I can appreciate it so much more. It’s quiet, slower paced…just good, suburban living. It’s nice to be able to go to the grocery store, the gas station, or the nail salon and not have to get on a busy highway. Gas prices are amazing. Even exercise classes are cheaper.

So, I’ve been driving there every Thursday and staying a couple nights – usually through Saturday.

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The first couple weeks I did it, I didn’t let it do much to improve my mood. I was a huge grumper about not having my humidifier with me or forgetting my favorite leggings. I felt out of place having to get my meals out rather than having them already prepared ahead of time, stacked neatly in the fridge. I missed my shampoo and my pillows. But after some change in perspective and a bit better planning on my end – I really was able to utilize this time away as a detox from my normal routine.

I come to Cypress ready for some productive relaxation. I have Fridays off from school and work, but I have an online class to work on and I usually like to do something active or social since Cam is gone all day for work. I bring all my school stuff plus some work out clothes with me and have a really fun Friday. For example, today started off by me going to eat my yogurt cup breakfast at Starbucks so I could grab coffee there before my 8:30 Pure Barre. (It was my free birthday class!)

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I journaled at a table surrounded by businessmen in suits rather than in my little peppermint-oil scented corner of my room, but I still felt calm and grounded all the same.

I may not have my normal gym, but I’m working my way through all the free workout classes I can right now. I have a running list on my computer of where I can try something out for free or at least get a discount. 🙂 I highly recommend doing this if you’re traveling/staying somewhere temporarily, but would still like some healthy movement. At a lot of boutique studios, your first class is free or offered at a discount.

Whole Foods is my favorite place to work on my online class because FOOD! Sometimes I eat from their hot bar and sometimes I bring my own food and just get a drink here. But it’s great because free wifi, great views (I always sit on the second story balcony), and you can make good use of the microwaves, condiments, and if you need a break – roam around the store!

Other than those pertinent to-dos like my online class, a good stretch/movement, and a coffee/dinner date with someone I love, I focus on resting. I always have a book to read, so that I prioritize doing something slow and off-screen. There’s also no shame against a mid-day nap or movie showing – I know my body will really thank me for the rest when I get back into my hectic routine during the weekdays.

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I would encourage you to find your Cypress on the weekends. You don’t even have to physically leave your place of residence. I think what we all really need is just a change in our state of minds for the weekend:

  • prioritize rest – try to go at least one or two days without setting an alarm and/or take naps
  • when you make a to-do list, only set a couple priorities. Don’t overbook or overwork yourself
  • pencil in something fun like a workout class with a friend, a massage, or baking a new recipe (Cam and I want to make more of these Kind bars this weekend – they are delish!)
  • for quiet-time activities, choose activities that you don’t get as much time for during the week … especially once that boost creativity, positive thinking, and stress relief!
    • for me, this is journaling, pinning away some inspiration on Pinterest, and reading.
  • nourish your body – it’s good to rest and relax, but also make sure to physically nourish through food, water, and supplements. I do great at drinking about a liter and a half of water during the work week because I’m sitting at my desk and have the bottle with me at all times, so on weekends I need to be a bit more concious of my water consumption. A tip is to carry a water bottle with you wherever you go! If I go out to eat, I like to pick an option where I can get a ton of veggies – maybe some that I don’t have at home. I love to create salads at Salata with great micronutrients like bean sprouts, artichoke hearts, beets, and avocado and then Whole Foods hot bar always has great add-ins for my lunches like turmeric roasted sweet potatoes, cabbage, pumpkin seeds, and other healthy options.
  • practice kindness + positive thinking – Since you spend more time with others on the weekends, this can be a good time to practice kindness and positivity. When you’re in your own little world Monday-Friday, it’s easy to be passive aggressive, moody, and negative. It’s even trendy sometimes. We tweet little statements about how we hate the weather or we (me) complain about parking to our Instagram fam. On the weekend, you’ll have more real life interactions. You’ll chat with the moms at barre class, make jokes with the clerk at the grocery store, and share a meal with family. Be present, be kind, be attentive. Listen to them, make them feel heard, laugh with them, and just feel lighter being in the presence of others – let it be something that fills you up over the weekend rather than drains you.

I hope these tips and a little insight into my weekend brought you some weekend inspo. I hope you have a lovely one!