10 Organization Hacks For The Busy College Girl

Happy Wednesday!

I’m super happy we’re half-way through the week. Houston is finally going to get a little cool front this weekend and I’m excited to take the time to just relax. I think Cam and I may visit the farmer’s market! He’s also been helping me cross things off the fall bucket list that I posted about in this post.

I really want to try to go to a pumpkin patch soon (never too early!), paint a pumpkins (I prefer this to carving because it’s more fun and I’m better at painting than carving), and I really want to have a picnic. I was thinking about what kind of food I could make for a picnic, and then I was like, “Eh, who am I kidding…I think I’ll just want Zoe’s Kitchen!”

Anyway, today I’m sharing some organization hacks with you all. I love reading posts like these because I always get some good ideas. These tips have saved my booty during life’s busy seasons. (Currently going through one right now!)

Enjoy the tips and let me know if you have any fall to-do’s on your list! Maybe with being more organized you can schedule more time for those.


(1) Use a lunchbox to store snacks and prepped meals for your day

I can’t believe I’m a senior and I just now got a lunch box! My schedule the first couple years was more morning-heavy so I could get away with just stashing a protein bar in my bag and being ok until I got home, but this year, I’m usually away most of the day. I use this lunch box to bring my prepped meals and snacks!

(2) Use a catch-all bag for loose jewelry and make-up for after gym touch-ups

I typically don’t apply my mascara (pretty much the only makeup I wear) until I get to campus or after I workout at the school gym. I sometimes work out before work, and then change into my work clothes and accessories in the locker room. I’ve been using a little Tory Burch dust-bag to hold my eyelash curler, mascara, and bracelets. They never get lost in my backpack, and I always remember to take the bag out over the weekend.

(3) Have a snack drawer in your workspace

Right now, my nightstand doubles as a cute little stand for my record player. The top drawer has boring odds and ends like my Kroger coupons for Siggi’s and my sunglasses, but the bigger drawer on the bottom is full of snacks! I stock up on my favorite snacks at the beginning of the week – usually RX bars, Lara bars, Kind bars, and these protein bars, and then I have a little tub of cashews in there as well as some dark chocolate covered cacao nibs for a sweet snack. Each morning when I’m gathering my stuff to leave for the day, I grab a snack or two to add to my lunch kit.

(4) Have a bag for all those stray lip products!

I may not be super into makeup, but I looooove lipstick and chapsticks. I don’t wear color on my lips every day, but I definitely have at least 10 on me at all times. Is that crazy?  I have a little pouch that came with my Bass tote and I store all lip products in here, as well as hand sanitizer and my reading glasses. (Cuz Lord knows I lost the appropriate case to those sometime during 2011.)

(5) A flash-card holder

All you organization buffs need it! I happened to buy one just to have something else to decorate entirely in washi tape a couple years ago, but I love my flashcard holder. The worst thing is your flashcards spilling out in your bag! Keep them together.

(6) If you haven’t already…get an agenda!

I’m currently using two….The Rifle Paper Co 2017 for my blogging things, and the Class Tracker for school work. I also keep a pack of standard index cards in my desk drawer for notes I may need to make while I’m working. I like these better that post-its because they are cheaper and serve many purposes!

(7) Have an “everything” binder

Mine stores all of my syllabi and any loose paper that I need to either hang on to or turn in as an assignment. Using the clear plastic covers, I have my class schedule on the front, and the gym group fitness class schedule. (Which I admittedly haven’t looked at since I printed it out….I’m Team “Go To The Gym And Do Whatever My Body Is Feeling That Day”.)

(8) Two notebooks for your two sets of classes

I’ve shared this tip before, and I literally got it from my boyfriend’s friend’s older sister (ha!) way back before I even started college, but it’s GOLD. I keep one spiral notebook for my Tuesday/Thursday classes and one for my night class and only class. (You could do it like this: one for Tue/Thurs classes, one for Mon/Wed/Fri.) That way, I don’t always have to have both notebooks, and I can keep all class notes organized.

(9) Have a bin at home for your textbooks

I do this just because it looks cuter! Dusty, giant, ancient textbooks do not match my decor aesthetic 😂🙅🏻 Cameron got me these bins from his work, but here are some similar ones. I also have one that stores my journals and the books I read for fun, and then a third one that stores all my vinyls.

(10) Have a wind-down box or tray

I have this tray from Anthropologie that lives on my bed or ottoman and it has some of my journals and books as well as a calming room spray. When I go to this at the end of the day, I know it’s time to light a candle, diffuse some oils, and just call it a day. I usually end my day reading whatever book I’m working through with the TV sound on low just for background noise. It’s a great way to refuel myself to be productive and efficient the next day!

Do you have any organization hacks you love for school?