yummy eats

if you need to see someone model normal eating behaviors right now, i feel you. maybe you’re in ED recovery or maybe you’re just sitting at your desk at work, taking “breaks” to look at swimsuits online and hate all the articles that are screaming at you to get your “beach body”, etc. that’s why i love posts like these. and because we all need some meal inspiration from time to time.

here’s my small-ish, first stab at doing an eats round-up, but if you like stuff like this, I recommend viewing Kylie’s, Robyn’s, or Connie’s, too!

this work lunch was delish. made this easiest pulled pork in my instant pot on a sunday morning. my only knock is i used a pone-in bork loin, and by the time i cut the bone out, i wasn’t left with much pork, so this only made enough for me and cam to each have 1 serving. next time, i’ll double the recipe! served with a simple green salad and homemade bread that my sister, clara, and i baked over the weekend.

two things to say about this meal:

A) in defense of MAKING YOUR OWN BREAD!

it is so yum and much easier than you would think if you have all the ingredients, which appear to be all pretty cheap, so yay.

B) in defense of not eating salads for lunch

one day, i had a meeting and then like an hour of time to kill before therapy, so it didn’t make sense to go back from the office. i officed from the patio of a nearby corner bakery cafe and made a drink creation 3/4 lemonade, 1/4 water or something like that. i find that my tastebuds like things like lemonade not too, too sweet, so a splash or two of water is the perfect ratio.

on a friday night, we had dinner with our couple friends, morgan and nick. we had yummy vietnamese food at one of our favorite spots and then there happened to be a gelato shop next door – I went with chocolate chip!

on Easter Sunday, we went to Cam’s aunt’s for lunch. homemade gumbo + cucumber salad + one of Cam’s homemade whiskey and ginger ales with a lime.

homework from my dietician: order in for lunch at work one day since i’ve never done that before and it could help create some v a r i e t y. I hadn’t had Adair Kitchen in AGES. this was the grilled chicken quinoa bowl which was more like a salad so i was thankful for the sourdough slice + baby snickers bar i found in the office pantry, heehee.

one sunday night we made tacos. such an easy and satisfying meal. these were hard shells + ground turkey with TJ’s taco seasoning + lettuce + tomato + cheese + shaved radishes

love this lunch because I could make the whole thing in the morning before work super easy! cut up a chicken sausage link and saut̩ed it, added a scoop of rice that i cooked up in the instant pot (takes like 15 min total to make Рi follow this recipe), and added a side salad + toast bc my rice was a small portion. delish!

one night before a wine party at my parent’s house, i used the holy grail “panera rapid pick up” to get my favorite tuna salad sandwich. (i am one of those people that LOVES tuna and tuna salad.) i ate half and saved half for lunch the next day. you can’t even see the delicious, salty tuna salad under this hunk of chewy foccacia, but man was it good.

welp – looking at this post, my food doesn’t seem to have as much variety as i thought. although, i’m really only showing lunches. no fun oatmeal bowls or jammy toasts or homemade banana split night snacks. i’ll do better at taking pictures of those other meals to show you all the fun, flexibility, and variety!

let me know what the most delicious thing you ate this week was, and if you have a recipe – please drop it below! always looking for more good eats.