College Move-In Day Tips

Hey what’s up hello from my new apartment!!!

college move in day tips

I spent all day yesterday moving in and getting settled in my new, big-girl, one-bedroom downtown. This is officially my fourth move throughout two years of college, so I’d consider myself a pro when it comes to college move-in day. (Well…at least “pro” enough to bring you a blog post with my best advice for move-in day!)

I know it’s hectic and can be a bit stressful to lug basically your whole life into an empty room and try not to lose it…or any of your belongings for that matter. Stay calm, have fun, and check out these tips….and enjoy some sneak peeks at my place!

It takes a village

college move in day tips

It’s definitely super helpful to have some people help you with your move! When it was move-in day for my dorm back in freshman year, I was a little apprehensive to have my whole family come and move me in. (There’s 6 of us total, plus my roommate would have her mom there.) Honestly, the more the merrier because while some people are in your dorm or apartment unpacking, the others can be making runs to the grocery store for command strips, batteries, and other essentials!

Furniture first

college move in day tips, bohemian apartment

Whether you’re in a dorm or apartment, get the furniture settled first. In my dorm, my roommate and I lofted our beds and moved the desks under them for plenty of vertical space! For my apartment, I purchased a bedroom set from IKEA last year, and that was the first thing that Cam got set up. As antsy as you are to unpack all your cute bits and bobs, get the furniture settled first!

Have hanging clothes on hangers and in a trash bag

college move in day tips, bohemian bedroom

One of you lovely readers shared this tip with me when I was packing up to move home from Arkansas a few months ago! It’s definitely so much easier to pack your clothes this way, so when you get to your dorm or apartment closet, you just get the bag off them and hang them up!

Make use of under the bed space

college move in day tips

Not going to use it every single day? Is it big and bulky like a safe or a storage container? Put it under the bed! If you’re in a dorm, I do recommend lofting your bed at least a little bit to be able to store things under there. Don’t forget about that helpful space!

Keep trash bags handy

college move in day

Remember what I said about not getting trash in your room the first day? Avoid this by hanging a garbage bag on your door knob and putting any wrappers, empty bags, and garbage in there!

Take your time

dreamcatchers, bohemian bedroom decor

I wanted a few new pieces to give my room a more cozy, boho feel. Thanks to Cassie’s Shop on Etsy for these lovely dreamcatchers! Be sure to check out her shop, and be on the lookout for more of her designs around my apartment when I do a full tour!

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was that gallery wall. Not everything needs to be done the first day! Just get things out of their boxes and then spend time organizing. Move-in day is a fun time to explore your new city or campus and spend time with family before they see you off. Don’t spend all of it in your room!

Good luck with move-in and be sure to be following me on my social channels for looks at my apartment!